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Hicksville Local Weather
Hicksville Red Dragons
Robert Thayer
Hicksville, New York


  The last season for the Hicksville Red Dragons was played in the Spring of 2011. The Dragons began playing together at age 10 and started in Boys Division 8 for LIJSL. Through their dedication and hard work they continued as a team up to the BU18/19 age bracket for LIJSL, finishing thier last season in Division 1! 

"I am extremely proud of the boys. It was an honor to watch them develop into young men and terrific soccer players. I will greatly miss each and every one of them as well as their parents. I hope they continue to stay in touch with one another and play soccer together during the summers"----Coach Rob 

 Coach Rob would like to aknowledge the following people: 

 Special thanks to the parents of the team players for all of their support and generosity!

Special thanks to Asad Nawabi for being a terrific team trainer and coach! His expertise in coaching soccer was a major reason as to why this team made it to Division 1.

 Special thanks to Laura DiGirolamo for being the very best "team mother" for the Red Dragons. We were very lucky to have Laura keep our team organized and together!

I would also like to thank past coaches and trainers for their support; Coach Paul Masterson, Coach James Austin,  CoachTom Dempsey, Coach Tom Dougherty, Coach Dan Rogers and trainer Frank Vertullo. 

Special thanks to Hicksville Coach Rich Rodriguez and Coach Tom Nawabi for their support and dedication to the Red Dragons! Both become members of our team during our last couple of years. If they were nineteen years of age, they would have been wearing jerseys on Sundays.


Final Roster for Fall 2011-Division 1:

 Coach: Rob Thayer

Coach & Trainer: Asad Nawabi 

Stephen Thayer, Captain

Andrew Austin, Captain

Anthony DiGirolamo, Goalie

Sammy Nawabi, Mid-field

Nawid Nawabi, Mid-field 

Michael Levko, Mid-field

Jorje Nunez, Mid-field

Matt Esposito, Mid-field 

David Radziwon, striker 

Daniel Luu, striker

Favio, striker 

Stanley Luu, defensive-back 

Chris Conte, defensive-back

Vinnie Jones, defensive-back 

Marcos Bonilla, sweeper

Steve Triffilio, defensive-back  

Special acknowledgement to our former player and team mascot; "Harry Potter" aka Matt Ellis  


Next LIJSL Game:

Date: 6/18/11
Time: 11:30AM
Game: Dragons vs. North Bellport Blasters
Field: Kolm-Hicksville
Jersey: RED
Please be at the field at 10:45AM!


Long Island Cup Round 3:

Dragons vs. Cambria Heights Tigers

Dragons win 1-0!


 LI Cup Round 2:

Dragons vs. Farmingdale Thrashers

Dragons win 5-0!


LI Cup Cup Round 1:

Dragons vs. Syosset Red Storm

Dragons win in a PPK Shotout!




Dragons Spring 2011 Soccer Schedule:


Date Time Game


3/20/11 3:00PM LI Cup First Round: Dragons vs. Syosset Red Storm-WIN!


3/27/11 10:00AM Dragons-4 at Rosedale United-8 Loss


4/3/11 3:50PM Dragons(home)-2 vs. Cambria Heights Tigers-0-WIN!


4/17/11 10:00AM Dragons-2 at Hempstead EOC Wolves-1-WIN!


5/1/11 3:40PM Dragons(home)-1 vs NPT/CH Phoenix-4-Loss


5/8/11 3:30PM Dragons-3 at Syosset Red Storm-4-Loss


5/15/11 5:20PM Dragons(home)-4 vs. Farmingdale Thrashers-0 WIN!


5/22/11 12:50PM Dragons-1 at Auburndale Bayside Strikers-2 Loss


6/18/11 11:30AM Dragons(home-4) vs. North Bellport Blasters-3 WIN!


6/12/11 2:50PM Dragons(home)-4 vs. HBC Hawks-0





  9/12/10 Dragons-3  East Islip Bulldogs-0 WIN!

Goals: Favio-3

9/26/10 Dragons-2 vs. HBC Raptors-0 WIN!

Goals: Favio-2

10/03/10 Dragons-9 West Islip Warriors-1 WIN!

Goals: Austin-3, Nawabi, Levko, Espo, Luu, Luu, Conte, Radziwon, Favio, Henry & Tito Pazmino.. Obvious Team Effort

10/17/10 Dragons-4 Auburndale/Bayside Green Eagles-2

Goals: Sammy Nawabi-2, Mike Levko-1, D. Luu-1

10/24/10 Dragons-3  CSH Road Runners-1

Goals: Sammy Nawabi, Nawid Nawabi, Andrew Austin

Dragons-0 vs. Middle Country Warriors-1 Loss

 Dragons-3 atEast Meadow Panthers-1

Goals: Sammy Nawabi, Andrew Austin, Favio

 Dragons-3 vs. Hemsptead EOC Metro-Strikers-1

Goals: Favio-2, Austin 

Dragons-1 at Port Washington Predators-1

Goals: Austin 



Good luck to Matt Ellis attending college!

