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WLD vs HOW PIX78157
(5-1) Wilde Lake defeats a stubborn (2-4) Howard 3-0
Tuesday, December 24
Moore Sports Net Welcomes You to Howard County High School Sports!  Your Sports Address

Important Notice:  As of September 24, 2008, I must regretfully inform you that I am temporally suspending the day-to-day operation of Moore Sports Net. 

I want to thank the many people that have helped me with this site and their patronage.  Your emails and comments have been the inspiration that has kept me going in difficult times.  I will attempt to keep some of the basic features of the site functioning with the hopes of maybe returning after the first of the year.  I will only return if I feel I can make this site better than before.  I will keep you posted on my  progress.  My goal is to return. 

Again thanks. 

Donald S. Moore    

Sports Forum:  Moore Sports Net  is happy to announce that we have opened a Sports Forum and Message Boards for fans and players.  Due to rules to protect against under age participants each participant must register and receive login name and password to participate. Send us an email if you wish to have message board activated on your team site.

Junior Varsity Game Scores: Moore Sports Net is in the process of collecting scores for JV teams.  We would be most appreciative if JV coaches, players or parents would send us your winning scores only.  We at Moore Sports Net believe that JV teams and players are also important.  Check your JV team's schedules and scores and help us get your winning scores posted.  Your help and patronage is greatly appreciated.  When emailing your scores, please identify which sport and high school team score(s) you are reporting. 

Game Schedules and Scores:For recent varsity game scores and schedules go to bottom of this page.  Games are updated daily. Click on game for game summary. If you should observe scores or stats that are in error please Email us at or call 478-962-0713.

School Locations and Directions:
Need directions to or information about area schools? Get a map and directions to the school, principal's name, phone or fax numbers and web site link. Over 200 schools listed and counting.

Find your team's web site by clicking here. 

Fall Sports:
Cheerleading - Cross Country - Field Hockey - Football - Golf - Soccer - Volleyball

JV Field Hockey - JV Football - Boys JV Soccer - Girls JV Soccer

JV Volleyball - Freshman Volleyball

Winter Sports:
Basketball - Indoor Track - Wrestling

Spring Sports:
Baseball - Lacrosse - Softball - Tennis - Outdoor Track

Schedules and Scores:

JV Baseball - Boys JV Lacrosse - Girls JV LacrosseJV Softball 

Essential Rules of the Game: Parents, students and fans brush-up on your knowledge of the game.  Get the essential rules, field description, referee signals and a glossary of terms.  You will enjoy the game more and others will enjoy sharing the game with you if have a basic understanding of how the game is played.

Game Photographs: "Sports Pixels"
MSN is photographing games, meets and matches.  We have posted over 18,000 pictures of the 40,000 we have taken.  You may find these in the Sports Pixels section of the menus. Due to the number of photographs that we have taken in the past week, we may not have posted all the photos in the sports pixels section. Keep checking back. 

Game photographs are available for purchase by game or team's season(s).  If you would like to purchase a CD of a game or complete season the price is $15.95 for each CD/DVD plus $6.95 for shipping and handling.  Email your request to Need photographs for your yearbook?  If you find a photograph that you would like a copy of, please email us and include the game, date of game and image number. We will return via email the photograph file in jpeg format at no charge.

Team Photographs:
Got old team photographs? Let us know at Moore Sports Net by emailing us at We would like to post them on our web site.

County and State Championships:
Do you know how Howard County ranks among the MPSSAA schools in state championships?

Varsity Schedules and Scores:

Click on the game to view the game summary and box scores.

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Atholton (3-0) defeats Howard (1-2), 4-1

Sunday, July 27
2008 Homecoming Games Announced

Monday, September 8
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Sunday, September 21
ACC College Football

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In Constant Pain, but in the Game

River Hill Senior Endures ...

Sunday, December 7
Class 2A Football: River Hill beats Eastern Tech again for 2nd title in row