Hendersonville High School Baseball: News and Standings

Thursday, April 24

2. BEECH   7-2 (4-2) WC,MJ,G,G,P,P      L,H,H 
3. PORTLAND  2-8 (2-4) H,G  SC,WC,MJ,L,H,B,B,G
4. GALLATIN  2-8 (1-5) L,P  MJ,SC,WC.B,B,H,H,P 
1. MT JULIET  8-2 (5-1) G,P,H,L,L,SC,SC,WC  B,WC 
2. WILSON CENTRAL  6-4 (4-2) P,G,SC,L,L,MJ  H,B,SC,MJ 
3. STATION CAMP  4-5 (2-4) P,G,WC,L  H,WC,MJ,MJ,L 
4. LEBANON  3-7 (1-5) B,P,SC  G,H,MJ,MJ,WC,WC,SC 


Thursday, May 15
















Tuesday, May 21

Congratulations to the following Commandos for collecting Post-Season Awards for the 2013 Season:



First Team: Ben Smith and Matt Osborne

Second Team: Cooper Brenning, Jarcques Wordlaw and Matthew Slaton

Honorable Mention: Connor Fischer, Justin Long and Drew Richard



Congratulations to Sophomore Ben Smith who was voted to the 2013 All-District 9AAA Team!



Congratulations to Senior Matthew Slaton and Sophomores Austin Brown and Matthew Osborne who were named to the 2013 All-Tournament team for District 9AAA!

 Slaton pitched probably the best game of his Commando career in an 8-inning loss to Mt Juliet in the first round of the tournament.  Brown hit .600 for the tournament with a HR and 5 RBI, while Osborne tossed a no-hitter in the second round game against Gallatin.

Tuesday, May 21
Congratulations to Ben Smith (SO) who was named to the 2013 District 9AAA All-District team!

Thursday, March 22
The Commando Baseball Program was honored and humbled to say the least to have the lead singer for the award-winning and legendary Oak Ridge Boys, Duane Allen to sing the National Anthem at our home opener for the 2012 season.  We are sincerely thankful to have one of the greatest voices in music industry history not only as a member of our Hendersonville Community but as a fan of our baseball program.  Pictured above is Duane with our 2012 Baseball Team!

Opening Night Ceremony
Friday, March 23
Meghan Chisholm
Thursday, March 22, 2012

The festivities at Drakes Creek Park Monday night were the final realization for Andy Gilley that his shot in the dark actually came true.

The Hendersonville High School assistant baseball coach put in for a grant that would help fund the renovation of the school’s home field after the floods of 2010 damaged it. The $47,366 grant was awarded by the Baseball Tomorrow Fund, the renovations were made and the field officially had its grand re-opening Monday night.

With representatives of the Hendersonville Parks and Recreation Department, the Nashville Sounds, BTF Senior Grant Coordinator Meghan Chisholm, the school itself — both administration and baseball alumni — and Duane Allen of the Oak Ridge Boys there to sing the National Anthem, the field officially re-opened for the Commandos’ home opener against White House.

“It’s overwhelming and humbling really,” Gilley said. “Humbling in that all these people would want to come out here to see what’s going on, and just overwhelming that we have something this nice. We had a nice place to play before, but for a city park this is as good as anybody’s going to get.”

The grant provided funds for the restoration of the outfield, including the installation of an automatic irrigation system, warning track and outfield fence. The completion of the project will allow play on the newly restored field for 200 players from the high school varsity and junior varsity teams, as well as the Babe Ruth Recreational League, middle school spring league and various travel teams.

“I sit out here and look at what we’ve got … it’s come a long way,” said longtime Commandos coach Mike Hendrix, who leaned on the dugout fence gazing at the renovations prior to the ceremonies. “I sit here and look and think about how good these kids have it and I hope they appreciate what they’ve got.”

Gilley thinks they do.

“I think our kids have now learned to take pride in their place as well. They feel like this is home,” he said. “It’s good for them and all the guys in our baseball hall of fame that came back here tonight. “

Chihsolm was all smiles as she entered the field for the first time, seeing first hand what grants like these mean to a community.

“It’s always a delight and amazing experience to walk into a renovated baseball or softball facility that the Baseball Tomorrow Fund funded,” said Chihsolm, who came from the league offices in New York for the ceremony.

The Baseball Tomorrow Fund (BTF) is designed to promote the growth of youth baseball and softball throughout the world by awarding grants to support field renovation and construction projects, equipment and uniform purchases, coaches training material and other selected program expenses.

Since its formation by Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association in 1999, BTF has awarded approximately 600 grants totaling more than $21 million to non-profit and tax-exempt organizations in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.

“After the flood, our community was extremely concerned as to how we were to re-establish the facility,” Hendersonville Parks and Recreation Director Dave LeMarbre said in a release. “With the support of the Baseball Tomorrow Fund, we were able to exceed expectations and create a first-class facility. Our community is extremely grateful and we look forward to many players using our fields for years to come.”

Approximately 300,000 youth players have benefited from programs and facilities supported by the fund. BTF also facilitates league-wide initiatives including the collection and distribution of new and gently used equipment to organizations in need as well as field maintenance education clinics.

“The Baseball Tomorrow Fund is honored to assist in funding the renovation of a baseball field that is so integral to the Hendersonville baseball community,” Cathy Bradley, executive director of the Baseball Tomorrow Fund, said in a release. “We know the flooding devastated the lives of so many in this area, and we are happy to help with the restoration effort where we can.”

— Corby A. Yarbrough, Sports Editor
@Corby_Yarbrough on Twitter

Thursday, March 22

It was an exciting time at Drakes Creek Park as we welcomed back several members of our Baseball Hall of Fame to throw out the first pitch of the 2012 home opener on March 19.  Hall of Fame Members in attendence and pictured above are:  Tommy Stamps, Gary Williams, Jeff Parsons, Johnny Angell and Kent Snyder.  They threw out the first pitch to five of our current seniors in a fitting way to open a renovated field and a new baseball season!

Renovated Field 3
Thursday, March 22

Hendersonville High School will host a grand re-opening of its home baseball field at Drakes Creek Park on Monday evening to celebrate the completion of renovations made to the field after it was damaged by the flood in May 2010.

The renovations, which were completed with the help of a grant worth $47,366 from the Baseball Tomorrow Fund (BTF), a joint initiative between Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association established in 1999, designed to promote the growth of youth baseball and softball throughout the world.

“I know it means a whole to lot our baseball program,” Hendersonville baseball coach Mike Hendrix said. “I can’t really speak on behalf of the parks department, but I think it means a whole lot to them as well to be able to upgrade our facilities even more. It has been a joint effort by us, Major League Baseball and the Hendersonville Parks and Recreation Department.”

Mayor of Hendersonville Scott Foster; Nashville Sounds General Manager Brad Tammen; Nashville Sounds Assistant General Manager Doug Scopel; Hendersonville Parks and Recreation Director Dave LeMarbe and BTF Senior Grant Coordinator Meghan Chisholm will be in attendance at the ceremony along with representatives from Hendersonville High School.

Celebration time

The ceremony will begin at 5:45 p.m., and will precede the Commandos’ home-opener against White House High, which begins at 7.

“It’s been very important because of the flood damage that we had, and we didn’t have the funds to replace the damage, not only with the baseball program, but with some of the other sports as well,” Hendersonville Principal Joni Worsham said. “We had some insurance money that did come in, but it didn’t even come close to covering the things that we’ve been able to do with this grant.”

Hendersonville first learned that it had received the funding in the spring of 2011, after originally applying for the grant in December 2010.

“(Assistant) coach Andy Gilley first saw it on the internet, and he was the one that wrote them and applied for the grant,” Hendrix said. “The flood a couple years ago really helped us get it because it just tore up everything we had down there.”

The flood destroyed the field’s batting cages, pitching screens and caused flood damage to both dugouts, and countless batting practice baseballs were also amongst the long list of ruined equipment.

“To other people that might not mean a whole lot,” Hendrix added.

Renovations to the field include restoration of the outfield, installation of an automatic irrigation system, warning track and new outfield fence.

“The Baseball Tomorrow Fund is honored to assist in funding the renovation of a baseball field that is so integral to the Hendersonville baseball community,” Executive Director of the BTF said. “We know the flooding devastated the lives of so many in this area, and we are happy to help with the restoration effort where we can.”

Sports reporter Michael Murphy can be reached at 575-7118 or mmurphy@mtcngroup.com.

Thursday, March 22
Friday, June 17, 2011

By Chris Lynn
chris@hendersonvillestandard.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Last fall Hendersonville Assistant Baseball Coach Andy Gilley was combing the internet, looking at different sites when he happened upon the website of Liberty Tech High School in Jackson Tennessee.

Gilley wanted to check out the facilities of the new school, but instead of marveling at the new facilities he saw something that would impact the Commandos facility more than anything else had in over 10 years.

“I guess you could say that I stumbled on everything because I wasn’t looking for anything in particular when I found the information,” said Gilley. “I saw that Liberty Tech’s baseball team had gotten a grant for their lights, so from there I went to the website of the group that made the grant and I did a little investigating.”

The website Gilley ended up on was the Baseball Tomorrow Fund, a joint venture between Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association put in place to promote the growth of youth baseball and softball.

Gilley thought it was a long shot, but after careful investigation, he downloaded the 20 plus page application and began a process that would end up taking months to complete, but ended with a $47,366 check that will transform Hendersonville’s baseball facility forever.

“I’ll be honest, I didn’t think this was going to be something we were going to qualify for, but I thought we’d have no chance if we didn’t at least give it a shot,” said Gilley. “I knew there was going to be some work involved on our part, but all that work paid off in a big way for our kids and community after it was all over with.”

Gilley was right because there was a lot of work that had to be done before he could even send in the paperwork.

First, Gilley had to get a demographics report from not only Hendersonville, but also from the surrounding cities of Goodlettsville and Gallatin.

Then he had to show how the grant would promote the game of baseball in Hendersonville, and had to explain what the grant would be going to, and how those upgrades would help a field that is used by so many different teams.

“Hendersonville’s field is used by two other high schools (Merrol Hyde and Hendersonville Christian Academy), travel teams, 11 or 12 middle schools, and some recreation teams,” said Parks and Recreation Director Dave LeMarbre. “There are probably about 45-50 total teams that use that field along with any baseball tournaments that are held because that’s really our only true baseball field.

“I think the field is in good shape for a park field, but the upgrades are going to make this a field Hendersonville and the Hendersonville community can be proud of, and it will be a field that teams love to play on.”

Once Gilley presented the application, showed how many teams actually used the field on a regular basis, and presented the proposal in person to a representative from the Baseball Tomorrow Fund the grant was approved and the check was deposited just earlier this month.

“I’ve never been as nervous as I was the day I deposited that check because I’ve never held that much money in my hand at once,” said Gilley. “Once it was in though and I had time to think of everything that money was going to go for, and what the end result was going to look like I was really overcome.

“I remember what this field used to look like, and how far it’s already come, but what this field is about to look like is probably far beyond what anyone could anticipate. I think we’re going to have the best field in our district, and probably one of the nicest in the state when everything is done, and it’s definitely going to be something the community can be proud of.”

The upgrades, which are scheduled to begin just days after the Fourth of July Celebration at the park, will include installing a new metal wall from one dugout to the other, in-ground automated irrigation in the outfield, a warning track, and the entire outfield will be redone, and will include laser grading and new grass.

All these upgrades will take time and result in the field being closed until the Commandos start practice for the next preseason in early February.

“The fall league baseball will end up being played on field 13 or field 6 while the upgrades are made, but that’s going to be best for everyone involved because the last thing we want to do is let anyone on the field before everything is ready,” said LeMarbre. “Our department will be doing the labor as part of the match program, and will end up saving $8-10,000, but we felt like that was the least we could do after everything Coach Gilley has done. We really appreciate all his efforts because we know there was a lot of time and work that went into it on his end, but he wants what’s best for Hendersonville and the community because he grew up and played here too.”

Hendersonville Baseball Coach Mike Hendrix also said he appreciated all of Gilley’s efforts and is looking forward to the upgrades.

“This is going to be a great thing for Hendersonville Baseball, and the community as a whole,” said Hendrix. “This will benefit everyone because this field is used by so many in the community.

“If you’ve played baseball in a competitive setting chances are you’ve played on our field, or you will, and that’s why this project is so important. This is going to be the biggest undertaking since we turned this from a softball field into a baseball field, but I think the changes will be just as dramatic.”

Monday, November 14


Congratulations to Junior Jordan Holland who was named by the Gallatin News Examiner and the Hendersonville Star News as the 2011 Co-Player of the Year. Holland joins a long list of Commandos who acheived this honor but becomes the first since 2005 when Brandon McClurg was named player of the year. Click under "News and Standings" to see the full article from the Hendersonville Star News. Congratulations to Jordan.



Congratulations to Ryan Brown and Jordan Holland who were named to the Tennessee Baseball Coaches Association All-Two-Way Team for players who play a position and pitch. Go to www.tbca.org to view the whole team.



The 2011 Commando Baseball Squad led Sumner County with 8 players named to the All-County Team by the Gallatin News Examiner/Hendersonville Star News. Joining County Player of the Year Jordan Holland on the First Team were JR Catcher Alex Aubrey, JR P/INF Ryan Brown, SR P Logan Nash. Named to the Second Team was JR INF Seth Nolan and JR INF Jason Hasty as well as SR P Adam Dorris. SO OF Kevin Key was named Honorable Mention. Congratulations to all these young men for an outstanding season and representing our baseball program so well.



Congratulations to Junior Ryan Brown who was named to the 2011 Region 5 TBCA All-Region Team. The All-Region team is voted on by the coaches of each Region for teams in that region regardless of classification. Visit www.tbca.org to see a list of the full All-Region team.



Congratulations to Junior Ryan Brown who was named to the Tennessean's All-MidState Baseball team on Wednesday. He was the only player from Sumner County on the list for 2011.

Thu Jun 16, 2011 1:56 AM


The Tennessean


BRIAN MILLER Pitcher Independence, Sr. FIRST TEAM

WILL HAYNIE Catcher Brentwood Academy, So.

MOOKIE BETTS Infielder Overton, Sr.

TYLER FULLERTON Infielder Siegel, Sr.

DAVID HORNE Infielder Columbia, Sr.

ZANDER WIEL Infielder Blackman, Sr.

AUSTIN ATWELL Outfielder Rossview, Sr.

DEVIN FISH Outfielder Wilson Central, Sr.

KEITH SMITH Outfielder David Lipscomb, Sr.

DYLAN BOSHEERS Utility Lawrence Co., Sr.

C Alex Hunt Sr. MBA
P Kyle Smith Jr. Mt. Juliet
IF Ryan Brown Jr. Hendersonville
IF Clayton Nichols Sr. CPA
IF Austin Schubert Sr. Spring Hill
IF Kyle Wood Jr. Friendship
OF Colton Simbeck Sr. Loretto
OF Heath Slatton Jr. Columbia
OF Pete Trollinger Sr. David Lipscomb
UT Shane Salley Sr. DeKalb Co.



Several Commandos received post-season honors at the 2011 Year-End Banquet on Wednesday night.

Ryan Brown was named to the 2011 USA Classic All-Tournament Team

Kevin Key, Ryan Brown, Jordan Holland and Alex Aubrey were named All-District 9AAA

Logan Nash was named LHP of the Year for District 9AAA

Jordan Holland was named to the District 9AAA All-Tournament team

Also, Mrs Shellie Tucker, our Dugout Club President was awarded the W.orth Scott Award for her long-term dedication to our baseball program

Friday, July 8

Hendersonville High’s Jordan Holland had an impressive junior season. It came as a surprise to many, including himself. The junior struggled with a knee injury before the season, but that didn’t stop Holland from being named the 2011 Gallatin News Examiner Sumner County Baseball Co-Player of the Year. “Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it,” Holland said. “I missed the whole preseason with a knee injury. I played in one scrimmage game and didn’t practice at all, so it was kind of rough. But I guess it just came from working hard.”

Holland, who hit .370 with five home runs and 21 runs batted in for Hendersonville, said that the injury nagged him for much of the early season, but he did not allow it to effect his play. “It kind of lingered a little bit, but I played through it,” he said. “You just play each day without worrying about it.” Holland’s resiliency proved imperative. “I thought Jordan helped carry us this year,” Hendersonville coach Mike Hendrix said. “He had a lot of good at-bats and a lot of big hits. He was like the catalyst of our team. We kind of went as Jordan went.” Hendersonville had just three seniors in 2011, and one of them - pitcher Adam Dorris - missed time early in the season due to an injury.

Holland filled in for the injured Dorris on the hill, and the Commandos barely missed a beat. “When Adam got hurt at the beginning of the year, we used Jordan a lot on the mound,” Hendrix said. “He was a great asset to our pitching staff.” Holland finished the season with a 4-3 record and 34 strikeouts, posting a 3.72 earned-run average. “He meant a lot to our baseball team,” Hendrix said. “Whether it’s a junior, a sophomore or a freshman who comes in and picks us up, it really doesn’t make a difference. When you don’t have a lot of seniors, somebody has got to come in and pick up the slack, and that’s what Jordan did.”

With his junior season behind him, Holland said that he is using this summer to improve his game and his leadership role for the Commandos in 2012. “I’ve just been trying to get in better shape and add some more muscle,” Holland said. “It was kind of weird this year because we only had three seniors, so I kind of grew into (a leadership role). I’m looking forward to being a leader, and I’m going to work as hard as I can to get better.”

To Hendrix, however, Holland is already there. “He’s a leader on our team, and the kids look up to him,” Hendrix said. “It puts a lot of pressure on you, but he was able to handle a lot of it this year. We’ll see what happens. “We’re going to be expecting big things out of him next year.” Hendrix said that Holland’s role on the mound would likely increase as well . “I think looking at us right now, we’re going to have to find some guys that can go out there and give us some innings,” he said. “I think Jordan will go into next spring as our No. 1. If I had the pencil right now, he’d be the No. 1 going into next year. “But you never know what young kids will do, or what some of the older kids coming back can do.”

Tuesday, November 30



Congratulations to 2010 Graduate Matt Griggs who will become a member of the Lambuth Eagles baseball team this fall.  Griggs becomes the 7th Commando from the class of 2010 to be playing college baseball this fall.  Congratulations to Matt and his family! 



Congratulations to 2010 Grad Britte Underwood who will be playing this fall for Austin Peay State University! Britte becomes the 6th Commando from the graduating class of 2010 to be headed to college to play this fall.  Congratulations to Britte and his family.



Congratulations to 2010 Grad Seth Owens who signed Monday to continue his career at Volunteer State Community College.  He will join fellow classmates Dennis Jones and Zac Curtis on coach Mike Crossland's team this fall.  Congratulations to Seth and his family! 



2006 Grad Brent Ebinger was promoted Thursday from Rookie League Arizona Cubs to Single-A Boise, the short season A affiliate in the Cubs organization.  Congratulations to Brent and you can follow him by going to www.boisehawks.com! 



HHS leads all schools in Sumner County with 13 Commandos named to the 2010 All-Sumner County Baseball Team.  Congratulations to these young men...

 First Team:

Zac Curtis (Sr. LHP), Dennis Jones (Sr. LHP), Austin Harris (Sr. 2B), Daniel Tucker (Sr. SS), Britte Underwood (Sr. C), Wes Warren (Sr. OF)

Second Team:

Ryan Brown (Soph 1B)

Honorable Mention:

Matt Griggs (Sr. RHP), Jordan Holland (Soph. DH), Colton Mansfield (Sr. OF), Seth Nolan (Soph 3B), Adam Dorris (Jr. RHP), Seth Owens (Sr. OF) 



Congratulations to Sophomore Ryan Brown who was named to the Tennessee Baseball Coaches Association Super Sophomore team.  



Congratulations to 2010 Seniors Zac Curtis and Austin Harris who were named Tuesday to the Tennessee Baseball Coaches Association Region 5AAA All-Region Team.  To view the complete All-Region team go to www.tbca.org 



Congratulations to 2010 Senior Britte Underwood who was named to The Tennessean's All-Midstate Baseball Team for the spring of 2010! 



Congratulations to 2006 HHS Graduate Brent Ebinger who was drafted today in the 32nd round of the MLB draft by the Chicago Cubs.  We will update Brent's progress throughout the summer here on our website.  Brent becomes the fourth Commando since 2000 to be drafted joining Worth Scott, B.J. Jenkins 2004 and Wilson Tucker 2007.  Congratulations to Brent and his family on reaching this incredible goal!!! 



Congratulations to the following Commandos who were selected to the District 9AAA All-Tournament team:

Zac Curtis

Adam Dorris

Britte Underwood

Wes Warren

Austin Harris 



Congratulations to the following Commandos who were chosen by the coaches of District 9AAA to the Regular Season All-District Team:

Zac Curtis -- Left Handed Pitcher of the Year

Dennis Jones

Daniel Tucker

Austin Harris

Britte Underwood

Wes Warren 



 Dennis Jones became the fourth Commando Senior to make his college decision this year by signing with Volunteer State Community College.  Congratulations to Dennis and his family!!!



Zac Curtis became the third Commando Senior to make his college decision this year by signing with Volunteer State Community College.  Congratulations to Zac and his family!!! 



Congratulations to seniors Daniel Tucker and Wes Warren who recently made their college decisions.  Tucker will join the Walters State Senators next fall and Warren will play for the Murray State Racers.  Congratulations to both these young men and thier families!

2009 Commandos
view full size
Monday, April 20
Thanks to many donations from our parents, players, family members and the Hendersonville Community we were able to present Smyrna Coach Shawn Middleton a check for over $2000 following the destruction of his house in the recent Rutherford County Tornados.  Click here for the article written by Chris Lynn of the Hendersonville Star News.

Thursday, November 13
Brandon Hall signs with MTSU

Senior Brandon Hall signed on 11/12/08 to continue his baseball career with MTSU in the fall of 2009.  Click here to read the press release from the MTSU Blue Raiders website!

Drew Denton Player of the Week
Tuesday, April 22
2005 Grad Drew Denton Earns Player of the Week Honors
Andrew Denton (Hendersonville, TN) earned his first Mid-South Conference Player of the Week honor of the season for the week of April 21st. Denton played in all three of the Patriots’ games this past week, going 7-13 at the plate for a batting average of .538. Denton collected 2 runs scored, 2 doubles, 2 runs batted in, and a stolen base while the team went 2-1 on the week.  Click here to read the full story from the University website!

Sunday, April 6
2005 Graduate Brent Ebinger no-hit Mid-Continent University on Saturday April 6, 2008 to improve to 8-1 on the year for Lambuth University.  Click here to read the full press release from Lambuth University.

Saturday, March 29
McClurg Throws no-hitter in Lipscomb win
2005 Graduate Brandon McClurg threw a no-hitter against Kennesaw Sate on Saturday March 29.  Click here to read the full news story from David Lipscomb's website.

Tuesday, March 18
2005 Graduate Brandon McClurg Named Atlantic Sun Pitcher of the Week
Brandon McClurg, a 2005 HHS graduate was named the Atlantic Sun Pitcher of the week for his work against Jacksonville for Lipscomb University.  The Junior tossed seven shutout innings against the #1 ranked offense in the conference, striking out 9 and giving up only three hits.  Click here to read the full press release from Lipscomb University.

Sunday, March 9
2008 Season Preview
Click here to read the 2008 Preview from Star News Reporter Chris Lynn!

Dugout at USA 1
view full size

Wilson Tucker
Saturday, September 1
Tucker named Burlington Royals Player of the Year
Click here to read the full press release from the Kansas City Royals announcing Wilson Tucker as the 2007 Player of the Year for single-A Burlington Royals

Wednesday, April 25
HHS Defeats Gallatin 6-5 in 8 Innings
The Commandos defeated Gallatin 6-5 in 8 innings on Monday April 23. Click here to read the full article from the Gallatin News Examiner.

Thursday, April 12
2003 Grad Tucker Rewriting the Record Books at Belmont
2003 Graduate Wilson Tucker is on pace to set several career records at Belmont this year. Click hear to read the full article from the Nashville City Paper detailing Tucker's and and the Bruins 2007 season.

Friday, March 23
HHS Defeats Staion Camp 13-9
HHS won the first ever meeting with Station Camp High School 13-9 on Tuesday March 20. Click here to read the full story from the Hendersonville Star News.

Tuesday, May 9
Commandos end season with 2-1 Loss to Gallatin in District Tournament
The Commandos saw their 2006 season come to an end with a loss to Gallatin in the District Tournament. Click here to read the full article from the Gallatin News Examiner detailing the game.

Monday, May 1
HHS rallies for 5-4 win over Gallatin on Senior Night
The Commandos defeated Gallatin in come from behind fashion 5-4 on a night when eight seniors were honored for their services. Click here to read the article from the Gallatin News Examiner.

Friday, April 28
Five run first inning propels Commandos to win over Beech 5-2
HHS used a five run first inning and the arm of Sophomore Joey Walker to defeat Beech 5-2 on April 26th. Click here to read the full article from the Hendersonville Star News.

Wednesday, April 26
HHS Defeats Smyrna 3-2
HHS defeated Smyrna behind a complete game from Chad Blanton and two runs scored from Stick Sinyrard including a straight steal of home in a 3-2 win for the Commandos. Click here to read the full story from the Gallatin News Examiner.

Sunday, April 9
HHS defeats Mt. Juliet 1-0 behind shut-out from Ebinger
HHS defeated Mt. Juliet 1-0 on April 4th at Drakes Creek Park. Click here to read the full story from the Hendersonville Star News.

HHS falls in district tourney finals to Wilson Central 2-1
The Commandos were defeated in the finals of the district 9AAA tournament by Wilson Central 2-1...click here to read the full article from the Gallatin News Examiner.

HHS advances to region tournament with 2-1 win over Beech
The Commandos defeated Beech 2-1 on May 9 to advance to the District 9AAA championship game and the Region 5AAA tournament...click here to read the article from the Gallatin News Examiner.

Brandon McClurg windup
Brandon McClurg tosses a complete game shut-out to defeat White House 5-0
HHS defeats White House 5-0 to advance in district tourney
The Commandos defeated White House 5-0 in the first round of the district tournament on May 6...click here to read the article.

HHS advances in district tournament with win over Smyrna 3-2
The Commandos defeated Smyrna in the district tournament 3-2 on May 7...click here to read the full article from the Gallatin News Examiner.

7-run Seventh Inning propels HHS to 9-2 win over White House
Click here to read the article from the Gallatin News Examiner detailing the Commandos' 9-2 win over White House.

Extra Inning Commandos win in 9 over Gallatin 8-5
HHS defeated Gallatin 8-5 in nine innings on May 4...click here to read the article from the Gallatin News Examiner.

Landon Hollins takes a cut
Landon Hollins takes a cut against Mt. Juilet. Hollins drove in the the GW RBI!
Ebinger 10 K's, leads HHS past Mt. Juliet 1-0
Click here to read the article from the Gallatin News Examiner detailing the Commandos' 1-0 win over Mt. Juilet on April 27.

Brandon McClurg Homers Against Beech
Brandon McClurg Homers Twice Against Beech
McClurg complete game and 2 Homers help defeat Beech 8-2
Click here to read the article from the Gallatin News Examiner detailing the Commandos' 8-2 win over Beech on April 20.

HHS Defeats Gallatin 7-4 behind 5 first inning runs
Click here to read the article from the Gallatin News Examiner detailing the Commmandos' 7-4 win over Gallatin on 4/18/05.

Down 8-0 in the 7th, HHS rallies to beat WH 10-9 in 12!
Click here to read the article from the Gallatin News Examiner detailing the Commandos' 12-inning come-from behind win over White House.

HHS Finishes 2nd in USA Classic
Click here to read the article from the Gallatin News Examiner about The Commandos run to 2nd place in the 2005 USA Classic.

McClurg complete game shutout defeats Beech 2-0
Click here to read the article from the Gallatin News Examiner of the Commandos win against Beech on April 4.

Friday, March 18
HHS Defeats Brentwood 5-3
Click here to read the article from The Gallatin News Examiner about HHS' 5-3 win over Brentwood on March 15, 2005.

B. J. Jenkins climbs Padres ladder
Click here to read an article from Ethan Greer and the Gallatin News Examiner highlighting 2001 graduate B.J. Jenkins and his climb through the San Diego Padres Spring Training Camp.

B.J. Jenkins drafted by Padres
Congratulations to B.J. Jenkins who was drafted by the San Diego Padres in the 28th round of the 2004 MLB Draft. Click here to read the full article from the Gallatin News Examiner.

Wilson Tucker named Sumner County Co-Player of the Year
Wilson Tucker was named Co-Player of the Year for Sumner County, sharing the honor with teammate Matt Reynolds. Click here to read the article from the Gallatin News Examiner.

Matt Reynolds named Sumner County Co-Player of the Year
Matt Reynolds was named Sumner County Co-Player of the Year sharing the honor with teammate Wilson Tucker. Click here to read the article from the Gallatin News Examiner.

Thirteen Commandos make All-county Baseball
All nine position players and four pitchers from the 2003 Hendersonville Baseball team made the All-Sumner County baseball team. Click here to see the list in the Gallatin News Examiner.

Bostic running bases
HHS bows out of State with loss to Farragut
HHS gave the 4th ranked team in the nation all it wanted but eventually fell to Farragut 10-9 to end the 2003 season for the Commandos. Click here to read the Gallatin News Examiner article.

HHS defeats Houston to stay alive in State Touranment
HHS defeated Germantown Houston in a wild game to stay alive and set up a rematch with Nationally Ranked Farragut in the 2003 State Tournament. Click here to read the article from the Gallatin News Examiner.

"SC" kept Commandos Motivated
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2003 Seniors

HHS falls to Farragut in winner's bracket final
HHS scored two runs early, but Farragut rallied and held on for a 8-2 win in the winner's bracket finals of the state tournament. Click here to read the article from the News Examiner.

Steen in Riverdale game
HHS defeats Riverdale 4-0
HHS opened play in the 2003 TSSAA State Touranment by defeating Riverdale 4-0. Click here to read the article from the Tennessean.

Worth Scott
Former Commando Worth Scott sends Vandy to SEC Tournament
Worth Scott hit a walk-off homerun on Sunday afternoon in Vanderbilt's last regular season game to send the Commodores to the SEC Touranment for the first time since 1996. Click here to read all about the game. That's Worth diving into home plate at the bottom of the picture.

2003 Substate
Saturday, May 17
HHS State bound after defeating Brentwood
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2003 AAA State Touranment Bracket
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HHS defeats Rossview to advance to Region 5AAA Finals
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HHS defeats Mt. Juliet to claim District 9AAA Title
HHS defeated Mt. Juliet 8-1 on Friday May 9th to win the District 9AAA Tournament. Click here to read the article from the Gallatin News Examiner.

HHS advances to Region Tournament with win over LaVergne
HHS beat defending State Champion LaVergne for the fourth time this year on Thursday May 8 at White House High School. The win sends HHS to the championship game of the district 9AAA tournament and to the region tournament. Click here to read the Gallatin News Examiner Article.

HHS advances in District 9AAA tournament
HHS defeated LaVergne and White House in the first two rounds of the District 9AAA Tournament. Click here to read the article from the Gallatin News Examiner.

HHS claims share of Title with win over Mt. Juliet
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9AAA District Tournament Bracket
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Steen dominant as HHS beats White House 5-1
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Meador No-Hitter leads HHS past Smyrna
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HHS defeats LaVergne 9-3
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HHS Avenges Loss to Wilson Central
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HHS defeats White House 5-1
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Wednesday, April 9
Cizmarik 1-Hitter, HHS 3 Homers downs Gallatin
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Wednesday, April 9
Whitaker/Meador lead HHS over Buccaneers
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Tuesday, March 29



Four pitchers held LaVergne hitless through five innings of play and gave up only one hit for the game as HHS defeated LaVergne 3-1.  LaVergne threw number one starter Logna Dietz at the Commandos hoping to avenge an earlier 11-1 loss to HHS.  The Commandos had a staff day on the mound with Logan Nash picking up his first career win.  Ryan Brown closed the door on LaVergne in the 7th striking out two and picking up his first career save.  Jason Hasty tossed a scoreless 4th and 5th inning for HHS well.

All the Commando offense came in the bottom of the fifth with the game tied 0-0.  Christian Harris led off with a single to center and moved to third on a one out single from Kevin Key.  Ryan Brown reached on a fielders choice on a grounder to first as the Wolverine first baseman tried to get Harris coming home, but the throw was not in time putting runners at first and second with one out and HHS leading 1-0.  Back to back wild pitches allowed Key to score to make it 2-0 and Brown came in on a pass ball to make the score 3-0.

That's all the support the Commando pitching staff would need.  LaVergne got a one out single to follow a leadoff walk followed by a sac fly from the pitcher Dietz to break up the no-hit bid of the Commandos and make the score 3-1 in the top of the sixth.  Brown came on to get two strikeouts and a weak pop up in the top of the 7th to give the Commandos their second win of the year over the Wolverines.  



The Commandos rallied from a 2-1 deficit with two runs in the top of the 7th to come away with a 3-2 win in the opening game of the Wilson County Invitational on a cold night at Friendship Christian.   

HHS struck first in the top of the first inning as Seth Nolan walked to lead off the game then stole second and moved to third on a sac bunt from Kevin Key.  Nolan scored on an infield single from Ryan Brown to give the Commandos a 1-0 lead. 

 Friendship tied the game in the bottom of the third as Dylan Boyd homered off of HHS Senior Adam Dorris to make the score 1-1. 

The score would stay 1-1 until the bottom of the 6th with two outs when Friendship's Connor Gaines hit the second solo homer of the game for Friendship to give them a 2-1 lead going into the 7th. 

Alex Aubrey walked to lead off the 7th and was forced out at second on a grounder from Nick Aubrey which left Nick at first with one out.  Jordan Holland singled to left to put runners at first and second with one out.  Chauncey Thomas singled to right center to score Aubrey and move Holland to third.  Holland scored on a wild pitch to make it 3-2.  

Adam Dorris made sure that the lead was safe this time, striking out the side in the bottom of the 7th, recording his 13th, 14th and 15th strikeouts in the complete game effort.  Dorris was outstanding.  The senior struck out the side in the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 7th innings en route to his second win of the year.


3/21/11  HHS SWEEPS WHITE HOUSE 14-1 AND 9-5

The Commandos swept a double header at White House on Monday evening hitting five homeruns in the two games to improve to 4-2 on the year.  Highlighting the night were back to back homeruns from twin brothers Alex and Nick Aubrey in game one.  Tyler Ebright, Jason Hasty and Jordan Holland all collected their first career homeruns on the night as well.  

 Jordan Holland was the winning pitcher in game one, picking up his second win of the year, while Andrew Bennett got the win in game two with Logan Nash getting the save.  



After being rained out for the first two days of the 2011 season, the Commandos finally got to being play in the Smyrna Grand Slam Challenge and opened up with wins over Coffee County and LaVergne.

 In game one against Coffee County, HHS got a solid pitching performance from Juniors Jordan Holland and Andrew Bennett to hold Coffee County to no earned runs and only four hits.  Holland pitched the first 4 and 1/3 innings to get his first career win and Bennett came in with the tying run on second in the fifth to get out of a jam and pitch a perfect sixth and seventh innings to pick up his first career save.  Logan Nash scored a run on a wild pitch in the third inning to give HHS a 1-0 lead and Seth Nolan had a two-out single to drive in a run in the bottom of the 4th to give the Commandos a 2-1 lead which would stand.

In game two against LaVergne, the Commando bats woke up and tallied 15 hits and Senior Adam Dorris picked up his first win of 2011 with a complete game six-inning performance allowing only four hits and striking out 9 Wolverine batters..  Multiple Commandos had multiple hits in the second game to give HHS the 10-run win.


Wednesday, April 20

The Commandos got a win over one of the Top 10 teams in the State on Wednesday, defeating Overton 5-1.  The Bobcats entered Wednesday's game with a 15-1 record.  Senior Logan Nash and Juniors Tommy Hertz and Jason Hasty combined to limit Overton to just 4 hits and one run.  Hertz picked up his first career victory going 4 and 2/3 innings while Hasty came on to strike out the only hitter he faced to end the game in the 7th.  HHS scored in the top  of the  as Tyler Ebright was hit by a pitch with one out.  Christian Harris singled to put runners at first and third and Ebright scored on a squeeze bunt from Kevin Key to make the score 1-0.  The score would remain 1-0 until the 5th when Jason Hasty led off with a double and Nick Aubrey walked to put runners at first and second with no outs.  Ebright laid down a perfect bunt down the first baseline to load the bases.  Christian Harris squeezed in Hasty to make the score 2-0 and Key laid down his second squeeze of the game to score Ebright and make the score 3-0.  In the top of the 6th HHS added more insurance as Ryan Brown singled to lead off the inning followed by a two-run homer to right by Jordan Holland, his third of the year, to make the score 5-0.  Overton would threaten in the bottom of the 7th.  A leadoff double from Cody Crawford was followed by back to back flyouts.  Quinn Anderson singled to drive in Crawford and make the score 5-1.  Jordan Humphreys singled to put runners at first and third with two outs but Hasty got Will Long looking to end the threat and the game and give HHS the win.  With the win the Commandos improve to 8-9 on the year and will be in action at Portland in a district double-header Thursday with the first game starting at 4:30.

Wednesday, April 20

PORTLAND – There may be no “i” in team, but two words that start with that letter – injuries and inexperience – have plagued the Hendersonville High School baseball team so far this season. However, the Commandos are gaining experience daily and are getting healthy as well. Their progress resulted in a win on Thursday afternoon as they opened a doubleheader at Portland with a 6-3 victory.

After dropping its first two league contests, it was Hendersonville’s first win in District 9-AAA this season. “Every district game is a must-win for us,” Commando junior Ryan Brown said. “You have to win district games to be good and competitive.” Brown (2-0) started on the mound for just the second time this season and pitched five scoreless innings, limiting the Panthers to two hits while striking out six hitters. “I worked my way into the rotation,” Brown said. “It’s a little different approach (than relief pitching). I tell myself, ‘make sure you are ready to be in that role.’ “I didn’t have very good control, but I’ll take a win any time.”

It appeared as if a two-run first inning might be enough offense.  Seth Nolan singled with one out and scored on Alex Aubrey’s double. Jordan Holland followed with a double to drive in courtesy runner Chauncey Thomas.  Nolan reached on a bunt single in the third, stole second base and scored thanks to one of five Portland errors. "Since the beginning of the season, we’ve known we’re going to have to manufacture runs,” Brown said. “You bunt and get them over.  “The coaches tell us that if we take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves.”

Three more Panther errors allowed Holland and Tyler Ebright to score in the sixth, creating a 5-0 margin. Hendersonville senior right-hander Adam Dorris – who was expected to be the team’s ace this season – came on in relief of Brown to begin the bottom of the sixth. Dorris was making his first appearance since March 24 (when he struck out 15 hitters in a 3-2 victory over Friendship Christian.  “It’s good to see him back out there,” Brown said. “It’s very encouraging.  “We had guys step up, but it is encouraging to see him back out here. We hope he can get back to his full potential as soon as possible.”

Dorris struck out three of the first four hitters he faced, but the inning continued as Trent Blackburn reached on an error and when Caleb Wilson reached when the third strike in the dirt bounced to the backstop.  Cody Rettich followed with a single to left-centerfield, driving in Blackburn, and Wilson crossed the plate on Zac Watson’s bloop single down the leftfield line. A mishandled relay throw – the fourth Commando error – allowed Rettich to score as well, pulling the Panthers back to within two runs (5-3).  However, Dorris retired the side in order in the seventh inning, striking out two more hitters.  “If we hit at all, it’s a different game,” Portland head coach Jimmy Parker said. “We just didn’t hit until the last couple of innings. We can’t expect our pitching and defense to make every single play. Our losses lately have been like that. “This was a winnable game. We didn’t have a lot of fire in us. We waited until the last second to do anything. It’s too little, too late.”

Portland senior right-hander Shawn Wheeley went the distance on the mound, scattering nine hits. Wheeley (2-2) allowed three earned runs, struck out five and didn’t issue a base on balls.  “He’s kept us in every ballgame we’ve been in, even games like today when we’ve gotten behind,” Parker said. “He’s a workhorse. He doesn’t want to come out. He’s going to stay out there.”  Hendersonville added a run in the seventh thanks to three consecutive singles off of the bats of Kevin Key, Nolan and Brown.  Nolan finished with three of his squad’s nine hits, and Brown had two hits as well.

Hendersonville 201 002 1 – 6 9 4

Portland 000 003 0 – 3 4 5

Ryan Brown, Adam Dorris (6) and Alex Aubrey; Shawn Wheeley and Shawn Callis. WP – Brown (2-0). LP – Wheeley (2-2).

GAME 2 – The Portland High School baseball squad was within two feet of an extra-inning victory over visiting Hendersonville during the nightcap of Thursday’s doubleheader. However, the fence in left-centerfield was favorable for the Commandos, who went on to capture a 13-11 victory in 10 innings. With the Panthers trailing by a run, Portland senior Shawn Wheeley doubled with one out in bottom of the ninth, and one out later, Trent Blackburn’s blast hit off of the upper portion of the fence. It was good enough for a double to drive in pinch runner Seth Minnis with the tying run, but Hendersonville relief pitcher Logan Nash induced the next hitter to fly out to end the inning.

In the top of the 10th, Kevin Key led off with a single to rightfield, and Seth Nolan reached on a bunt single. Key was forced out at third base when Ryan Brown reached base, and following a wild pitch, Alex Aubrey’s infield ground ball allowed Nolan to score from third base. Jordan Holland’s two-out single drove in courtesy runner Ryan Dillehay with an insurance run. Commando third baseman Nick Aubrey made a pair of diving stabs in the bottom of the 10th – resulting in a lineout and a groundout – to help his squad hold on.

Zac Watson drew a walk in the bottom of the 10th, and Tanner Tucker’s fourth hit was a two-out single.  However, the game ended with a flyout to rightfielder Tyler Ebright.

After starting Wednesday’s game against Overton (a 5-1 victory) and pitching the first two innings, Nash came on in relief of starting pitcher Jordan Holland and lasted the final eight innings. Nash (2-1) allowed one earned run on seven hits, issued one base on balls and struck out eight hitters.  Holland was victimized for seven runs (three earned) on five hits in his two-plus innings of work, hitting one batter and walking two.

Andrew Hammonds drew a leadoff walk in the bottom of the first and scored when Tucker’s single to rightfield was mishandled.  Alex Aubrey, Holland, Nick Aubrey and Ebright produced four consecutive singles to begin the four-run second inning. Nick Aubrey’s single drove in two runs, and Key and Christian Harris drove in runs with infield ground balls. The Panthers retook the lead by responding with four runs in the bottom of the frame. Rettich ignited the rally with a one-out single, and he scored when Hammonds reached on an error. Tucker followed with a bases-clearing double to give Portland a 5-4 advantage. The first four hitters reached in the bottom of the third, bringing Nash on in relief of Holland. The fourth hitter – Rettich – was hit by a pitch with the bases loaded to force in Wheeley. Watson singled in Blackburn, and Hammonds’ sacrifice fly allowed Rettich to race home. Tucker increased his RBI total to five with a two-out single that drove in Watson and Taylor Toney. That gave Portland (8-10 overall, 1-3 in District 9-AAA) a 10-4 lead.

However, Hendersonville (10-9, 2-2) erupted for six runs in the fifth inning to tie the contest at 10. Nolan singled in Harris with the first run of the outburst, and Alex Aubrey drew a bases-loaded walk to force in Key. Holland singled in Brown and Nolan, and Nick Aubrey’s bunt single allowed Dillehay to cross the plate. Ebright’s sacrifice fly scored Holland with the tying run.

The Commandos retook the lead in the top of the ninth. Alex Aubrey led off with a single, and Dillehay – the courtesy runner – moved to third base when Holland doubled and scored thanks to Nick Aubrey’s sacrifice fly. Hammonds – who pitched the final seven innings in relief of Rettich – was able to end the inning by inducing the next two hitters to pop up and ground out. Hammonds limited Hendersonville to five hits and allowed just one earned run, while striking out two hitters.  Holland had four of the Commandos’ 14 hits, and he also scored two runs and drove in three. Nolan, Alex Aubrey and Nick Aubrey all finished with two hits, and Nick Aubrey drove in four runs.

Wednesday, April 20

GALLATIN – Station Camp’s Dallas Abel has been playing more at designated hitter this season than his customary first base position. That suits him just fine. Abel came through in the clutch twice Tuesday evening as his Bison improved to 2-0 in District 9-AAA with an 8-5 victory over visiting rival Hendersonville. “Tyler (Vaughn) has stepped up his game at first,” said Abel, who plays the position when Vaughn pitches. “It doesn’t really affect me when I’m hitting. I may have a few more things on my mind when I’m in the field, but when I’m at the plate, all I’m thinking about his getting a hit.” Abel did just that Tuesday. In the bottom of the fifth, with the two teams tied at 2, Abel ripped an RBI single that broke the tie and helped spark a four-run inning. He added a two-out, two-run double in the bottom of the sixth. “Dallas had some big two-out hits for us,” said Station Camp coach Jerry Ballard, whose squad improved to 8-3 overall. “Most of our offense came late. We left a lot of runners in scoring position in the first few innings.”


With one out in the fifth, Station Camp’s Adam Foutch was hit by a pitch. He stole second before shortstop Matt Gray was intentionally walked. Foutch and Gray then executed a double-steal to put two runners in scoring position and Abel’s RBI-single broke a 2-2 tie. Vaughn followed with a bloop single to right to score another run and Chase Howell completed the four-run rally with a two-run double to put the hosts ahead 6-2. Tyler Ebright’s RBI double in the top of the sixth cut the lead to 6-3 but Station Camp collected some insurance in the bottom of the frame when Mikey Steels and Foutch had back-to-back singles and Abel later came through with the two-run double to make it 8-3.


“We’ve got guys that haven’t done this before,” said Hendersonville coach Mike Hendrix, of his young squad. “They still have to learn how to play in these big district games. I think they were a little tight before the game.” Hendersonville (0-1 in 9-AAA) got the first four runners aboard in the top of the seventh (including a bases-loaded walk to Alex Aubrey) to bring the tying run to the plate. However, Bison starter Lee Haeberle induced a 4-6-3 double play and then recorded a strikeout to get out of the jam and earn the complete-game win. “(Haeberle) had a gutsy performance today,” Ballard said. “He would admit he wasn’t at his best, but that makes more proud of him. He gutted out a big district win when he wasn’t at his best.” Trailing 1-0, Station Camp scored two in the bottom of the fourth to take a brief lead. Vaughn singled to lead off the inning. Howell then laid down a sacrifice bunt, which was thrown into centerfield in attempts to get Vaughn at second. That put runners to second and third. Haeberle was then hit by a pitch to load the bases. Drew Looper grounded into a double play, allowing a run to score, then a wild pitch brought home courtesy runner Brandon Carner for a 2-1 Bison lead. Hendersonville tied things in the top of the fifth. Ebright led off by being hit by a pitch. Two outs later the Bison committed back-to-back errors, allowing a Commando runner to score, tying the game at 2. Jordan Holland started for Hendersonville and had a shutout going into the fourth. He was eventually knocked out during the two-run sixth. “He had a hard time hitting some of his spots,” Hendrix said. “Right now we’re kind of handicapped, with some pitchers on the (disabled list).”


One of those pitchers is potential ace Adam Dorris (arm), who will be out for a while longer, Hendrix said. “(Dorris) has a chance to play (at the next level), so we’re not going to risk putting him out there right now,” he said.

Wednesday, April 20

Game One - Hendersonville 14, White House 1

(White House) - Four straight hits in the third inning broke open the floodgates for Hendersonville, as the Commandos scored eight runs en route to a 14-1 victory at White House in the first game of a doubleheader sweep.

After Nick Aubrey and Chauncey Thomas drove in the first two runs with singles off starter Steven Newton of White House, an infield error kept the inning alive with one out. In total, there were seven hits in the inning with four producing runs, and two errors and a passed ball led to the remaining runs. Newton (0-1) exited the game after the third, having given up eight runs on nine hits with four walks and a pair of strikeouts in 24 batters faced. Only three runs were earned.  Harley Duncan threw the final four innings and allowed six earned runs on nine hits, with two walks and three Ks. In the final two innings, Hendersonville put the game away with four home runs by Alex and Nick Aubrey, Clay Ignani in the seventh, and pitcher Jordan Holland back in the sixth.

Holland shut down the Blue Devils to the tune of one run on six hits, with Alex Lyon singling to start the fifth and scoring on a two-out double by Jeffrey Bennett. The Blue Devils struck out 10 times including the side in the bottom of the seventh to end the game.

Bennett was 2-for-3 with a single and a double with the only RBI, while Newton doubled in the second followed by a John Hoesli hit by pitch, but both were stranded with two outs. Hoesli was 1-for-2 with a single, and Lyon and Chris Mullins were both 1-for-3.

Game Two - Hendersonville 9, White House 5
Alex Aubrey broke open a close game in the top of the fourth Monday night as Hendersonville scored four runs in the inning to top White House, 9-5.
After Alex Lyon and Chris Mullins singled with one out in the bottom of the third and later scored on a sacrifice fly by Connor Belvin and single by Derek Conquest to cut the lead to 3-2, the Commandos wasted no time in breaking it back open. Kevin Key walked to open the fourth for Hendersonville and Clay Ignani sacrificed him to second. Seth Nolan also drew a free pass but Christian Harris traded places for a fielder’s choice, leaving two on with two outs. Ryan Brown drew a walk to load the bases and Aubrey came up with the big two-out hit, a bases-clearing double to make it 6-3. Chauncey Thomas singled home Aubrey to extend it to 7-2.

Starter Travis Brown (0-1) for White House pitched just three innings for White House but took the loss, leaving the game with a one-run deficit. He allowed three runs on three hits, walked three and struck out three. None of the runs were earned. Chris Waller threw the final four frames in relief and gave up six earned runs on seven hits with two strikeouts and three walks in just 22 batters faced.

White House picked up a run in the bottom of the fourth to make it 7-3 when Ashton Namynanik and Matthew Leach singled with two outs, followed by a walk to Waller and run-scoring single by Lyon. Jason Hasty led off the top of the fifth with a home run to make it 8-3, but White House fought back with two more runs in the last half of the fifth.
Belvin led off with a single and Steven Newton walked with one out, then Belvin scored on an error and Bennett drove home Newton on a sacrifice fly.

Brown led off the sixth for Hendersonville with a single and after moving to second on a passed ball, scored on a single by Alex Aubrey for the eventual 9-5 final. White House put up no threat in the final two innings and the final eight batters of the game were retired in order, including the last four by strikeout.
White House had seven hits but struck out six times.

Sunday, April 24

HENDERSONVILLE – The Gallatin High School baseball team isn’t dwelling on the past, but when the Green Wave saw black and gold in the opposing dugout, prior disappointments did come to mind. However, Gallatin prevented disappointment on Tuesday evening, instead capturing a 2-1 victory over rival Hendersonville at Drakes Creek Park. “The last couple of years, they have been the one to knock us out of the (district) tournament,” Green Wave junior Evan Jones said. “We definitely wanted to come here and make a statement. “We love beating those guys in anything.”

Jones was the biggest key in the victory, tossing a complete-game two-hitter. The junior right-hander issued one base on balls and struck out nine hitters, evening his record at 2-2.  “It’s about as good as I’ve seen him throw,” Gallatin head coach Mickey Armstrong said. “It was similar at Beech (last Tuesday in a 4-3 loss). He’s had some quality starts, but we haven’t gotten behind him too much.”  Jones added, “It was my fastball, and with the wind, the curveball was breaking really good. We were working in and out. My catcher (Clint Spano) was calling good pitches, and I was hitting (spots). That always helps.”  Jones’ lone walk proved costly though as Commando junior Ryan Brown drew a base on balls with two outs in the first inning, moved into scoring position when a pickoff throw was mishandled and scored when Alex Aubrey reached thanks to a throwing error.  Jordan Holland followed with a sharp single to centerfield, and with courtesy runner Clay Iaquinta in motion on the play, he attempted to advance to third base. However, Green Wave centerfielder Tanner Sandel threw Iaquinta out at third to end the threat.  Brown singled to lead off the bottom of the fourth, moved to second on Alex Aubrey’s sacrifice bunt and advanced to third thanks to a wild pitch.  Holland followed by lifting a fly ball to shallow centerfield, but Brown didn’t attempt to tag up and test Sandel, who accurately threw to home plate.  Jones induced the next hitter – Nick Aubrey – to ground back to the mound to end the inning.

“He’s a good high-school pitcher,” Hendersonville head coach Mike Hendrix said. “Our guys have to learn to quit taking big, long swings and go from there.”

Commando senior right-hander Adam Dorris was making his first start since suffering an elbow injury on March 24, during a start in which he struck out 15 hitters in a 3-2 victory over Friendship Christian.

Dorris (2-1) didn’t allow an earned run on Tuesday and scattered six hits in six innings of work, walking one while striking out three.

“I was glad to see our pitcher give us a good performance after not pitching for two or three weeks,” Hendrix said. “

Spano led off the fourth inning with a bloop single to centerfield, and courtesy runner Darian Banks attempted to go from first to an uncovered third base when Corey DeBoe successfully laid down a sacrifice bunt. The delayed throw to third base got away, allowing Banks to score the tying run.

Jones reached on an error in the fifth, moved to second on Michael Burton’s sacrifice bunt, advanced to third when Kilgore Gailmard singled and scored on Hunter Goad’s sacrifice fly to centerfield.

Goad also had two of Gallatin’s six hits.

“It was a good high-school baseball game,” Hendrix said. “We gave them two. They gave us one. Who gets the most wins.”