You will be missed!




The Dragons are the 2010 Waldbaums Cup Champions!!!!!!
Date: 6/19/10
Dragons-3 vs. Bayport Tornadoes-0
Goals: Andrew Austin-1, Tito Pazmino-1, Daniel Luu-1
The Red Dragons had an incredible Waldbaums Challenge Cup tournament.
The Dragons had 23 goals for and 1 goal against.
This game was the last for striker Matt Ellis and possibly the last for team Co-Captain, Andrew Austin. Both will be greatly missed for their contributions to this soccer team.  Two great players and two best friends that will be missed by their coach as well.
Dragons-3 vs. NHP Stormcats-0
Goals: Stanley Luu, Andrew Austin, Mike Levko
SPRING 2010 Practice Schedule
Monday & Wednesday Nights
Field: Kolm Park
 Waldbaums Cup Third Round-WIN!:
 Date: 5/1/10
Dragons-3   South Merrick-0 WIN!!!
Goals: Nawid Nawabi-2, Matt Ellis-1
Waldbaums Cup Second Round:
Dragons-5 vs. Dix Hills Lightning-0 WIN!!!
Goals: Vinnie Jones, Tito Pazmino, Daniel Luu, Marcos, Matt Ellis
Waldbaums Cup First Round:
Dragons-6 vs. West Babylon Eagles-1 WIN!!!
Goals: Dan Luu-3
Matt Esposito-1
Henry Pazmino-1
Matt Ellis-1
3/28/10 2:30PM Dragons-2 at VOB Bulldogs-1 WIN!
Goals: Dan Luu & Matt Ellis 
4/18/10 8:00AM Dragons-4 vs. West Islip TomCats -3 WIN!
Goals: Austin 2, Espo, D. Luu
4/25/10 1:00PM Dragons-2 vs. Hamptons United Barca-0 WIN!
Goals: Stanley Luu, Daniel Luu
5/2/10 1:50PM Dragons-2 Hempstead EOC Metro-Strikers-2 TIE
Goals: Andrew Austin, Mike Levko 
5/9/10 12:50PM Dragons-6 vs. Elwood Barracudas-1 WIN!
Goals: Nawid Nawabi-1, Andrew Austin-2, Mike Levko-1, Henry Pazmino-1 
Daniel Luu-1
5/16/10 12:20PM Dragons-1 at Commack Strikers-2-Loss
Goals: Mike Levko-1
5/23/10 1:00PM Dragons -6 vs. NHP Stormcats-2 WIN!
Goals: Austin-2, Ellis-1, Mike Levko, Stanley Luu-1, Nawid Nawabi-1 (PK)
6/6/10 12:00PM Dragons-0 at  Hempstead EOC Bulldogs-1 Loss 
6/13/10 5:50PM Dragons-6 vs. Dix Hills Lightning-0 WIN!!
Goals: Austin-2, Daniel Luu-3, David Radziwon-1 
2009 LIJSL D2 Fall Record
9/13/09  Dragons-1 at NHP Stormcats-0 WIN!!
Goals: Ellis
9/27/09  2:10PM Dragons-3 vs. Farmingdale Wolves-0 WIN!! 
Goals: Austin, Ese, Daniel Luu
10/04/09 2:00PM Dragons-1 vs. Bohemia Badgers-4 Loss 
10/18/09 4:30PM Dragons-1 vs. West Islip TomCats-0 WIN!! 
Goals: Levko-1 
10/25/09 1:50PM Dragons-2 vs. Port Washington Daredevils -0 WIN!!
Goals: Austen-2,
11/01/09  3:00PM Dragons-3 vs. Hempstead Metro-Strikers-2 WIN!!
Goals: Austen-2, Ese-1 
11/08/09 1:00PM Dragons-0vs. West Islip Fire-3 Loss-Ughh! 
11/15/09 10:50AM Dragons vs. Port Washington Xtreme
11/22/09 1:00PM Dragons (Home) vs. CSH Road Runners
5/30/09     2:30PM  at Kings Park Titans-0 vs. Dragons5 WIN!!
Goals: X Graymez-1, Ese-2, Austin-1, Ellis-1
4/05/09.............3:40PM  Dragons:0 vs. Commack:1 Loss
4/26/09        1:50PM  Dragons 0 vs. Uniondale-1 Loss
5/03/09.............Dragons 3 at Mattituck-2 WIN
Goals: Ese: 1, Austin: 2
5/10/09        10:50AM Dragons:2 vs. NPT/CH Phoenix:2 TIE
Goals: Ese:2
5/17/09...............Dragons:2   vs. South Merrick Wolverines:1 WIN!!
Goals: Levko, Radziwon&Cavallo forced goal
5/31/09        Dragons -0vs. Auburndale Celtics-2 Loss 
6/07/09.............Dragons-4 vs Wantagh Seaford Stingrays-4 Tie
Goals: Dougherty:1, Austin:2, Ese: 1 
6/14/09         6:10PM Home vs. Center Moriches Arsenal
State Cup First Round: WIN
Dragons-2 vs. Elwood Barracudas-1 
Goals: Dougherty:1
Ese: 1 


Congratulations to the 2008 Fall Division Champs!!!!


