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These forms are for registration in the Hogg Creek Soccer League. Please contact your "Home Team" coach located on the "Team Contact Info" page if you are interested in playing in the league.
HCSL Individual Improvement Homework Program

This 12 Homework Assignment (24 Week Program) is designed to improve a players skills and control, while building their confidence. The program can be started at anytime and paperwork should be turned into your High School Coaches to show them you are putting forth that extra effort to improve yourself. Please do not fool yourself by thinking you can just sign the paperwork and turn it in. If you are doing the work it will show and your coach will be able to tell the difference. Do you have what it takes to complete this program. Time, commitment and a desire for self improvement will be needed to stick with it, but the rewards at the end will be tremendous.

HCSL Homework 1HCSL Homework 1

HCSL Homework 10HCSL Homework 10

HCSL Homework 11HCSL Homework 11

HCSL Homework 12HCSL Homework 12

HCSL Homework 2HCSL Homework 2

HCSL Homework 3HCSL Homework 3

HCSL Homework 4HCSL Homework 4

HCSL Homework 5HCSL Homework 5

HCSL Homework 6HCSL Homework 6

HCSL Homework 7HCSL Homework 7

HCSL Homework 8HCSL Homework 8

HCSL Homework 9HCSL Homework 9