Hessville Vipers INC.: Welcome

Friday, February 28


Any businesses interested in sponsering the Vipers organization please contact John Kudlo  and make all payments in check form.

Join us on facebook @ Hessville Viper Youth Football and Cheerleadering

Congratulations To Our Super PeeWee & Junior levels on taking 1st place in the Metro League 2014 Superbowl..

Congratulations to our Juniors on taking 3rd place in the Gatlinburg, Tennessee 43rd Annual Thanksgiving Bowl.

Vipers Banquet will be January 10th, 2015

6-9pm @Hammond Civic Center

Early Bird sign ups will be held the night of the banquet.

February we will have sign ups. More information TBA 

        Any Questions? Contact 

John Kudlo @ 219-902-0760 or Kudlo7447@comcast.net   (President)

Jim Knight @ 219-218-1075 or monkeykni@sbcglobal.net (Vice President)   or

 Tom Mendiola @ 219-746-5454 or bengals859@gmail.com (D-O-R)

Cheerleading Questions? Contact Irene Mireles @ 219-256-4165 or Irmireles@yahoo.com

**Our Wed site is under construction!! Please keep checking back for more info** Or check out the Facebook page for info!**