The Dragons won their division by winning their final game against a very good team, the New Hyde Park Storm Cats. The Dragons won, 1-0. Both teams were tied for first place and both teams played a very intense and physical game.

The Dragons finished the fall season with a record of 6-1-2. The Dragons scored 21 goals this season and allowed only 8 goals!

The defense was led by Co-Captain Stephen Thayer (right DB), Chris Conte (left DB), Stanley Luu (sweeper) and Boris Flores (stopper). The defense played very aggressive all season, rarely allowing opposing teams into the goal box with their diamond formation. Whether the ball was in the air or on the ground, this defense won the ball. They are a great pressure defense. Goalie Anthony DiGirolamo played his greatest season yet for the Dragons. Anthony made many amazing saves every game. Both Stanley Luu and Boris Flores scored goals this season.

The mid-field was led by Co-Captain Andrew Austin with Michael Levko, Daniel Luu, Matt Esposito, X Graymez, Ryan Dempsey, Tom Dougherty and Vinnie Jones. Andrew played a terriffic season, leading the team in scoring with seven goals. The mid-fielders played great "two-way" soccer this season, constantly adjusting to a defensive and offensive scheme. 

The strikers; Matt Ellis, Ese Santibanez, David Radziwon and Tommy Cavallo played a great game up top all season. Ese led the strikers in scoring with six goals. Ese, Matt and David were very tough for any defense to handle. They all applied great pressure to the opposing team. All three showed great patience with Coach Rob by playing mid-field when asked. Especially David who played mid-field frequently and had his best season this fall. 

This team was very dedicated this season.

Special thanks to James Austen for becoming an assistant coach. James was at every practice and participated in every drill with the team.

Thanks to Laura DiGirolamo for keeping this team organized.



  Fall 2008 Schedule-Division Champions 
9/7/08.........12:00PM.......Dragons-1 vs. Auburndale Celtics-1 TIE
Goals: Austen 1
9/14/08...........11:30AM ......Dragons:0 at Uniondale Periquitos-1 Loss
9/21/08..........2:50PM .Dragons (Home)-5 vs. Elwood Barracudas-1 WIN!
Goals: Luu:1, Ese: 2, Austen:2
9/28/08....1:40PM ........Dragons: 4 at Kings Park Titans:4 TIE
Goals: Austen: 1, Ese: 1, S. Luu: 1, Esposito: 1
10/05/08.....1:40PM........ Dragons: 4 vs. RVC Knights: 0 WIN!
Goals: Ese: 2, Ellis: 2
10/19/08.....9:30AM ........Dragons:2 at Center Moriches Arsenal:1 WIN!
Goals: Austen:1, Flores:1 
10/26/08.....2:20PM......Dragons (H)-3 vs. W. Hempstead Seminoles-0 WIN!
Goals: Ese:1, Ellis: 1 
11/02/08..........10:40AM.......Dragons:1 at Wantagh Seaford Stingrays:0 WIN!
Goals: Austen: 1 
11/09/08...........11:00AM.......Dragons:1  at NHP StormCats-0 WIN!!!
 Goals: Austen:1

 Soccer Practice Schedule 2008

Time: 7:30PM-9:00PM
Kolm Field

The Dragons finished the Spring 08 season in second place with a record of 6-3 in a very closely matched division. The Dragons had 19-GF and 11-GA. The Dragons finished the last game of the season very strong, scoring 4 goals to put the team in second place. Good job Dragons!

Special thanks to my assitant coaches; Tom Dempsey, Tom Dougherty and Paul Masterson!

Special thanks to our "team mother", Laura Digirolamo for being so organized and dedicated to this team.

Thanks again to all of the parents for the generous gift.

-Coach Rob



3/30/08: Dragons-3 at Medford Panthers-0 WIN!!

Goals: Andrew Austen: 2

Boris Flores: 1

4/06/08: 3:30PM Dragons-2 (Home) vs. Baldwin Invaders-0 WIN!!

Goals: Austen: 1

4/27/08: 2:30PM Dragons-2 at VOB Bulldogs-0 WIN!!

Goals: Austen: 1

Ellis: 1

5/04/08: 10:30AM Dragons-1 vs. Auburndale Celtics -2 Loss

Goals: Ellis

5/11/08: 10:00AM Dragons-2 vs Center Moriches-1 WIN!!

