Holden Baseball Program, Inc.: Forms

2014 Coaching and Volunteer Application

All managing and coaching volunteers for Holden Baseball must annually complete and submit a Coaching Application and an official "Little League Volunteer Application". Further, annual background screenings must be completed prior to the applicant assuming his/her duties for the current season.

Please note that no parent is allowed to assist on the field or bench during games or practices that has not submitted a volunteer application, completed a background check and been approved by the Board of Directors. This rule is in place to protect all of our children and all managers, coaches and parents are expected to strictly enforce this rule.


Sponsorship Application

Although we charge registration fees for our programs, Holden Baseball heavily depends on community support to defray our operating expenses and allow us to make capital improvements on our facilities. Sponsors may choose to sponsor one of our 50+ teams and have their company name appear on the hats or shirts of their sponsored team or have a 4'x8' sign bearing their company name and logo on the outfield fence at Swenson Memorial Field (home of Holden Baseball) for the entire season.


Coaching Aids

The information in this section should be reviewed by all Managers and Coaches prior to the start of the season.



Safety Form Procedures

Unfortunately, injuries are a part of the game. However, when an injury occures, it is our responsibility to follow the proper procedures to make sure that injury forms are filled out, and submitted to Little League Baseball, Incorporated with in 20 days of the accident.

Included is a guideline to follow in order to make sure that the proper forms get filled out.


Coaches Clinic General Notes

This handout contains a summary of general remarks from the 2009 Coaches Clinic, including basic expectations of all coaches, weather-related cancellation policies, and basic league rules.

Other related documents (available for download) are: "Coaches's Curriculum" and "Pitching Expectations for Lower Leagues"


Rules Taught to Umpire Class, 2009

This document outlines specific rules that were highlighted and taught to 25 of Holden Baseball's first- and second-year umpires this spring. The summary follows the order of the 2009 Little League Rule Book, and acts as a handy reference to some of the commonly-misunderstood rules of the game.

Think you're ready to put on the mask? Visit Little League Baseball's website and try answering some of the "Stump the Ump" questions by following this link: http://www.littleleague.org/umpires/stump_the_ump.htm


Parent Feedback

This form will allow parent's to submit feedback regarding their children's coaches from the prior season. This feedback will be kept confidential by the League Board of Directors. Please complete the form and forward to holdenbaseball@gmail.com.


More Handouts: