Hogg Creek Soccer League: Razors

History of the "HCSL RAZORS"

The HCSL Razors were started in 2007 by the league to provide a more affordable way for girls to experience what a Travel Team is like.  During the first year the Razors played solely within the league.  In the second year we expanded the team vision by taking them to tournaments and playing in some scrimmages against other area club / travel teams.  We hope to encourage girls to seek out and participate in area travel teams either through our league or one of the many other area travel teams.  In 2009 there were 2 HCSL Razors teams on the girls side, a U-19 and a U-17 both playing within the HCSL High School Girls League.   



2008 Djisheff Memorial U-19 Girls Tournament Runner-up

2008-2009 1st & 2nd Session Neuko Sports World U-19 Girls Indoor Champs

2009 Fort Wayne Invitational U-19 Girls Division 3rd Place 

W/L/T Record by Year and Coaching Staff:

2007 Summer U-18 Team - Record 8-0-0

  • Coach: Rick Nussbaum (Bluffton College)

2008 Summer U-19 Team - Overall Record 8-2-5

  • Coach: Mustaq Ahmed (Bluffton College) / Assitant: Mark Kleman
  • Attended Djisheff Memorial Tournament (1-1-2) & NOSO Cup (0-1-3)
  • Penalty Shootout vs Andy (Andy's Antic's Channel 44 Sports Report) Won 4-1  

2008-2009 Fall/Winter U-19 Indoor Team - Record (9-0 First Session / 8-0 Second Session)

  • Coach John Munoz
  • Attended Bluffton Univ. Futsal Tournament. Split into 2 teams.  Combined overall record (9-2)

2009 Summer U-19 & U-17 Teams - Current Overall U-19 Record (7-4-4) / U-17 Record (8-5-1)

  • Coach: Mustaq Ahmed (Bluffton College) / Assistant: Mark Kleman
  • Fort Wayne Invitational Tournament Records U-17 (1-2-0) / U-19 (1-1-1)
  • NOSO Cup Tournament Records U-17 (1-2-0) / U-19 (0-3-1)
  • Penalty Shootout vs Andy (Andy's Antic's Channel 44 Sports Report) Won 5-1



Watch replays of the Razor's and Andy's shootout at the WTLW 44 website.  Go to the sports section and look for Andy's Antic's. http://www.wtlw.com/ .  This year's episode will air on Wednesday June 10th, 2009 on the WTLW 44 Sports Report.