Goals: Austen & Ellis

5/18/08: 2:00PM Dragons-4 at Plainedge Rough Riders-0 WIN!!

Goals: D. Luu-1, Radziwon-2, Thayer-1

6/01/08: 12:00PM Dragons-1 vs. Uniondale Periquitos -4 Loss

Goals: Ellis-1

6/08/08: 11:40AM Dragons-0 at Bayport Sea Dawgs-2 Loss

6/15/08: 5:40PM Dragons-4 vs. Mattituck Road Runners-2 WIN!!

Goals: Radziwon-2, D. Luu-2



Dragons Fall 07 Season Record

Date: 9/9/07 Dragons (Home) -2 vs. Auburndale Celtics-0 WIN!!!

Ellis: 2 goals

Date: 9/16/07 Dragons (Away)-1 vs. Bayport Sea Dawgs-0 WIN!!!

Esposito: 1 Goal

Date: 9/30/07 - Time: 11:10AM Dragons (Away)-1vs. Bethpage Tornadoes -1 TIE GAME!!

Ellis: 1 Goal

Date: 10/14/07 - Time: 9:40AM Dragons-0 vs. VOB Bulldogs-0


Date: 10/21/07 - Dragons (Away) vs Center Moriches Arsenal -Loss 2-0

Date: 10/28/07 - Dragons (Home)-2 vs. Pacthogue Medford Panthers -1 WIN!!

Woessner: 1 Goal

Austin: 1 Goal

Date: 11/4/07 - Dragons-0 vs. Baldwin Invaders-1 Loss

Date: 11/11/07 - Dragons -2 vs. South Merrick Wolverines -3 Loss

Woessner: 1 Goal

Austin: 1 Goal

Date: 11/18/07 - Dragons -0 vs. Uniondale Periquitos-0 - Tie


The Dragons have moved to Division 4


The Dragons won their final LIJSL game against the the Hempstead Seminoles to take sole possession of first place and win the division!!!!!!!!



Dragons Spring 07 Game Schedule (all home games at Triangle Park)

3/24/07 Waldbaums Cup Game Dragon-6 Deer Park-0 WIN!!

3/31/07 - 4:40 Dragons-5 at Massapequa Heat-0 - WIN!!
4/21/07 - 2:00 Dragons-4 vs Garden City Dragons-1 WIN!
4/28/07 - 3:00 Dragons-1 vs Freeport Freedom-3 (AWAY)Loss
5/05/07 - 2:00 Dragons-9 vs South Merrick Sharks-0 WIN!!
5/12/07 - 3:40 Dragons-7 vs RVC Red Storm-1 WIN!! - Dragons take first place!
5/19/07 - 5:00 Dragons-4 vs Franklin Sq.-1 WIN!!
6/2/07 - 2:00 Dragons-6 vs Copiague Chargers-3 WIN!!
6/9/07 - 2:10 Dragons-3 vs Oceanside Jaguars-1 (AWAY) WIN!!
6/16/07 - 2:20 Dragons-3 vs W. Hemp. Seminoles-0 WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

**************LIJSL 07 SPRING SEASON****************

The Dragons won their final LIJSL game against the the Hempstead Seminoles to take sole possession of first place and win the division!!!!!!!!

Date: 6/16/07 - 2:20 /9/07
Time: 2:20
Team: Dragons-3 vs W. Hemp. Seminoles-0


6/9/07 - 2:10 Dragons-3 vs Oceanside Jaguars-1 (AWAY) WIN!!
The Dragons continue to win games and play great soccer. Oceanside is a good team and the game was close but the Dragons never relinquished the lead and dominated the game on both sides of the field.

Game 7:
6/2/07 - 2:00 Dragons-6 vs Copiague Chargers-3 WIN!!
This game was very rough for both teams. Copiague never gave up and made a late game surge with two goals but the Dragons won again.

Game 6:
5/19/07 - 5:00 Dragons-4 vs Franklin Sq.-1 WIN!!
The Dragons won again, defeating a very good Franklin Square team, 4-1. Despite the score, the game seemed a lot closer.
Franklin Square scored the first goal on a great cross from the right side. The Dragons then capitalized on a penalty kick. Striker Matt Ellis was leveled by a slide tackle by Franklin Square's goalie. The goalie was given a yellow card and Matt scored with a kick to the bottom right corner. The penalty seemed to inspire the Dragons as they began to play a very aggressive soccer game.
Andrew Austin played one of his best games at midfield as did the other Dragons. Andrew scored the next three goals and also made some great passes to the strikers. But it was a great team effort as the defense constantly applied pressure at the 50 virtually eliminating mid-field passes by Franklin Square. Chris Conte (stopper), Steve Thayer (right-back & sweeper), Mason Lyons (left-back & sweeper) and the Luu brothers (defensive back & also played mid-field) were terrific. And Anthony DiGirolamo made some terrific saves as well as some good goal kicks.
Matt Esposito(center-striker), David Radziwon (left striker), Matt Ellis (right striker) and Nick Woessner (left striker) all rotated at striker and all played very unselfishly, constantly making great support passes to the mid-field. The midfield led by Andrew Austin, Ryan Dempsey, Tom Dougherty and Kevin Weiss were very aggressive and played an important passing game.

