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Friday, April 29
League Information



End of year tournament brackets can be found in the Handouts section of the website. The Rookie tournament teams are filled in for the first games based on blind draw. The Minor and Major divisions will be filled in as each division’s season ends based on the standings.


Below are the impacted divisions and games from the April 28th rainouts:

T-Ball Division time changes for Wednesday, May 4th are listed below:

T-Ball Angels(H) vs Dodgers(A) rescheduled to 5:30pm – Mission 1

T-Ball Red Sox (H) vs Nationals(A) rescheduled to 5:30pm – Mission 2

T-Ball Yankees(H) vs Cubs(A) rescheduled to 5:30pm – Weston 1

Rookie Division reschedules are listed below:

Rookie Phillies(H) vs Red Sox(A) rescheduled to May 4 – 7:15pm – Weston 2

Rookie Dodgers(H) vs Yankees(A) rescheduled to May 4 – 7:15pm – Mission 1

Rookie Nationals(H) vs Angels(A) rescheduled to May 4 – 7:15pm – Mission 2

Rookie Cubs(H) vs Royals(A) rescheduled to May 6 – 6:00pm – Weston 2

AAA Division reschedules are listed below:

AAA Minor Marlins(H) vs White Sox(A) rescheduled to May 2 – 7:30pm – Mission 2

AAA Minor Dodgers(H) vs Reds(A) rescheduled to May 2 – 5:30pm – Weston 1

AAA Minor Tigers(H) vs Mariners(A) rescheduled to May 2 – 7:30pm – Weston 1

Major Division reschedules are listed below:

Major Dodgers(H) vs Yankees(A) rescheduled to May 7 – 5:00pm – Mission 1

Major White Sox(H) vs Cubs(A) rescheduled to May 7 – 7:00pm – Mission 1

Major Angels(H) vs Twins(A) rescheduled to May 7 – 5:00pm – Mission 2

** Please note that some teams will be playing 2 games on this date. **




The City of Henderson has notified us that ALL fields are unplayable for tonight's games (April 28, 2016). 



Game reschedules from Monday, March 28th are below:

Junior Dodgers(H) vs PV Brewers(A) rescheduled to May 16 – 6:30pm – Heritage 1

Game reschedules from Saturday, April 9th are listed below:

Major Twins(H) vs Angels(A) rescheduled to May 13 – 5:30pm – Weston 1

Major Cubs(H) vs White Sox(A) rescheduled to May 13 – 7:30pm – Weston 1

Minor AAA White Sox(H) vs Marlins(A) rescheduled to May 13 – 5:30pm – Weston 2

Minor AAA Reds(H) vs Dodgers(A) rescheduled to May 13 – 7:30pm – Weston 2

Game reschedules from Monday, April 11th are listed below:

AA Minor Pirates(H) vs Yankees(A) rescheduled to April 22 – 5:30pm – Weston 1

AA Minor Phillies(H) vs Cubs(A) rescheduled to April 22 – 7:30pm – Weston 1

AA Minor Braves(H) vs Angels(A) rescheduled to April 22 – 5:30pm – Weston 2

Junior Padres(H) vs Central Mets(A) rescheduled to May 3 – 6:30pm – Heritage 1



Picture Day for the Minor, Major, and Junior Divisions will be held Saturday, April 16th at Mission Park. Please see below for times (There will be NO reschedules):

07:30am – Junior Marlins & Junior Padres

 07:45am – AAA Tigers & AAA Reds

08:00am – AA Cubs & AA Angels

08:15am – Junior Dodgers & Major Dodgers

08:30am – AA Braves & AA Yankees

08:45am – AAA Dodgers & AAA Padres

09:00am – Major White Sox & Major Twins

09:15am – AAA Marlins & Major Yankees

09:30am – Major Angels & Major Royals

09:45am – AAA Mariners & AAA White Sox

10:00am – AA Phillies & AA Pirates

10:15am – Major Cubs  

 Henderson Little League will have their next Board Meeting this Sunday, April 17th at 6pm. This meeting is only to discuss the upcoming Cody Clark Mid-Season Classic on April 23rd. If you would like to attend and see your Board in action please join us at the Clark County School District Maintenance Building located at 1180 Military Tribute Place, Henderson NV 89074




