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The photo gallery designed by Paul Salindong, which includes photos from both Paul and Gene Brooking (and perhaps others) has been added to the "Links" section of the web-site. Thanks to those contributing for a great source of fantastic memories from a phenomenal season!

Once again, the team atmosphere of HAXC takes over and the results speak for themselves...
* HAXC Girls win their first CYM XC Championship, following two second place finishes in 2002 & the saying goes, "The third time is the charm!"
* HAXC Boys finish a close third in the CYM 2004 XC Championships, following up on two straight Team Championships in 2003 and 2003
* JV Girls and Boys teams leave it all on the course, once again!

Congratulations go to ALL mrmbers of the HAXC team (varsity, JV, fun run & families) for yet another fantastic HAXC Season. Your spirit, sense of teamwork, sportsmanship, and commitment make you a memorable group. Runners..we cannot thank you enough for your hard work and unending energy. Families...we cannot thank you enough for your constant support and unending willingness to help.

Comments from opposing coaches refer to you as "a class group", which is only fitting because your opponents are likewise all class teams! We congratulate all of the other CYM XC teams for a great season and wish those moving on as runners and coaches great success and happiness in the future. The purity of XC makes it stand alone...watching runners bring along their teammates, watching opponents help each other through the finish chute, and how fitting a conclusion to the CYM XC season...

Kaz chose to run on his own today, a brave decision. The struggle through the damp weather, the muddy "panhandles", and then the hills. Mr. Brooking wondered whether it would help to have a few of our runners pace Kaz, about 12 HAXC members suddenly take this on themselves without being asked, then runners from other teams join in, and as Kaz makes the turn for the finish their are over 30 runners with him and another near 200 cheering him to the finish...if you don't find this an emotional scene, you may not have a "heart!"

Once again from Bill McCartan, Tom Feely, and I, we thank you all (runners, coaches, families, frineds, and alumni)for your class, commitment, and SPIRIT. There is no need for a trophy, medal, or plaque to identify any of you as a champion...your actions on and off the course tell more about your character than any award ever could!

One final note to our 8th graders...thank you for your leadership...your teammates looked up to you all year and so did yur coaches and parents. You WILL be missed!To those 8th grade parents who are departing as active HAXC parents and moving to the ranks of alumni...thank you, we'll miss you, you have helped make HAXC the great experience it is and one quick thought...adopt and come back! Thanks also to so many of our alumni runners & families who came back for the championships today to serve as course marshals
or to support HAXC...we wish you continued success!

H - A - X - C !!!

Thank you,


THANK YOU H.A.A.A.!!! - UPDATED 9/9/04
Thanks to the Holy Angels Athletic Association(HAAA), athletic programs at holy Angels are ongoing, well run, and open to youth from throughout the surrounding was the original intent of the C.Y.O. and C.Y.M. Likewise, the HAAA attempts to keep participation fees low.

The HAAA is in process of completing the new HAAA Building at their own expense and through much of their own manual labor; this project was NOT funded via monies from the Parish Capital Campaign.

We hope that the athletes and parents participating in HAAA programs recognize the efforts of these individuals and we ask that you look for opportunities to support the HAAA in their fundraising (raffles, beef-and beer, poker nights, etc.) and/or their requests for skilled and manual labor. As Holy Angels begins work on converting the former church into a gym, the HAAA is going to need your support, including physical labor, in order to continue to meet the needs of our children.

Please make sure to visit the H.A.A.A. site ( regularly for updates on programs, events, and fundraisers to support OUR YOUTH and our community.   THANK YOU, HAAA!!!

New HAXC Website Debuts
The new website is part of the Holy Angels Athletic Association's (HAAA) commitment to provide HAAA participants, their families, and the entire Holy Angels community with a method of communication and an opportunity to share information. HAXC will attempt to keep you (and this site)up to date on all HAXC news, schedules, results, etc.

More importantly, this site provides a source to check for practice and/or meet cancellations and information (times, locations, race order) for upcoming meets. We ask that you check this site frequently for updates. Please note also that we are still seeking a couple of HAXC parent volunteers to serve as webmasters for this site.   

Delaware State Park Passes
State Park Passes are in effect and are applicable to all vehicles. You must either purchase and properly display the Pass or pay the daily fee to access the park. Passes are non-transferable between vehicles and you will be cited if you do not have the Pass or one day pass. Those stickers that are not properly and permanently affixed will most likely be confiscated by the Park Staff.

We have a very good working relationship with the White Clay Park Staff and wish to continue that relationship. Also, remember that the Passes are good at almost all State Parks and, in addition to our practices, many of our races are also held in State Parks.