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Wednesday, March 25
League Information



Season game schedules have been posted to this website for all divisions.  Click on "Schedules" in the left menu and then on the division you want to see for the season game schedule for that entire division.  For your team's individual season schedule, click on "Teams" in the left menu and then on your team in the proper division - that will take you to your team's page where you click on "Schedules" to see the list of games for your team or on "Calendar" to see your games in calendar form.

Notification of any changes or corrections to the game schedules will be posted in this space through the season, so check back often.

**Two rookie games (Angels vs Cubs & Phillies vs Mariners) that had been scheduled on May 14 at Weston Hills have been moved to May 12 to solve a conflict.  **Change of field on April 20 for 2 games in minors (Nationals vs White Sox & Red Sox vs Cardinals) from Weston 1 & 2 to Mission 2.  **Time change in minors from 5:30 to 7:30 pm in games on 4/9, 4/29, 5/5, 5/7 - all these are games at Mission 2.  **Field change in majors from Mission 2 to Mission 1 on April 7 (Rangers vs BC A's).



We need each team in Henderson Little League to step up and volunteer your time to work at least 2 shifts in the Snack Shack during this season.

Please check the calendar in the left menu on this page where you will find the available dates and shift times to request.  Once you select your shifts, please email this site at hendersonlittleleague@gmail.com with your requests - include your name and division/team and the times you want.  We will verify the availability and will enter your team name into the calendar for the dates you select.  Thanks to all team moms and parents for your participation!



Managers in minors, majors and juniors are responsible for sending in your game scores to this website at hendersonlittleleague@gmail.com - the scores are needed so we can post the standings.  The manager of the winning team in each game will be required to email the score in (both managers in case of a tie).  In the case of any interleague games, report your score whether you win or lose, since teams out of our league will not be reporting.  Please send in the scores as soon as possible after your game concludes - preferably on the same day.  Thank you for your cooperation.



 Henderson Little League operates a spring baseball season for boys and girls ages 5 to 15 who reside in the eastern portion of Henderson.

Specifically, our league boundaries include all of zip codes 89002 and 89015, all of 89011 that is east of Gibson and Broadbent and the portion of 89012 that is east of Gibson Rd.

You can check out our league boundary map in the Handouts section to see the Little League boundaries for all of Henderson and Las Vegas where you can verify which league corresponds to your address.


Divisions for 2015 (# of teams for 2015) 

T-Ball (ages 5-6)  8 TEAMS  

Rookies {coach pitch} (ages 7-8-waiverd 9's/6's) 12 TEAMS   

Minors (ages 9-10-11)  10 TEAMS  

Majors (ages 10-11-12)   6 TEAMS  

Juniors (ages 13-14-15)  2 TEAMS

38 teams total   

***Changes announced from Little League Baseball International affect the player's league age for the 2015 season:  Any player from 5 to 8 years old in 2015 will be the league age of their birthday in calendar year 2015 (or, as of Dec 31, 2015).  For 9 year olds, there is an overlap for this season only - a league age 9 year old can have their 9th birthday anytime from 5/1/14 through 12/31/15.  There is no change for players 10 to 15 years old - their league age remains their age as of April 30, 2015.  The new age chart is available in our Handouts section.