Hempstead American Little League: Welcome

It is our commitment, that through the joys of sportsmanship we encourage every little league participant to reach their potential today, so that they can become upstanding, participating men and women of their community tomorrow.    Get Ready for the upcoming Baseball Season

 Hello, and welcome to the official Hempstead American Little League (H.A.L.L.) website. 
It is my hope and wish for everyone involved with Hempstead Little League to stay informed and be able to communicate with ease.  We would like this web site to be a great experience and useful tool for all your Little League Baseball needs.

    H.A.L.L. is chartered by International Little League Baseball, Inc. When you join little league, you become part of an incredible learning experience where children are the number one focus. Contributing to the development of just one child is a joyous reward for anyone that has had the privilege of coaching, or mentoring through the game of baseball.   Honor, integrity, camaraderie, respect, discipline, coordination, strength and mental focus are just a few goal oriented lessons taught.   We could go on and on, because the benefits are virtually endless. With the proper guidance and your support we can catapult our children to success.  So, here is a chance to fully provide unconditional support to your local little league:  
Volunteer, Sponsor a team,  Donate to team fundraisers and/or Register your children.
2011 Spring Registation Page

Javont Boose Sr.
President: H.A.L.L.   


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