Dragons still in first!

Game 5:
5/12/07 - 3:40 Dragons-7 vs RVC Red Storm-1 WIN
Another great game played by the Dragons. Give credit to the Red Storm as they continued to play strong until the last second.
The Dragons continue to play a great game of passing and strong defensive play. The entire team played exceptional, but we have to mention the great goal scored by temporary striker, Anthony DiGirolamo. Anthony is the Dragons goalie and played striker in the second half as X Graymez played goal. Also, Stanley Luu played his second great game at left striker, providing a great target for midfielder Andrew Austin.

Dragons are in first place!!!

Game 4:
5/05/07 - 2:00 Dragons-9 vs South Merrick Sharks-0 WIN

A tough game for South Merrick as they were down and had no subs against the Dragons. Despite the score, South Merrick's goalie played a strong game.
The Dragons played and executed an almost perfect game.

4/28/07 - 3:00 Dragons-1 vs Freeport Freedom-3 Loss

A tough game for the Dragons. Freeport played great, as did the Dragons, but Freeport was able to take advantage of a great passing game to their striker.
The Dragons scored their goal on a well placed penalty kick by striker Matt Ellis. It was a rough game and Matt was given the kick after being taken down from behind in the penalty box.

The Dragons will rebound and get ready for their next game against South Merrick!

Game 2:
4/21/07 - 2:00 Dragons-4 vs Garden City Dragons-1 WIN!

The Dragons won their second game of the season, by a score of 4-1 over the Garden City Dragons.
Both teams came out very aggressive. Garden City scored the first goal of the game after a hard shot that was first deflected by Dragons goalie Anthony DiGirolamo but Garden City got to the rebound first to score. Anthony played a great game in net, making an incredible jumping save in the second-half.
The Dragons played catch-up most of the first half until Matt Ellis made a well placed corner kick to Dragons captain, Stephen Thayer. Steve received Matt's ball and kicked it past Garden City's goalie to score the Dragons first goal to tie the game. Steve moved to striker as Stanley and Daniel Luu moved to defensive back and played very well. Mason Lyons played a great game at both stopper and sweeper.
The second-half ended tied, 1-1. But the Dragons came out very strong in the second-half, with Andrew Austin and David Radziwon dominating the middle. Dave made some terrific blocks on two free kicks attempted by Garden City. Nick Woessner, coming strong from a break-away, scored with a great kick from the left side of the box at an almost impossible angle.
Andrew Austin continued to play strong in the central field. Andrew took the ball to the left offensive corner and made a strong cross to the middle of the box. Stephen Thayer one-timed the ball to the corner of the net to score his second goal of the game. Andrew and Steve were not finished. Once again, Andrew took the ball to the left side of the box and crossed the ball and once again Steve one-timed the ball to score his third goal of the game.
Matt Esposito (great attacking), Ryan Dempsey, Kevin Weiss, and Tom Dougherty all played strong and provided great support on the sides in the second half, which was the key to the game.
It was an almost unbelievable second-half game played by the Dragons and a great come from behind victory for the Dragons.

WAY TO GO DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3/31/07 - 4:40 Dragons-5 at Massapequa Heat-0 - WIN!

The Dragons won their first LIJSL of the season, by a score of 5-0 over the Massapequa Heat. Despite strong winds, both Massapequa and Hicksville played a very aggressive defensive game with defensive backs for both teams playing at mid-field. And despite the score, Massapequa continued to press Hicksville and never gave up.

The Dragons came out very aggressive from the start of the game with striker Matt Ellis scoring within the fist 5 minutes of the game. Matt scored on a break way that started from mid-field with a shot on goal that was tough to defend. Matt is playing extremely well and is a major scoring threat. Striker Nick Woessner scored from the left side, using great speed but also anticipating passes from our mid-fielders. Striker David Radziwon probably played his best game for the Dragons, using his size to pressure Massapequa's defensive backs
Mid-fielder Andrew Austin's on field play has been incredible for the Dragons. Andrew scored again this week but he also continues to make great passes that lead to goals for the Dragons. Midfielders Daniel Luu, Matt Esposito, Mason Lyons, Ryan Dempsey and X Graymez played a great against Massapequa but more importantly they controlled the ball and constantly looked to move up field.
The defense played another strong game, limiting shots on our goalie Anthony DiGirolamo. Anthony played another superb game despite being knocked hard by an aggressive Massapequa striker. The defense was without its' stopper, Chris Conte (sick). But both Tom Dougherty and Mason Lyons played very strong, constantly defending our zone. Defensive backs, Sean Masterson, Stanley Luu and Stephen Thayer were too tough for Massapequa's strikers. The defense played its second game in two weeks and have yet to give up a goal.