There was only one baserunner over the final 2 and ½ innings, which came when Holland – who struck out the side in the top of the frame – was hit by a pitch with one out in the bottom of the seventh. However, a ground ball back to Jones started a game-ending double play.

The Green Wave improved to 6-12 overall and to 3-3 in District 9-AAA play, while the Commandos fell to 10-10 overall and to 2-3 against district foes.

“We feel like we’re playing better baseball each day,” Jones said. “We’ve had some tough losses. We’ve struggled a little bit finishing games (having lost three district games by a total of five runs, with all of those contests decided in the sixth inning or later).

“This is a big confidence boost, especially against a big, district rival. Hopefully, we can get a little momentum here. We want to work to our best going into the tournament.”

Armstrong added, “This is really good for these guys. We’ve been looking for something to build off of. A game like this could point us in the right direction.”

Gallatin 000 110 0 – 2 6 2

Hendersonville 100 000 0 – 1 2 2

Evan Jones and Clint Spano; Adam Dorris, Jordan Holland (7) and Alex Aubrey. WP – Jones (2-2). LP – Dorris (2-1). Records: Gallatin 6-12 overall, 3-3 in District 9-AAA, Hendersonville 10-10, 2-3.


Sunday, April 24

The Commandos used a first inning two-run homer from Jordan Holland to get off to a good start and held on to even the season series with Gallatin by winning 8-4.

Ryan Brown picked up his third win of the year on the mound and Logan Nash picked up his third save by limiting the Green Wave to 1 run over the last three innings.  Kevin Key had two hits on the day for HHS as did Jason Hasty in the win.

Check here later in the week for more details from this game.

Tuesday, April 26

HENDERSONVILLE – Thursday’s District 9-AAA baseball contest between Hendersonville and Gallatin was a home game for the Green Wave.However, Hendersonville felt quite at home….literally.


Junior centerfielder Jordan Holland was 2-for-4 with a two-run home run and pitcher Ryan Brown (3-0) pitched four strong innings before Logan Nash pitched the last three innings for the save and an 8-4 win for the Commandoes.  Gallatin’s American Legion Field was deemed unplayable after Wednesday’s rain and the game was moved to Hendersonville’s home field at Drakes Creek.


Following a lead off single by Kevin Key, Holland belted a two-run homerun to take a 2-0 lead in the top half of the first inning.


“He (Kilgore Gailmard) threw a curveball on the last pitch for a ball and it was 2-2 so I thought he’d come back with a fastball,” said Holland whose home run was his fourth of the year.


“I was just trying to stay alive up there and contact the ball, but I got it and the ball carried out.’


Despite the plays that were being made, the turning point turned into the plays that weren’t made.


After Gallatin (7-14, 3-4 in District 9-AAA) battled back to tie the game up in the fourth inning before Hendersonville (11-10, 2-3 in District 9-AAA) loaded the bases with two outs in the top half of the fifth.


Jason Hasty hit a fly ball to deep left field that was misplayed, allowing Brown and Clay Iaquinta to score to take a 5-2 lead.


“That was the turning point of the game,” remarked Gallatin head coach Mickey Armstrong.


“Our leftfielder and centerfielder had some miscommunication and neither made a play. That’s big too because the game was tied and we get out of that inning and we have the middle of our lineup coming to the plate.”


Another Gallatin fielding mistake led to two more Hendersonville runs in the top half of the sixth inning.


After walks issued to Key and Brown, followed by a bloop single over shortstop by Holland, with one out Alex Aubrey laid down a suicide squeeze bunt play.


The bunt rolled too far and the throw home to get the lead runner said over the catcher’s lead, allowing Key and Brown to score for a 7-3 Commando lead.


Said Hendersonville head coach Mike Hendrix; “We stayed away from mistakes today. At times, we’ve made the mistakes that Gallatin made today, but we were able to piece some runs together and it’s a great win for this team.”


Gallatin put a run on the board in the second inning when Ethan Chambers’ double down third base line drove in William Bender to cut the lead to 2-1.


Hendersonville re-claimed its two-run advantage when Key doubled to right field, scoring Hasty for a 3-1 lead.


The Green Wave tied the game up in the bottom half of the fourth when a bases loaded walk issued to Evan Jones scored Clint Spano, then a sacrifice fly to left field by Michael Burton drove in Corey Deboe to tie the game up at 3.


Deboe hit his first homerun of the season in the bottom of the seventh, a solo shot to left field.


“We knew we had to come out and play well if we want to reach our goal of hosting a first round district game,” noted Holland.


“We played a good game and Ryan Brown threw pretty well – he threw to contact and the defense made plays behind him.”


Brown was 2-for-2 with two runs scored and Key was 2-for-3 with an RBI and two runs scored for Hendersonville.


Deboe was 1-for-4 with a home run and Chambers 1-for-3 with a RBI for Gallatin.


On Tuesday, Gallatin claimed a 2-1 win at Hendersonville for a split of the regular season series.




Hendersonville 200 123 0 – 8 12 4


Gallatin 010 200 1 – 4 7 3




Ryan Brown, Logan Nash (5), and Alex Aubrey; Kilgore Gailmard, Jacob Beaty (6), and Clint Spano. WP – Brown (3-0). LP – Gailmard (2-2). SV – Nash (3). Home runs: Hendersonville – Holland (4). Gallatin – Deboe (1). Records: Hendersonville 11-10, 2-3. Gallatin 7-14, 3-4. 


Wednesday, April 27

HENDERSONVILLE – The Hendersonville High School baseball team captured an 8-4 victory over visiting Lebanon on Saturday evening at Drakes Creek Park.

The Commandos built a 7-0 lead.


Hendersonville junior Jordan Holland started on the mound and pitched the first 5 and 2/3 innings, improving to 3-2. The left-hander allowed four runs (three earned) on five hits, issued one base on balls and struck out four hitters.


Logan Nash pitched the final 1 and 1/3 innings to earn his fourth save, allowing two hits while striking out four hitters.


The Commandos reeled off four runs in the first inning.


Ryan Brown singled in Seth Nolan – who reached on an error – with the game’s first run.


Brown eventually scored when Chauncey Thomas singled, and Clay Iaquinta drew a bases-loaded walk to force in Nash, who was courtesy running for Alex Aubrey (who drew a walk).


Christian Harris’ single drove in Thomas to create the four-run margin.


Second-inning walks to Nolan and Brown were followed by Thomas’ infield single, loading the bases.


Nolan scored thanks to a wild pitch, and Brown raced home on the play as well when the throw back to home plate was mishandled.


Thomas scored thanks to another wild pitch.


Jessup Polk’s three-run triple in the top of the third pulled the Blue Devils within 7-3.


Iaquinta doubled in the fifth and scored on Kevin Key’s double.


Nash came into a four-run game with runners at second and third in the top of the sixth, and he battled back from a three-ball count to get an inning-ending strikeout. Then, Nash fanned the side in the seventh.


Brown, Key and Thomas all had two hits for the Commandos, who were actually outhit 7-6.


Hendersonville improved to 12-10 overall and to 4-3 in District 9-AAA.

Monday, May 2

HENDERSONVILLE – The Beech High School baseball squad played clean baseball on Friday evening…with the exception of the third inning.

The Buccaneers committed four errors in the seven-run frame, helping Hendersonville capture a 10-4 victory on Friday evening at Drakes Creek Park.


The two teams split the home-and-home series, with Beech extending its winning streak to eight games by capturing a 6-1 victory over the visiting Commandos in similar fashion during Thursday’s contest.


“We were pretty into it,” Hendersonville junior Jason Hasty said. “We wanted it really bad.”


The win gives the Commandos (13-11 overall, 5-4 in District 9-AAA) an opportunity to be one of two host sites of the District 9-AAA Tournament, which is slated to begin on Friday. Hendersonville, Beech and Gallatin all posted 4-2 records in the 9-AAA Northern Division, but the Commandos needed a win over Wilson Central on Saturday evening to earn the right to host.


“I think we could play anywhere, but we grew up on this field,” Hasty said. “We’ve been on it. We’re just more comfortable.”


Hendersonville head coach Mike Hendrix added, “We haven’t played many home games. We had played one home game until a week ago. They ought to be able to play on the road. (Playing at home) is a positive though. Now, they have something to play for.”


Buccaneer senior Alex Gomer singled with two outs in the top of the third, driving in Adam Pacenka and Jarod Neal for a 2-0 lead.


However, things unraveled for Beech in the bottom of the frame.


Commando junior Clay Iaquinta started the inning with a single down the third-base line, and Christian Harris reached on an error. Kevin Key successfully laid down a sacrifice bunt to advance the runners, and a throwing error on the play allowed Key to reach safely and allowed Iaquinta to score.


“That’s something we’ve worked on,” Hendrix said. “We’ve spent many an hour working on bunting. Sometimes, they don’t execute. (On Friday), we came through when we needed to.”


Seth Nolan followed with a double down the third-base line to drive in Harris and Key and place Hendersonville in front to stay.


Nolan eventually scored on Jordan Holland’s single, and two more Buc errors helped Mason Kalada and courtesy runners Logan Nash and Chauncey Thomas to score. That gave Hendersonville a 7-2 lead.


