High Impact Volleyball Club: 2012-2013 Teams

Saturday, November 20
2011-2012 Teams

2012-2013 Teams for 15's and 17's - Congratulations!  

We ask that if you are attending another tryout, as soon as you have made a final decision, please contact Coach Ramroth either via email or text and let her know if you are accepting your offer with High Impact.

Thank you all again for coming today!  It was a pleasure working with each of you!!   

15's Team
Rachel Sweeney
Kelsey Arnold
Adrienne Luera
Allysia Amato   
D'Anna Hasik   
Kaylee Brewwe
Jordan Wolfe
Ariel Okorie   
Kelsey Winfrey
 Players with an * next to  her name indicate the Gold team.  However, there are other players that will still be added to the Gold 17's team.  (After a few practices)
17's Teams 
Desiree Venable*
Gabrielle Otte*
Alyssa Arnold*
Emily Dodge*
Kelsi James*
Aarika Froehlich*
Kristen McMillian*
Paige Wakefield*
Megan Silveus
Nora Dixon
Jessie Kaczmarek
Sofie Luna
Kallie Bildner
Alexis Olney
Lexis McNiel
Brianna Williams
Jalece Bazile
Savannah York
Melanie Reyes

Rachel Haney