Way to go Dragons!

***************Waldbaums Cup First Round************
DATE: 3/24
TIME: 3:00PM
Score: Red Dragons -7 vs Deer Park Terminators -0

The Dragons won their first round game for the Waldbaums Cup, making all of the right decisions on the field and playing an almost perfect game. Credit to Deer Park, despite the score, they continued to play hard until the last second of the game.
But the second the referee blew the whistle, the Dragons pushed and attacked the ball into Deer Park's defensive zone. The Dragons practiced through out the winter (outside) and they looked very prepared for this game. The first goal was scored by left striker, Nick Woessner. It was a real team effort as all of the mid-fielders (Andrew Austin, Stanley Luu, Matt Esposito, Mason Lyons, Ryan Dempsey and Stephen Thayer) crashed the goal trying to score first. This game was one of Andrew's finest for the Dragons. Andrew scored a goal but also controlled the midfield with sharp passes to the strikers. Striker Matt Ellis also played a tremendous game. Matt had a "hat trick", scoring three goals. Matt scored his last goal on a corner kick. It was an incredible kick, as he curved the ball into the upper 90. David Radziwon also played a great game with numerous shots on goal, constantly attacking.
The Dragons defense played a perfect first half. Chris Conte, Sean Masterson, Daniel Luu, Tom Dougherty and Stephen Thayer shut down the Deer Park Terminators in the first half. They constantly attacked Deer Park's offense at the line and played very aggressive. And Anthony DiGirolamo played a great game in goal, closing the game with a shut-out.

Great first round game for the Dragons!


Fall-06 Summary

The Dragons made an unbelievable finish to the Fall-06 season that originally seemed lost.
The Dragons started the season by losing its first four games. Most of the games were close but regardless of the score the Dragons' season was in trouble. But instead of giving up on the season, the team continued to fight and went on a streak that seemed impossible. The Dragons did not lose another game after starting 0-4 and finished the season 4-4-1. It was a remarkable turn-around and a season that made the coaches and parents very proud. This team proved that they will never quit on themselves or each other. And the season will be remembered fondly by Coach Rob. After losing 3 strong players from last year's roster, the Dragons finally adjusted and proved to themselves that they are "winners".




11/19/06 11:30AM - Dragons-1 vs. W. Hempstead Seminoles-1 TIE

The Dragons finished the second-half of the season undefeated with their last game finishing as a tie score. The Hempstead Seminoles played good game and both Hicksville and Hempstead were evenly matched.
The game was well played on both sides but the Dragons continually attacked the opposition. The Dragons scored first with an attack that was led by both Matt Esposito and Stanley Luu. Both players seemed to have hit the ball at the same time as the ball went into the corner of the goal.
Both teams continued to attack very aggressively and Hempstead was able to score in the second half to tie the game.
All of the Dragons played a fantastic game and should be proud of the way they finished the season. It was a great game and great season!

11/12/06 11:30AM - Dragons-3 vs. Dix Hills Metros-1 WIN!!!

This is turning into an unbelievable season for the Dragons. The Dragons started the season 0-4 and are now 4-4! It would have been very easy for this team to just quit and coast through the rest of the season, but they all chose not too!

This was a tough game for the Dragons and their coaches as the relentless bickering from the Dix Hills coach was tough to deal with. But the referee eventually put a stop to his yelling and screaming as he was issued a yellow card and a warning. But the coach's bickering does not take away from the fact that the Dix Hills Metros soccer team played a great game and never gave up.
The game played to a scoreless first-half that was very physical. The defense led by Chris Conte was very tough to deal with. Chris, Sean Masterson, Tom Dougherty and Stanley Luu played very aggressive and constantly moved the ball to the outside to allow the midfielder's to play the ball. Dragons goalie, Anthony DiGirolamo continued to make unbelievable stops on shots in goal.
But the Dragons were not satisfied with a scoreless first-half. The Dragons came out strong and scored a goal from striker Nick Woessner. Nick made his now "usual" upper 90 shot from the left side that was impossible to defend. But the Metros came right back and scored on a great header ball to tie the game. It was an intense game for both teams.
The Dragons came right back with some very aggressive play with a goal from Andrew Austin. Andrew played his greatest game yet for the Dragons and was a force to contend with. Andrew was constantly setting up the midfielder's and strikers to make plays, never backing down from the Metros defensive players. Daniel Luu, Matt Ellis, Matt Esposito, Mason Lyons and Kevin Weiss also played a great game at midfielder. The midfielder's were constantly running up and down the field to play both sides of the field.
Striker X Graymez is proving to be a scoring threat for the Dragons. X scored on a great shot to the upper 90 to seal the Dragons victory. X and strikers Nick Woessner, David Radziwon and Stephen Thayer constantly pressured the Metros defense and goalie. It was a great game and marked an almost unbelievable turn-around for the Dragons this season.