All four Beech errors came in the third inning.


“That’s what’s so disappointing,” Buccaneer head coach Greg Shelton said of the miscues coming on routine plays. “You can’t field a bunt.


“Hendersonville executed. They made every play defensively. We didn’t do any of it. We got our two runs, and I guess they thought the game was over.”


Beech (19-10, 5-5) battled back by producing a run in the fourth and fifth inning.


Richard Adams – who had two of his squad’s six hits – led off the fourth inning with a single and eventually scored thanks to a passed ball, and Neal drew a leadoff walk in the fifth and crossed the plate on Taylor Cash’s bloop single to centerfield, trimming the deficit to three runs (7-4).


However, the Buccaneers left two runners on base in both the fourth and fifth innings, and Drew Swint and Adam Pacenka reached on back-to-back infield singles to begin the top of the sixth. That brought Logan Nash on in relief of Jordan Holland – the second of three Commando pitchers – and Nash recorded a strikeout and then a lineout that resulted in an inning-ending double play.


Beech left eight runners on base, four of which were stranded in scoring position.


“We did what we had to do to try to climb back in the game,” Shelton said. “Then, we had poor at-bats when we got ourselves in position.”


After Aubrey and Holland singled in the bottom of the fifth, Hasty hit his second home run of the season over the fence in left-centerfield.


“It was a fastball, inside, about belt high,” Hasty said. “It was one of those at-bats you did something with. It felt good. It’s probably the most excited I’ve ever been.”


Aubrey and Nolan finished with two hits each, accounting for four of Hendersonville’s nine.



Holland – a junior left-hander – came on in relief of Commando starting pitcher Ryan Brown in the second inning, when Brown abruptly left with an elbow injury. Holland (4-2) tossed 3 and 1/3 innings to pick up the win.


“We’re taught to never give up and make every play we can,” Hasty said. “Jordan did really good coming in. He didn’t expect to pitch, but he did a great job.”


Beech 002 110 0 – 4 6 4


Hendersonville 007 030 x – 10 9 0


Tyler Mars, Brandon Martin (6) and Richard Adams; Ryan Brown, Jordan Holland (2), Logan Nash (6) and Alex Aubrey. WP – Holland (4-2). LP – Mars. Home runs: Hendersonville – Jason Hasty (2). Records: Beech 19-10 overall, 5-5 in District 9-AAA; Hendersonville 13-11, 5-4.


Sports reporter Craig Harris can be contacted at 575-7138 orcharris@mtcngroup.com.

Bucs erupt in fifth for Thursday victory

HENDERSONVILLE – The Beech High School baseball squad erupted for five runs in the fifth inning to capture a 6-1 victory over visiting Hendersonville on Thursday evening.


Tanner Moulder and Greg Forbes combined on a six-hitter, striking out nine hitters while issuing three base on balls. Moulder started on the mound and pitched into the sixth.


The Buccaneers scored a run in the fourth inning, when senior Taylor Cash drew a leadoff walk and eventually crossed the plate thanks to Hunter Stewart’s sacrifice fly.


Beech erupted for five runs in the fifth inning, taking advantage of a pair of Commando errors.


The first two hitters of the inning grounded out, and Alec Meadows reached on a two-out error, igniting the rally.


Jarod Neal reached on an infield single, and Alex Gomer drew a base on balls to load the bases. Cash ripped a two-run double off of the fence to drive in Meadows and Neal, and after Evan Hendren drew another walk, Stewart doubled in Cash and Gomer.


Hendren scored the final run of the inning thanks to an errant pickoff throw, creating a 6-0 margin.


Hendersonville starting pitcher Adam Dorris (2-2) limited the Buccaneers to two hits entering the fifth inning.


Beech finished with five hits. Cash singled, doubled and drew a walk in his three plate appearances.


Junior Jordan Holland doubled to lead off the top of the sixth, moved to third on Alex Aubrey’s single and scored on Chauncey Thomas’ sacrifice fly.


The Commandos produced six hits, two by Alex Aubrey.



Thursday, May 5

The Commandos got a complete game from Senior Left-Hander Logan Nash and scored 7 runs over the first three innings of the game en route to a 9-1 win over the Wildcats of Wilson Central on Saturday night at Drakes Creek Park.  With the win HHS secures the 9AAA North Division Championship for the second year in a row.  The Commandos will now host half of the 9AAA District tournament beginning Friday night May 6 at Drakes Creek Park in Hendersonville.  The Commandos will open district tournament play against the Blue Devils of Lebanon on Friday night.  The second two teams at the Drakes Creek site are yet to be determined.  With the win HHS moves to 14-11 overall and finishes play in District 9AAA at 6-4 for the year and 4-2 in the North Division.  

Thursday, May 5

The Commandos lost the 2011 Regular Season finale to Friendship Christian on Wednesday night 6-4.  HHS took a 2-0 lead in the first inning as Jason Hasty and and Clay Iaquinta each drove in a run.  Friendship tied the game in the top of the second with two unearned runs.  The Commanders took a 5-2 lead in the top of the third and HHS looked to have a rally going in the bottom of the third as they loaded the bases with no outs.  Hasty drove in his second run of the game with a single to left scoring Seth Nolan.  Iaquinta then hit a rocket at the Friendship 2nd baseman which he dove and caught and threw behind to get the runner at third for a double play to end the HHS threat in the third.  The Commandos cut the lead to 5-4 in the bottom of the fourth as Seth Nolan singled in Christian Harris.  Harris was stranded at third in the bottom of the 6th as HHS looked to tie the game.  Andrew Bennett threw four innings of relief holding Friendship scoreless in the 4th, 5th and 6th innings.  HHS brought the tying runs to the plate in the 7th but Friendship got back to back strikeouts to end the game.

With the loss HHS ends the regular season with a record of 14-12.  District tournament play in 9AAA begins Friday with HHS hosting Lebanon and Gallatin playing Mt Juliet at Drakes Creek Park beginning at 4:00.

Monday, May 9

HENDERSONVILLE – Lebanon High School pitcher Cain Sloan and Hendersonville hurler Adam Dorris dominated the first half of Friday’s 9-AAA Tournament baseball game.

The hitters took their turn over the last couple of innings.


After Sloan hit a three-run home run in the top half of the sixth for a 7-5 Blue Devil lead, HHS centerfielder Jordan Holland belted a grand slam in the bottom half of the six, but Lebanon (13-20) responded with three runs in the top half of the seventh for a 10-9 win.


Hendersonville suffered injuries to second baseman Christian Harris and shortstop Seth Nolan forced the Commandoes to reshuffle their defensive alignment.


“When you have a player or two get hurt and taken out or moved to another position, it makes the whole team have to adjust to something they aren’t used to doing,” said HHS coach Mike Hendrix of his team who committed seven errors, four of which came in the last two innings.


“We have lose one of our middle infielders and when the shortstop (Nolan) gets hurt we have to move him to second base and bring someone in from the outfield that hasn’t played infield all year.”


After a scoreless first two innings, Hendersonville got on the board with a run in the third inning.


Sloan, whose control had been spot on up until this point, hit Harris with the pitch, walked Kevin Key, then hit Nolan with the pitch (both Harris and Nolan were injured and Nolan), a walk issued to Alex Aubrey scored Harris for a 1-0 lead.


Lebanon claimed the lead in the fifth with a RBI singles by Chase Sloan and Brandon Shelton for a 2-1 lead.


The Commandoes responded in the fifth with a RBI single from Holland scoring Chauncy Thomas and Mason Kalada scoring on an error after the single from Holland for a 4-2 lead.


Clay Iaquinta’s grounder was misplayed, allowing Dorris to score and Holland also scored on a throwing error on the same play for a 5-2 lead.


Lebanon refused to go away with a double to deep left off the bat of Jessep Polk drove in Eddie McDaniels and Jack Partlow for a 7-5 lead.


Holland’s grand slam chased Cain Sloan from the mound, but Lebanon scored three in seventh for the win.


“Ryan Dorris pitched pretty well, but they got to our relief pitchers after we pulled Dorris in the middle of the sixth,” said Hendrix.


“You make pitching changes and it’s a coin flip and tonight it didn’t work.”




Lebanon 000 025 3 – 10 10 1


Hendersonville 100 044 0 – 9 6 7


Cain Sloan, Dallas Horn (6), Dent Burger (7), and Rob Bell; Ryan Dorris, Logan Nash (6), and Alex Aubrey. WP – Horn (4-0). LP – Nash (3-2). Home runs: Lebanon – Cain Sloan. Hendersonville – Jordan Holland (5). Records: Lebanon 13-20, Hendersonville 14-13.

Monday, May 9

The Commandos saw their 2011 campaign come to an abrupt halt on Saturday as they were elminated from the District 9AAA touranment by Gallatin.  HHS had a 2-0 lead going into the top of the 6th inning when Gallatin broke up Jordan Holland's no-hit bid and went on to score 5 runs over the next two innings to elminate the Commandos. 

HHS ends their season with a record of 14-14.  The loss ends the careers of seniors Adam Dorris, Logan Nash and Tyler Ebright. 

Tuesday, October 18