Hobart Blaze: Sponsors

T's pizza

T's Pizza has supported the Hobart Blaze by donating toward equipment bags for all the players. We would like to say thanks to T's Pizza for their support.
Phone: 942-2424

Chase Bank

Chase Bank donated a bike to the Hobart Blaze this year. The bike will be raffled off and the profits will go to supporting the Hobart Blaze. In the past Chase Bank ( Bank One )has been a big supporter of the Hobart Blaze. They have purchased warm ups for the team, and bought equipment bags for all the players. We at the Hobart Blaze greatly appreciate the support of Chase Bank.

Friends of Linda

Friends of Linda are also Friends with the Hobart Blaze. We thank them for their support.

Heavenly Ham

Heavenly Ham has given to support the Hobart Blaze. We like to thank Heavenly Ham for their backing.

Strack & Van Till

The Hobart Blaze wishes to thank Stracks for their support.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen has supported the Blaze since our first year. We would like to thank Dairy Queen for being there for us. Dairy Queen has an excellent reputation when it comes to supporting the youth programs in Hobart. So after our next game lets all stop for a Dairy Queen.

Fox Photography

Fox Photo supports the Hobart Blaze. Fox Photo has taken the team picture the last couple of years and is a backer of the Hobart Blaze. The Hobart Blaze thanks Fox Photo for it's financial backing and support.
Phone: 1-877-942-8818


We want to thank a new sponsor for the Hobart Blaze. SubWay is now a Hobart Blaze Sponsor. So next time you are hungry, how about a Sub Way!

Indiana Laminated Wall

Indiana Laminated Wall has joined the list of local businesses backing the Hobart Blaze. They are a local construction company. I personally have been involved with them on some jobs and can tell you they do a great job. So next time you need some construction work done give Joe a call!

Bright Spot

The Bright Spot is located down town Hobart on Main St. They have great food at good prices and friendly service.   The Bright Spot backs the Hobart Blaze.

J & J's Pizza

J& J's Pizza located on Ridge Road just East of the Hobart Little Leage complex. Good Pizza, Good Prices, fast delivery!
Phone: 942-1616