Clairemont Hilltoppers Little League: Boundaries

Thursday, December 28
Hilltoppers Boundaries
CHLL boundaries

Boundaries for Clairemont Hilltoppers Little League have been revised. For 2011, they will now include the following:

Hwy. 52 from I-5 east to Hwy. 163
Hwy. 163 south to Balboa Avenue
Balboa Avenue west to Genesee Ave.
Genesee Avenue south to Tecolote Canyon
Tecolote Canyon west to Clairemont Drive, then Clairemont Dr. west to I-5

All of the former Clairemont Mesa Little League boundaries are now a part of Clairemont Hilltoppers.

Enrollment neighborhoods for Alcott, Cadman, Toler, Whitman, Field, Muir, Mt. Everest, Hawthorne, Holmes, Sequoia and Lafayette elementary schools are all part of the boundary areas.