Hogg Creek Soccer League: League Policies

Wednesday, May 30

Team Rosters:

  • To play in a HCSL game, each player must be registered with Ohio Youth Soccer Association North for the current year/season and for a HCSL team.
  • Registered players may play for other HCSL teams than the one they are registered for, however the coach must present a valid roster with that player's name to the officials prior to the player participating in the game.
  • No player cards are required for HCSL play.


  • Referees for HCSL matches shall be valid OHSA soccer referees or shall be experienced USSF referees.
  • Referees shall report all red and yellow cards to the League President or the Referee Assignor within 24 hours. 
  • Referees shall be paid by the coaches of the teams participating in the match, prior to each match beginning. The current referee fee is $35 per game.

Game Discipline:

  • A player or coach receiving a red card in a HCSL match SHALL be suspended for the next scheduled match for their registered team and all other HCSL matches until the suspension is served.

Home Fields:

  • Teams providing home fields for use in HCSL play shall provide for a "site supervisor" who shall be present or available by cell phone any time there is a match being played at that home field. 
  • Teams who are providing home fields for use in HCSL play shall comply with the OYSAN goal safety policy located on their website at www.oysan.org
  • Site Supervisors shall notify the League President, the Referee Assignor and the coaches of the teams to play at their site immediatly upon learning of the field being unplayable.

Game Cancellations:

  • The game officials have the final say on whether a game is cancelled due to inclement weather.
  • Games cancelled due to weather may be made up at any time. Arrangements for the rescheduled game should be made between the coaches involved, however the League President and Referee Assignor need to be made aware of the arraingments.
  • Should a game be cancelled due to a team being unable to field a full squad (less than 7 players) the forfeiting team shall be responsible for the referees fees. The forfeiting team may pay the referees on the game day or may rely on their "performance deposit." However, they shall not be permitted to play another match until the "performance deposit" is repaid in full.