High Park Baseball League: Tee Ball Association

What is High Park T-Ball Association ?
We are a non-profit, semi-competitive house league , volunteer association. Registration fees and fund raising cover the monetary needs of our organization , but there are many other organizational needs to ensure the success of our season and banquet. If you can help out in any way with your time or talents, please be sure to let one of the Executive members know. Thank You.

A Starting Point to Baseball
Tee Ball
The Tee Ball program is a training process by which youngsters can learn, develop and practice fundamental baseball skills at an early age and receive maximum enjoyment from the experience.

The young player benefits in several ways hitting the ball from a prescribed tee. The youngster has the opportunity to develop hand-eye coordination and swing technique without fear of being hit by a pitched ball, and the defensive team is allowed more opportunities to develop fundamental fielding skills. Youngsters will learn to play and enjoy baseball through good instruction and participation experience in Tee Ball.

The learning experience must be fun coupled with developing fundamental skills of hitting, throwing, fielding and running. The basic concept should be total team participation in a congenial environment under the direction of concerned and competent adults. Remember, the value of the Tee Ball program is the learning experience. Participants in Tee Ball are in a critical developmental period.

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