High Impact Volleyball Club: About High Impact VBC


The club was originally formed as East Valley Volleyball Club in 1997 under the direction of Patti Dorr with the vision of providing growth to the East Valley School District.  While we continue to share the same mission of providing a positive environment with the highest level of coaching and commitment, we are no longer affiliated with any one school. 

High Impact VBC is completely dedicated to providing its athletes with the technical, tactical & physical training to reach their highest potential as a volleyball player.  We are also committed to providing the most cost effective situation for its families and their club volleyball experience.  We keep costs low by utilizing donated practice facilities, administrative volunteers and the great support from our community and families.

Our mission at High Impact VBC is to provide a supportive environment in which young student-athletes are provided training in the skills and techniques of competitive volleyball, while enhancing and developing values that foster leadership in life as well as on the court:  responsibility, self-discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and an appreciation for the community.