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The purpose of the Holland Charter Township Parks & Recreation Hall of Fame is to honor individuals & businesses that have played a major role in the growth and development of the Holland Charter Township Parks and Recreation Department. Also, the Hall of Fame is used to bring attention of the public to the wide-spread value of and interest in community recreation facilities and programs by honoring those who have made outstanding contributions to its success. In short...it is an opportunity to say "thank you" to those who have made a positive impact on this community through their work with Parks & Recreation.

Once again we plan to be at the West Ottawa High School South Building Commons for the 2011 event.  More details on the date and the newest inductees will be forthcoming.  Look for more information by April 1 of 2011.  Click on the appropriate tabs listed to the left of the Home Page to review who's already a member of the Holland Township Recreation Hall of Fame!

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Thursday, January 27
Rembering Vonnie Boetsma

One of the first inductees into the Holland Township Recreation Hall of Fame was Vonnie Boetsma.  She was the first Wally Hasty Community Service Award inductee which honors the memory of the department's first director, Wally Hasty.  Vonnie's involvement with the entire community was immeasurable.  She was truly an inspiration and one of the classiest people one could ever meet.  Vonnie passed away on January 20, 2011.  We will miss her friendship, her enthusiasm and her community spirit.  Thank you, Vonnie, for making such a positive impact on this community and beyond.