Picture Day for T-Ball and Rookie Divisions. Please see the schedule below for pictures this Saturday, April 2nd at Morrell Park (There will be NO reschedules):

7:30am – Rookie Angels & Rookie Cubs

7:45am – Rookie Dodgers & Rookie Nationals

8:00am – Rookie Phillies & Rookie Red Sox

8:15am – Rookie Royals & Rookie Yankees

9:00am – T-Ball Angels & T-Ball Dodgers

9:15am – T-Ball Nationals & T-Ball Cubs

9:30am – T-Ball Red Sox & T-Ball Yankees

Game reschedules from Monday, March 28th are listed on the website and below:

Minor AA Yankees(H) vs Braves(A) rescheduled to April 27 – 5:30pm – Mission 1

Minor AA Angels(H) vs Cubs(A) rescheduled to April 27 – 7:30pm – Mission 1

Minor AA Pirates(H) vs Phillies(A) rescheduled to April 27 – 5:30pm – Mission 2

Based on the above games changes the T-Ball games for April 27 at Mission are rescheduled as follows:

T-Ball Dodgers(H) vs Yankees(A) rescheduled to April 25 – 6pm – Weston 1

T-Ball Cubs(H) vs Red Sox(A) rescheduled to April 26 – 6pm – Weston 2




The 2016 HLL Parent Handbook and 2016 HLL Safety Manual are available in the Handouts section of the website. 


Members of Henderson Little League have the opportunity to vote on the incoming board for the 2016-2017 league year.  This special membership meeting takes place on the 3rd Sunday of September.  If you would like to become a member please fill out the Volunteer Application located in the Handouts Section of the website.  Membership is $10 for the 2015-2016 season.  Please forward the completed forms to Jen Morse - morsecode99@gmail.com 


 Thank you so much to all the board members, family members, players, and sponsors who gave their time and talent to make Henderson Little League's Carnival and Opening day a big success. We could not have done it without all of your hard work!

This carnival was a positive experience for the whole family as well as the players. So I wanted to thank everyone who made that possible.

Sincerely, Doug Diaz HLL President 

HLL Family, Tomorrow, Saturday, March 12, 2016 will be our Opening Day Fundraising Carnival and Ceremonies. We have an exciting day planned for everyone and we hope you will be able to attend. This event is not just for our HLL family, but for anyone who would like to bring their children to enjoy the fun and games.

The carnival will begin at Noon and run until 3pm. At 3pm we will begin the tear down of the bouncy houses and games and focus on getting the players to Field 1 to be with their teams. This year we will start with the players on the Field 1 grass to begin the parade.

The ceremonies will start promptly at 3:30pm with the Basic High School Color Guard and the National Anthem. We hope to conclude the ceremonies around 5pm with the winners of the team baskets.

There were a few questions everyone had about the event and we would like to answer them below:


  • Players are required to wear their uniform during the event and ceremonies. They should not wear their cleats (or cups) on this day.
  • The drawing tickets that the team parents distributed can be redeemed with the money at our ticket tables for the bouncy house wrist bands. These will be accepted until 2:30pm but the earlier the better for more bouncy house time. Each sheet with the $20 will be good for one wrist band. The drawing itself will take place during the first part of the ceremonies. The winner does not have to be present to win.
  • The team banners and baskets need to be at the field by 11:30am. They need to be brought to the first base dugout on Field 1. We will hang the team banners on the fence so everyone can see them when walking into the carnival from Moe’s Snack Shack. The team baskets will be lined up for the players to place their tickets. Each player will receive 4 tickets this year. The tickets WILL need the players name, team, and division written on them so we can make sure the proper player wins. 
  • We will have the 50/50 drawing again this year. Tickets are $1.00 each. The winner of this drawing gets 50% of the total amount collected. We have collected $100 during early sales at sign-ups. 
  • Volunteer badges can be picked up from 12pm to 1pm at the table on Field 1 from our Team Mom Coordinator Megan Cox. 
  • Carnival tickets are fifty cents each. Some of the games will require more than one ticket to play. We will have a few games the parents can enjoy as well. Most games have a grand prize associated with them. The carnival tickets can also be used for the team basket drawing at the end of the ceremonies. Each ticket must have the players name, team, and division written on it. A table and pens will be available. 
  • Moe’s Snack Shack will be up and running throughout the event and ceremonies. If you haven’t had one of his tasty burgers you are missing out. 
  • Please make sure if you see trash to pick it up and place it in one of the many trashcans available. Henderson Little League is responsible for the field at the end of the evening and we would like to minimize the time spent cleaning up afterwards. 
  • If you have any questions during the event, HLL Board Members will be at the ticket tables and also running some of the carnival games. We will be in our HLL Board shirts and happy to answer your questions or point you to the right person. 
  • If you have the ability during the carnival or after the ceremonies to help out please see one of our Board members. We appreciate any help we can get. 
Please remember that this is to be a good time for everyone. We expect this to be a long but fun day for our players and their families. We hope that you can share your comments or concerns with us at hendersonlittleleague@gmail.com.



