Girls Lakeshore Area Little League: Welcome

2016 Girls Lakeshore Little League - Minor II & Majors

Welcome to the Girls Lakeshore Little League web site.  This site features information on the Minors & Majors softball programs featuring teams from Fennville, Hamilton, Holland, Saugatuck, & West Ottawa.  Season begins the weekend of April 23 and the week of April 25!! We look forward to a great season of softball.  Good luck to all teams!!

This web site features information on the following...

  • NEWS...Updated announcements including scheduling changs and cancellations
  • RULES...Local Rules utilized by all communities within this league
  • LINKS...Variuous links to local receration departments and local Little League orgnanizations as wll as official Little League sites
  • SPONSORS...Local sponsors who supprt our various teams
  • LOCATIONS...Google directions to all sites this league particpates in and much more.  Sites include Helder Park, Maplewood, Matt Urban, Fennville HS, Hamilton HS & Saugatuck HS

Monday, June 13
Cancellations as of June 13

The following games have been cancelled and will be rescheduled towards the end of the regular season or they can be rescheduled by the respective community directors at their convenience...

  • Minor II/AAA  

    • None    

  • Majors

    • May 4 - West Ottawa A vs. West Ottawa B @ 5:45pm @ Holland

    • May 4 - Hamilton C vs. Saugatuck @ 7:15pm @ Holland
    • May 10 - Hamilton A vs. Hamilton B @ 7:15pm @ Hamilton
    • May 10 - Fennville vs. Holland @ 7:15pm @ Holland
    • May 24 - Hamilton B vs. Fennville @ 7:15pm @ Hamilton

Monday, June 13
Missing Scores as of June 13

Minor II/AAA

  • Tuesday,  May 3...Holland C vs. West Ottawa @ 5:45pm @ Holland  
  • Thursday, May 5...Hamilton C vs. Holland C @ 5:45pm @ Hamilton 
  • Monday, May 23...Hamilton C vs. West Ottawa @ 5:45pm @ Hamilton
  • Tuesday, May 31...Hamilton A vs. West Ottawa @ 5:45pm @ Hamilton
  • Thursday, June 2...Fennville vs. Hamilton C @ 5:45pm @ Fennville
  • Friday, June 3...Holland B vs. Hamilton A @ 5:45pm @ Holland
  • Monday, June 6...Saugatuck A vs. Fennville @5:45pm @ Saugatuck
  • Tuesday, June 7...Saugatuck A vs. Hamilton A @ 5:45pm @ Hamilton
  • Thursday, June 9...Fennville vs. Saugatuck B @ 5:45pm @ Fennville
  • Thursday, June 9...Hamilton A vs. Hamilton C @ 5:45pm @ Hamilton
  • Friday, June 10...West Ottawa vs. Holland B @ 5:45pm @ Holland


  • Wednesday, April 27...West Ottawa B vs. Fennville @ 5:45pm @ Holland
  • Friday, May 6...Fennville vs. Hamilton A @ 7:15pm @ Fennville
  • Monday, May 16...Saugatuck vs. Fennville @ 7:15pm @ Saugatuck HS  
  • Tuesday, May 18...West Ottawa B vs. Hamilton A @ 7:15pm @ Holland 
  • Tuesday, May 31...Hamilton A vs. Fennville @ 7:15pm @ Hamilton
  • Wednesday, June 1...Saugatuck vs. Hamilton A @ 7:15pm @ Saugatuck
  • Thursday, June 2...Fennville vs. West Ottawa B  7:15pm @ Fennville
  • Tuesday, June 7...West Ottawa B vs. Saugatuck @ 7:15pm @ Holland
  • Thursday, June 9...Holland C vs. Fennville @ 7:15pm @ Fennville

Thursday, April 21
2016 Girls Lakeshore Little League Season begins April 25

The Girls Lakeshore Area Little League program begins the week of April 25 and features teams from Holland, Hamilton, Fennville, Saugatuck and West Ottawa with Minor II/AAA and Majors divisions.  Schedules and individual game listings can be found on this site along with directions to all of the facilities we utilize (see above).  Please make sure to e-mail Darrin Duistermars ( and Amanda Klomparens ( with your scores.  Good luck to all this season!