Hogg Creek Soccer League: League News

Friday, November 1
Wapakoneta girls team & coach represent the HCSL and the WBL in Columbus at the USWNT game.

Friday, June 15

Hopefully you have already seen it for yourself, but just in case you haven't the coverage of league and women's soccer by the local media has been outstanding this year.  Check out these great sources and keep updated on the league.

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Delphos Herald
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Putnam County Sentinel
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St. Mary's Evening Leader
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Continental News Review
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Channel 44 WTLW Sports Report
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Tuesday, February 27
New Logo Design for T-shirts

Here is a great new design avaliable for T-shirts in 2007.

HCSL Logo 5

Tuesday, June 6
Approved designs for the HCSL
Here are the 4 currently approved designs for the HCSL.  Teams are encourage to select one for their team shirts.

Are you interested in getting your team involved in the HCSL.  Contact Rod Stoner at rpstoner@bright.net for information on participating in the 2007 season.  It is an affordable league with great competition.  All games are played in June of each year.  Each team is usually scheduled 6 games.  It is a great warm up prior to the fall season.  Most of the Officials / Referees are State certified.  On an average it costs players only $30 to $40 to partipate.

Tuesday, June 6
Hogg Creek Soccer League Promotes New Self Improvement Program

The Hogg Creek Soccer League has many goals.  One of these goals is to promote the improvement of skills, and confidence of the female athletes.  We want our young ladies to succeed and we want to have the tools to do it.  The all new HCSL Indiviual Improvement Homework Assignment Program is designed to promote players to work on their skills at home on a regular basis and have visible advancements in skills that will build their confidence in themselves and in the game of soccer.  This is a program that demands commitment but also provides many rewards in self confidence and esteem.  To those that take on the challenge of this program and complete it you will not need anyone to tell you "you are better" you will see it in yourself.  To begin the program just click on the link below or go to the Handout Section of this site.

Handout: HCSL Individual Improvement Homework Program