The concussion information that was handed out by the managers and team parents is now located in the handouts section of the website. If you did not receive a copy please print these two files out and follow the instructions. This is valuable information for everyone on how to protect your child.


Dick's Sporting Goods is helping our families out by providing a 20% off coupon good this weekend - March 5th and 6th. Please use the link below or you can find the coupon in our HANDOUTS section of the website.



Coaches Clinic / Team Mom Meeting / Volunteer Badges will all take place TONIGHT (February 19th) at Heritage Park - 6pm.

 Please be there on time as we have a lot to cover.  Thank You!! 


Busy week for our managers and board members:

Monday - Feb 8 - Managers Meeting - 6:30pm - Brown Jr High

Tuesday - Feb 9 - Major/AAA Draft - 6:30pm - Brown Jr High (Correct time)

Wednesday - Feb 10 - Safety Clinic - 6:00pm - Henderson Fire Training Center

Thursday - Feb 11 - AA/Rookie/Junior Draft - 6:30pm - Brown Jr High (Correct time)

Sunday - Feb 14 - Valentine's Day - in case you forgot...


Registration for ALL levels will still be allowed during our try-out dates below:

Saturday, January 30th - 5pm - Morrell Park

Wednesday, February 3rd - 6pm - Morrell Park

Saturday, February 6th - 5pm - Morrell Park

* Junior Level Tryouts (13-15 year olds) will be held at Heritage Park on January 30th and February 6th at 4pm each day. 

Registration prices during try-outs:

T-Ball - $145.00

All other divisions - $170.00

Family discounts will be $25.00 for two players and $35 for three.  There is a maximum price of $455.00 per family. 


Sign-Up Dates and Times for the 2016 season!

January 9th - 9:30am to 2:30pm - Black Mountain Rec Center

January 14th - 6pm to 9pm - IHOP - 1201 S. Boulder Hwy

January 21st - 6pm to 9pm - IHOP - 1201 S. Boulder Hwy (Give back night!)

January 23rd - 9:30am to 2:30pm - Black Mountain Rec Center

Registration prices are as follows (prices good through January 23rd):

T-Ball - $125.00 per player

All Other Divisions - $150.00 per player

Family Discounts - $25.00 for two players ($275.00 Total) and $35.00 for three or more players ($415.00 Total) 

There is an additional $5.00 fee for credit card charges.

After January 23rd - prices will increase $20.00 per player.

Please bring birth certificate and 3 forms of proof of residency.

 2016 Age Chart can be found at -  www.littleleague.org/media/llnewsarchive/2015/September-December/llb-age-determination-date.htm (Chart is further down on the web page)



 Henderson Little League operates a spring baseball season for boys and girls ages 5 to 15 who reside in the eastern portion of Henderson.

Specifically, our league boundaries include all of zip codes 89002 and 89015, all of 89011 that is east of Gibson and Broadbent and the portion of 89012 that is east of Gibson Rd.

You can check out our league boundary map in the Handouts section to see the Little League boundaries for all of Henderson and Las Vegas where you can verify which league corresponds to your address.


Divisions for 2016 (# of teams for 2016) 

T-Ball (ages 5-6)  6 TEAMS  

Rookies {coach pitch} (ages 7-8-waiverd 9's/6's) 8 TEAMS   

AA Minors (ages 9-10-waivered 8's)  6 TEAMS  

AAA Minors (ages 9-10-11)  7 TEAMS 

Majors (ages 10-11-12)   7 TEAMS  

Juniors (ages 13-14-15)  3 TEAMS

37 teams total