Holiday Park Little League: Welcome



Baseball and Softball - Tball through majors...  jr/sr!

Registration dates: 

Saturdays: 01/13/18, 01/20/18, 01/27/18, 02/03/18, and 02/10/18 

from 10am - 12pm 

Weds: 01/17/18, 01/24/18, 01/31/18 & 02/07/18 6-7pm 

Try outs are tentatively set for 02/10/18 times TBA 

If you want to fill out forms prior to arrival you can email and request them.  This email is only checked Mon-Fri from 9am - 330pm.  

Or you can go to HANDOUTS and print them.  

  Text me if you need to 602.295.5344

Fees:  Tball & Farm $70.00, Minor/Major $95.00, Jr/Sr $125.00 

also your player must participate in our annual Fundraiser (Worlds Finest Chocolate Sale) or pay the buy out of $30.00.

All Fees due at the time of registration.  

Bring 5 Cans of food to donate and receive up to $5.00 discount, (Can's of food cannot be expired)

Cash and Charge only. Sorry No Checks 

Please bring exact change, we don't carry cash.  

If you need inforamtion email lisa at

Or even better text 602.295.5344


Registration Location:  At the Snack Shack on the corner of 65th Drive and Campbell!!  Its the green building can't miss it!! 

Documents Required: 

We are required to verify documents each year, therefore you must bring your childs original birth certificate (Even if they have played in the past, Sorry), you will also need to bring three (3) different proofs of your residence dated between 2/1/17 through 2/1/18.  The documents can be one item from the following choices...



Wednesday, December 22
Registration Information


65th Drive and Campbell, next to the green building (Snack Shack)


Remember you must live  or go to school with in our boundaries in order to play in our league. See the map below. (We are the blue area.) ** If you played at Holiday Park LL last year and moved you are eligible for a waiver to remain at HPLL. Please make sure you mention this to the people doing the registration so we can make sure our paper work is in order.


Please bring your players so we can get their correct sizes for their uniforms.
YOU MUST BRING YOUR PLAYERS ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE. EVEN IF YOU PLAYED LAST YEAR. Please bring three original proofs of residency from the list posted at the bottom of the page. Please bring your child's medical insurance card, your doctor's name and phone number and any information on medication that your child may be taking.  We do not accept checks so please bring your debit/credit card or exact cash to pay your registration fees. We will be making copies of the proofs of address and birth certificates for verification to our district.


Each player is required to participate in one fundraiser each season. This is done to keep your registration fees down as low as possible. This year we will be selling World’s Finest Chocolate Candy Bars. There are 60 bars per box at $1.00 each. Candies are handed out when practice begins and all money must be turned in prior to players receiving uniforms. You may opt to “Buy Out” and pay $30.00 in lieu of participation in the fund raiser however that fee must be paid at the time you register.

You must live with these boundaries

Thursday, July 28

Required documents:
Original Child's Birth Certificate and 3 proofs of residency
1. Drivers License                     
2. School Records                  
3. Federal Records                  
4. Municipal Records                  
5. Homeowner or tenant Records            
6. Insurance documents                  
7. Military Records               
8. Internet, cable or satellite                        
9. Voters Registration
10. State Records
11. Welfare/Child Care records
12. Medical Records
13. Financial (loan, credit, investments)
14. Vehicle Records
15. Mobile Phone Records
16. Utility Bills ie: gas, electric, water, phone,

17. Payroll Item 

Note: Example – Three utility bills (three items from No. 16 above) constitute as only one.

If you have any questions please text Lisa at  (602) 295.5344

Friday, February 2

Grab a Bat, Grab a Ball and come out and play..........

Every child should have the opportunity to play sports. Baseball/Softball is a sport that teaches kids good Sportsman Ship, Team building and strong values. Here at Holiday Park we set our limits high when it comes to our children. We are always looking for Volunteers.
If you would like to Volunteer please contact Lisa at 602.295.5344

Thursday, December 6

Holiday Park Little League is a Non Profit Organization based on the support of our Community and Volunteers.

Each year Holiday Park looks towards our Community for donations. If you would like to Sponsor a team or the league please contact Lisa. With a donation of $300.00 or more your business will have a board advertisement at the field a sponsor plaque, and your Business mentioned on our website. No donation is too small. If you would like to donate items for our snack bar or items to be raffled at events, please do. We have had great response in the past and look forward to your sponsorship.

For more information on Sponsoring a Team or the League please contact Lisa at 602.295.5344

Friday, February 2

NO DOGS !!!!!
Next to Baseball and Softball, Dogs are #1 in our hearts, but the field is no place for your pet. Not only is it against the Little League Rules it is also a school policy...NO DOGS. So please don't put us on the spot by having to ask you to leave the fields because you brought your family pet. We are only doing our Jobs. We would hate to loose our fields, this would mean over 300 families could not play because 1 person couldn't follow the rules. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR ANIMALS AT HOME!!!!!!
thank you