Highlands Little League: Players

Little League Pledge
I Trust In God
I Love My Country
I Will Respect It's Laws
I Will Play Fair
And Strive To Win
But Win Or Loose
I Will Always
Do My Best 

What Kind of Player Will You to Be? It's your choice.

"I played as hard as I could, That's all I wanted to be remember for." - Larry Bird 

"You can't beat the person who never gives up" -Babe Ruth 

"When I put on my uniform, I feel I am the proudest man on earth." -Roberto Clemente

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't........you're right." - Henry Ford

 "I became a good pitcher when I stopped trying to make them miss the ball and started trying to make them hit it" - Sandy Koufax  

"Baseball is 90 percent mental, and the other half is physical." -Yogi Berra 

 "You are never a loser, until you quit trying."  -Mike Ditka 

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." -Babe Ruth "

"If you are not fielding the ball you're covering a base, if you are not covering a base, you are backing someone up, if you are not backing someone up, you are on the bench cheering for team." -Unknown 


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2017 Little League Rules and Changes