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This 8 foot timber rattler was caught in the sand trap on Golf Course in Georgia
Tuesday, January 15
Fun and Games: "Snake" was removed from golf course for slow play

This timber rattler was removed from a golf course in Macon, Georgia last week-end.  

"It is by far the biggest rattle snake I have ever seen", commented Ollie the grounds keeper.  "Although diamond back rattlers get this big and maybe even bigger, I did not know that timber rattlers reached this size" he continued.  Ollie the grounds keeper removed the snake when he would not allow golfers to play through.  He didn't measure the snake but commented that he, Ollie, stands about 5' 9".  This would make the snake at least eight feet long.  

The snake was on number 8 hole at Oakview Golf Course when cornered in the sand trap.  The snake had reached the green with a two iron. When Ollie was asked if he knew "The Snakes" handicap he replied that he thought it was the weather.  The snake would not comment on why he was playing this time of the year.  Some believe it may have been Kenny "The Snake" Stabler.  "The Snake" hasn't been seen in years after retiring from football. He played fifteen years or more at Oakland in the seventies and eighties, besides "Snake" Stabler wasn't that big and he was last seen chasing cheerleaders at Alabama.  

Donald S. Moore