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  Welcome to the Highlanders 96 Girls official website!  We are a competitive soccer team located in Bixby Oklahoma.  We represent Bixby Soccer Club and are part of Green Country Soccer Association and Oklahoma Soccer Association.  Please check back often to view schedules & scores of our matches....and don't forget to sign the guestbook so we know you visited.                                       Thanks and Goooooo Highlanders!!






Sunday, September 6

In the teams first official tournament of the fall season, the girls showed that their hard work over the past couple of months has paid off.  Their first opponent was Hurricane Pemberton.  The girls came out strong and went up 1-0 approximately 6 minutes into the first half.  From there, they continued to excel as a team and took several shots on the Hurricane keeper.  At game end, they had easily defeated Hurricane 4-0.

If their first game was impressive, they continued the streak into the next game.  They worked as a team to take the ball up the field and cross it over and over again.  It seemed there was always someone there to take the shot.  They defeated their opponet, WSA 6-0.

At the end of the first day of play the team was 2-0 with 2 shutouts, but the most impressive part was the total team effort that went into the victories.  Not only did both keepers manage the shutouts, the defense played aggressive and kept their opponents from taking many real shots on goal.  The midfield was supportive to both the defense and the forwards, which allowed six different players to score!

In the second day of play, the girls came out a little relaxed in the first game.  However, The Pink Panthers of Joplin Missouri were not going to let them lie down for long.  The girls quickly realized that despite their opponents size, they were going to have to pick it up to defeat both the team and the poor refs.  Regardless of the bad calls, and the aggressive play, the Highlanders easily walked away with another 4-0 shutout!

In the final game of the weekend, the girls played Hurricane Beattie, a clearly talented team who had previously beat them 5-0.  The girls stepped onto the field with confidence and desire!  It was evident from the beginning of the game that the Highlander girls wanted this victory and were going to do everything in their power to achieve it.  It was an extremely aggressive game.  Both teams were fighting for the ball in the midfield and sending it forward.  The Highlanders went ahead by 1 about half way into the first half.  Soon after, a foul was called against one of the girls just outside the top of the box.  The free kick was a line drive over the keepers head.  Tied 1-1!  But, the Highlanders would not let that stop them.  They rallied back again, and took a couple more shots.  Finally, they landed one more to go into halftime up 2-1.

The second half seemed to take a shift.  I wouldn't usually write anything about the reffing, but it was if he was determined to let the Hurricanes get the win.  After fighting back and forth for the ball, the Highlanders were clearly controlling the pace of the game.  The skill, nor the speed that the Hurricane team had, could not out do the outright drive that the girls had to win.  Several minutes into the second half, a total phantom call was made that allowed the Hurricanes to take the first penalty kick of the game.  It was another great shot to the right corner. Tied 2-2.  This wasn't the only bad call of the game.  It happened over and over, yet the Hurricane team were clearly hooking arms, pulling jerseys, and pulling hair, and never got the call.  With close to 10 minutes left in the game, another call in the box would give the Hurricanes their third and final goal of the game.  As much as the Highlanders tried to battle back, the whistle was too much to fight.

It was a dissappointing end to an extremely well played weekend, but the Highlanders girls have absolutely nothing to hang their heads about.  What a complete team effort!!  They all played great!  This is just a prelude to the season ahead.  Good luck girls!  I know that you will do great!