Boys Baseball & T-Ball: Welcome

Friday, January 8
2016 Boys Baseball Program Options

For 2016 we will be offering several different Boys Baseball options for you to consider.  They include the following... 

  • Boys Little League
    • 9 Minor League Lower, 9-10 Minor League Upper, 10-12 Majors, 13-14 Juniors
    • $65.00 for first registrant, $50.00 for each additional family member
    • Fees go up to $70.00/$55.00 beginning on February 22
    • Birth Certificates Required
    • No Online Registration
  •  Boys Coach Pitch Baseball
    • Boys 1st Grade
    • Boys 2nd Grade
    • $25.00 per participant until May 6
    • $30.00 per participant beginning May 9
    • Registration deadline is May 13
    • Online Registrations Accepted
    • Volunteer coaches needed!
  •  Boys T-Ball
    • Pre-K (5 yrs old) & Kindergarten
    • $25.00 per participant until May 6
    • $30.00 per participant beginning May 9
    • Registration deadline is May 13
    • Online Registrations Accepted
    • Volunteer coaches needed!

For more detailed descriptions of these programs please click the appropriate tab listed to the left of the Home Page.  To utilize Online, Mail-In, or Walk-In Registration options, please go back to the Recreation Home Page and find "Registration Options" on the left hand side of that page.

Tuesday, May 10
Cancellations for Wednesday, May 10

Due to the severe weather and poor field conditions the following programs have been cancelled for Tuesday, May 10.  They are as follows...

  • Boys Little League Baseball @ Quincy Park Complex
    • All Divisions
      • Makeups will be announced at a later date
  • Girls Little League Juniors Practice
    • Scheduled for Quincy Park Softball 


Tuesday, January 19
2016 Holland Township Little League Team Sponsorship

The Holland Township Recreaiton Little League program is now entering its tenth year of play with over 400 boys and girls participating in these leagues between the ages of 8 years old up to 16 years old. Little League is a program of service to youths, and a heritage to be carried forward by the parents and volunteers devoted to teaching our children the great game of baseball and softball. Several projects are being planned which will ensure the future success of our programs. Ultimately the spirit of generosity and service to youths inspire volunteers and our corproate sponsors alike.

As we enter this season our goal is to further enhance the safety, competitiveness, and satisfaction in our program. It is a huge task to keep our boys in equipment and provide the funding to make this league a reality. We need your help providing the safety equipment, player equipment, bats, balls, etc. Our league is largely dependent on financial support from donors of every size, particularly parents, grandparents, and our corporate sponsors, to supplement program costs. Please consider making a donation to the Holland Township Little League Baseball or Softball program. Holland Township is a municipal corproation, therefore donations are tax deductible. 

$250.00 donation to Holland Township Little League - sponsor recieves wall plaque, sponsorship name on the back fo team shirts, and website advertisement. All other donation amounts are greatefully appreciated and will recieve website advertisement.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Darrin Duistermars, John Kievit or Amanda Klomparens at the Holland Township Recreation Department at 616.395.0178.