Coach Rob is proud of how the Dragons have won 4 games in a row but also how they handled the situation with the Dix Hills Coach. It was a reminder of why this team has won the sportsmanship award so many times in the past. Coach Rob, as well as the other Dragons coaches, are proud of the fact that they have never recieved a yellow card or red card.



11/05/06 1:20PM - Dragons-3 vs. Copiague Chargers-2 WIN!!!

The Dragons continued their turnaround with their third win in a row! For this game, the Dragons came back from behind 1-0.
The defense played its now usual stellar game backed by goalie, Anthony DiGirolamo. Anthony made some amazing saves by stopping a good Copiague offense on some break-aways. Chris Conte, Tom Dougherty, Stanley Luu and Sean Masterson played an aggressive game that focused on getting the midfielders the ball.
The midfielders played their toughest game yet as Copiague pressured the middle constantly. Andrew Austin and Daniel Luu were a strong force in the middle. Andrew and Daniel had some great support with Kevin Weiss, Mason Lyons, David Radziwon, Matt Esposito and Matt Ellis playing the wings. Matt Ellis sealed the victory using his speed on a break away to beat a good Copiague goalie to make the score 3-1 with about 5 minutes left in the game.
But X Graymez had an unbelievable game at striker playing with fellow strikers Nick Woessner and Stephen Thayer at his side. X had two goals, the first firing a shot from the outside right corner to tie the game. X then had a second goal in the upper 90 that kept the Dragons in the lead.
It was a great win for the team, they never gave up!


10/29/06 9:00AM - Dragons-3 vs. Massapequa Heat-1 WIN!!!

The Dragons win their second game in a row with high winds making the game difficult for both teams.
After watching the Dragons dominate the first 10 minutes of the game, Massapequa took a 1-0 lead with a great play in the box. But just like last week the Dragons did not back down. Anthony DiGirolamo continued playing strong goalie with some great punts against the wind to halt Massapequa from scoring again.
The defense also played very strong even though they were missing their stopper, Chris Conte. Stanley Luu took the slot and played strong through-out backed by sweeper Mason Lyons and defenders Sean Masterson and Tom Dougherty. Sean and Tom continue to play strong defensive backs making terrific plays with Mason at sweeper even though the wind was carrying the ball in different directions than they would expect.
The mid-fielders, Daniel Luu, Andrew Austin, David Radziwon, Matt Esposito and Matt Ellis played another stellar game. Andrew tied the game with a great high shot from the 30 that sailed over the goalie's head. Andrew's play at mifield has been superb!The mid-fielders have really improved their game constantly talking and passing to each other. And with the wind making ball movement very difficult, communication was important.
The strikers Stephen Thayer, X Graymez and Nick Woessner played very aggressive, constantly pressuring the Massapequa defense and passing to each other. A quick strike from Nick Woessner from the left side, put the Dragons up for good. Nick's goal was made from a very difficult angle and his game is constantly improving.
Credit to Massapequa for not giving up and almost tying the game. With the wind at their backs, Massapequa almost caught the Dragons but Matt Ellis intercepted a pass at midfield and used his speed to get to the goal with the ball and blast a shot pass the Massapequa goal. Matt's goal shifted the momentum back to the Dragons. And Anthony again stepped up to make some great saves to finish the game.

The Dragons win again!!

10/22/06 Dragons -3 vs. Babylon Thunder-1 WIN!!!

The Dragons came through with a great victory against a good Babylon team. The game opened up with a quick goal by Babylon. But the Dragons did not give up and kept pressuring the Babylon defense.
The midfielders; Kevin Weiss, Matt Esposito, Stanley Luu, Daniel Luu, X Graymez and Andrew Austin played a terrific game. All midfielders were constantly attacking the ball. Andrew made a great pass to striker Stephen Thayer that Steve put past the Babylon goalie into the upper 90 to tie the game.
The defense led by Chris Conte, David Radziwon, Sean Masterson, Tom Dougherty and Mason Lyons then tightened up the game by constantly pressuring the Babylon strikers. All four played their best defensive game of the season with Chris continually making great headers and pushing the ball back into the Dragons offensive zone.
The Dragons then went into an offensive attack with Andrew Austin taking the ball to the box form midfield and making a great shot on goal. The Dragons took the lead 2-1.
Andrew constantly set up the Dragon strikers, Nick Woessner, Matt Ellis and Stephen Thayer. Nick and Matt made some great shots on goal to keep the Babylon goalie on the defensive side for the rest of the game.
But the Dragons were not finished as Stephen connected on a great cross from Andrew, with a sliding kick to the ball to score his second of the game.
Anthony DiGirolamo played an outstanding goalie, constantly blocking shots.

