High Impact Volleyball Club: Welcome

Monday, February 25

Welcome to our 3rd Season on the Net!!!!

REMINDER-If you have not made your January Payment-It is Due! 

 NO PRACTICE 2/25/13!! 
We will resume practice on Wednesday! 

Any additional questions or concerns - Please contact Jennifer Ramroth at jaramroth@hotmail.com.   

Thank you to all for your interest in our club.  We look forward to having you be a part of our great organization!  You are what makes our program happen and we are so grateful for your involvment and support of our program.        

Quote of the Week:  With competitive greatness, we can deliver our best when our best is needed; at the same time, we can make those around us better, too.  - John Wooden

High Impact Volleyball Club
PO Box 1203
Lebanon, MO 65536