Hogg Creek Soccer League: Referees

HCSL Guidelines for Officials

1) The HCSL utilizes the 2-man referee system for all of their matches.

2) Referees should be certified by OHSAA or be experienced USSF referees to officiate matches in the HCSL.

3) Referees are to inspect the goals and the field prior to the match. Should the field or goals be unsafe, the games shall not be played until the field or goals are made safe. If the field cannot be made fit for play, the host team shall be responsible for payment of the referees fees. The Referees shall contact the league President immediately upon this occurrence.

4) Officials are to be paid prior to the beginning of each match. The rate is currently $35 per match. Should only one referee show up to officiate the match, he shall be paid $50 ($25 per team).

5) Should a game be cancelled because a team failed to appear or failed to field enough players, that team shall be responsible for payment of ALL referee fees for that match. The referees for that match should contact the league President or Referee Assignor regarding payment if they are not paid on the game day.

6) Should a match be cancelled due to inclement weather, every effort should be made to reschedule the same officials for the rescheduled match. Referees should check with the "site contact" prior to traveling to the site if the weather is questionable.

7) Should a referee not be able to keep an assigned match, he shall contact the Referee Assignor as soon as possible so that a replacement may be found. Consistently turning back games or failing to appear for scheduled game may result in the referee being removed from further assignments at the discretion of the league President and/or Referee Assignor.

8) Games consist of two thirty-five (35) minute halves with a continuous clock. Should a game be delayed due to weather or another reason, the game shall resume with whatever time is remaining on the "clock." This is done to accommodate two games per night on fields that often times do not have lights.

9) Jerseys shall be of a similar color and are not required to have numbers.

10) Substitutions may be made by either team at any stoppage in play.

11) All ejections/red cards shall be reported to the league President or the Referee Coordinator within 24 hours.

12) Players/coaches being ejected or receiving a red card shall be required to sit out the next scheduled match for that team.

13) Games shall be officiated per OHSAA rules unless specifically addressed in these guidelines.