The Dragons defeat Babylon 3-1!!!

****Brentwood Columbus Day Tournament****
*******Dragons finish second place!******

10/7/2006 Saturday
Red Dragons-3 Dix Hills Metros-1 WON
The Dragons came out to play quickly breaking into the Metros defensive zone for numerous shots. But the Metros scored first on an aggressive play on a goal kick that caught the Dragons off guard. The Dragons then started an offensive attack that lasted until the end of the game. All of the Dragons played great soccer, forcing the Metros into their own zone. Mid-fielder Stanley Luu scored on great attack right up the middle. Both Luu brothers were playing great, together for the first time at mid-field. Matt Ellis then scored on a fast shot from the left side. Matt took every opportunity he had to shoot the ball and developed great chemistry with Kevin Weiss (who played a great game). The Dragons continued scoring with another great goal to the corner, by captain Stephen Thayer.
Dragons closed the game out with a 3-1 victory.

4:45 PM Brentwood Cosmos-2 Red Dragons-3 WON
This was another great game for the Dragons. The Dragons came out strong against a very fast Brentwood team. Stanley Luu scored the first goal for the Dragons with another great strike to the corner of the goal. But Brentwood fired back with a goal off of a direct kick from the corner that was too high for the Dragons to stop.
The Dragons then came right back with Stephen Thayer scoring a goal to the upper 90. Steve continued his offensive attack scoring another goal from the right side that was too quick for the Brentwood goalie to stop. Steve, Nick Woessner and Matt Ellis kept the pressure on the Cosmos defensive four.
Brentwood scored towards the end of the second half that made the game very close up until the last minute. Mid-fielders; David Radziwon, Matt Esposito, Ryan Dempsey, the Luu brothers and Kevin Weiss played tough and kept the pressure on Brentwood in the mid-field. Chris Conte, Tom Dougherty and Mason Lyons played a tough defense to keep the Dragons going. And Anthony DiGirolamo played a great game in goal.
The Dragons finished with a 3-2 victory.

2:15 Dix Hills Lightning-2 Red Dragons -0 Loss
This was one tough evenly matched game. Both teams played great allowing very few opportunities to score. But Dix Hills took advantage with two quick goals. The Dragons had their chances but could not connect. The Dragons were able to tighten the defense up but it was too late.

4:45 Red Dragons-3 North Bellport Storm-2 WON!
The Dragons started this game very slow, depressed from losing first place to Dix Hills. Bellport fired two shots in goal the first half, leaving the Dragons again with a 2-0 deficit to start the second half. But the Dragons decided to come out and fight and it began first with their defense of Matt Esposito, The Luu brothers and Chris Conte. They stepped up right away stopping the offensive attack of Bellport and Anthony DiGirolamo made some great saves right in front of goal. The mid-fielders, Kevin Weiss, Ryan Dempsey, Mason Lyons, David Radziwon, Tom Dougherty and Sean Masterson played great mid-field ball. Constantly fighting Bellport for control. Sean and Tom adjusted quickly to mid-field from playing defensive back the prior three games.
The strikers, Nick Woessner, Matt Ellis and Stephen Thayer constantly pushed the defense and it paid off quickly with two goals by Nick Woesnner to tie the game. All three contributed to pressuring the defense and goalie. Nick's shots were all upper 90 over the goalie's head.
In the end, with only five minutes left, it was Tom Dougherty who took the shot to beat the Bellport goalie with a blast from the left side. The goal gave the Dragons the victory and second place for the tournament.
Way to come from behind and give Hicksville the victory!!!!!

The Hicksville Red Dragons finished second place for the Brentwood Columbus Day Shoot-out!


Fall Schedule 06
9/10/06 1:00PM - Dragons-1 vs. Syosset Raiders-3 - Loss
9/17/06 3:00PM - Dragons-1 vs. Uniondale Periouitos-5 - Loss
10/01/06 1:30PM - Dragons-3 vs. South Merrick Wolverines-4 Loss
10/15/06 10:00AM - Dragons-1 vs. Roosevelt Metro Stars-2 Loss
10/22/06 5:20PM - Dragons -3 vs. Babylon Thunder-1 WIN!!!
10/29/06 9:00AM - Dragons-3 vs. Massapequa Heat-1 WIN!!!
11/05/06 1:20PM - Dragons-3 vs. Copiague Chargers-2 WIN!!!
11/12/06 11:30AM - Dragons-3 vs. Dix Hills Metros-1 WIN!!!
11/19/06 11:30AM - Dragons-1 vs. W. Hempstead Seminoles-1 TIE


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