Clairemont Hilltoppers Little League: Spring 2016 Divisions

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Ages 4-6
Batting from a tee with 'safety baseball'.
Ever player hits and plays each inning.
'Mini-field' used for most games.
1 hour, 3 inning games twice a week.
Emphasis on fun!
An introduction to baseball.

Ages 5-7
Coach Pitch and an intro to ...
... pitching machine 2nd half of season.
Transition level to Farm division with slightly shorter base paths and field.
Every player hits and plays each inning.
60 to 90 minute 3-4 inning games.
Fun and learning are still the key here.

Ages 7-9
Pitching Machine used in every game.
Approx 90 minute games. 6 Innings.
Intro to kids pitching last part of season.
Keeping score introduced ...
   ... but not emphasized.
'Standard' Little League 60 foot base paths.
Substitutions in and out of the game are introduced with emphasis on players playing multiple positions and learning more about the game of baseball.

Ages 8-10
Kids pitching.
2 hour games. 6 innings.
3 inning minimum play required for each player.
60 foot base paths.
Transitions to 'mostly' regular baseball rules. (no lead offs)
Game scores and standings kept.
Season ending playoffs.
All star teams formed after regular season with District Tournaments and beyond.

Ages 11-13
Pitching from 50 feet, bases at 70 feet.
'Regular baseball rules' with runners able to lead off.
7 Inning games.
Approx 2.5 hr with no set time limit.
Season ending playoffs.
CHLL Division Champion plays in District 'Tournament of Champions'
All Star team formed post season for District tournaments ... and beyond!

Ages 13-14
Final field size transition to 'full' standard baseball field w/ 90' Bases, 60' mound and deeper outfield fences.
Some travel to other leagues for inter-league games.
7 Innings, 2 1/2 to 3 hr games.
League playoffs with champion sent to District 'Tournament of Champions'.
All Star Team are formed post season.

Ages 15-16
Standard, full size baseball field.
Season starts when High school baseball season ends.
'Fast-paced' one-month regular season.
All Star Team is formed for District tournament ... and beyond !

Big Leagaue
Ages 17-18
Season starts after High School baseball season ends.
Fast-paced, one-month regular season in June.
Home games and travel to other league sites.
All Star Team is formed for District Tournament ... and beyond !