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Heavy Metal Softball
Vernon Amaro
Fax: 559-584-9057
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Hanford, California
Heavy Metal Softball -- A Diamond Warrior Tradition

A Circle of Friends...A Gathering of Athletes...A Team of Good Men

Greetings, players, fans, and wanderers! We are Heavy Metal Softball, a San Joaquin Valley men's softball league/tournament team, dedicated to representing the best the Valley has to offer in terms of accomplishment, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Unity! has always been considered Heavy Metal's greatest strength, as well as its established guiding principle, as evidenced by the solid core of original members that still sustain the nucleus of this proud, long-standing team. Life is sport, and sport is Life: Just do it! -- this seems to be the consensus attitude we all strive to express. If you have any questions, or you simply wish to interact by way of the calendar, photo albums, guestbook, forum, or chat room, do not hesitate to do so, as most sections of the website are open to everyone. May you find what you seek!

This is Heavy Metal Softball's only official team site. It is the main headquarters for team organization info, such as team history, news-stories, schedules, game scores and summaries, league division standings, player and team statistics, tournament information, and so forth.

Team Members Only: I will consistently update and remind team members of any information related to Team Heavy Metal. Look frequently in your e-mail inboxes, especially after league games, or just browse when the mood comes upon you. Furthermore, check out the new calendar, roster, photo albums, links, guestbook, forum, and chat room features, making our website truly interactive. I have enjoyed being the founder and a long-time participant of this team since its inception, and, as another long-timer, newcomer, or potential prospect -- whomever you may be -- I hope you will too.

May Spirit always guide your paths,

Vernon Amaro
Heavy Metal Softball
Founder/Team Manager

Terminator Theme

Our Team's League MVP Lineage: Heavy Metal Softball's "Circle Of Honor" Recognition

Past And Present League Most Valuable Players -- Real Heavy Metal Men!

    Heavy Metal Softball league MVP Circle of Honor plaque recipients:

          1990 -- Division 10, Tulare League (spring): Gene Hitt
                   (by team ballot vote; 1st place trophy recipient)

          1991 -- Division 9, Tulare City League (spring): Frank Fletcher
                   (by team ballot vote; 1st place trophy recipient)

          1994 -- Division 8, Tulare City League (spring): Vern Amaro
                   (by team ballot vote; 1st place trophy recipient --
                   I promptly gave it to my brother, Jerry,
                   our pitcher, whom I believed deserved it just as

                   (1994 featured two halves to the season)

          1994 -- Division 7, Tulare City League (spring): John Souza
                   (by team ballot vote; 1st place trophy recipient)

          1995 -- Division 5, Tulare City League (spring): Frank Fletcher
                   (by team ballot vote; 1st place trophy recipient)

          1999 -- Division 5, Tulare City League (spring): Frank Fletcher
                   (169 offensive points; team received 1st place shirts)

          2000 -- Division 5, Tulare City League (spring): Gene Hitt
                   (138 offensive points; team received 1st place shirts)

          2001 -- Division 2, Tulare City League (spring): Vern Amaro
                   (103 offensive points; no team award)

          2002 -- Division 3, Tulare City League (spring): Frank Fletcher
                   (146 offensive points; 3rd place trophy recipient)

          2003 -- Division 1, Tulare City League (spring): Vern Amaro
                   (32 total points; by team ballot vote; no team award)

          2003 -- Division "D", Visalia City League (fall): Gene Hitt
                   (27 total points; by team ballot vote; no team award)

          2004 -- Thursday Night, Tulare City League (spring): Nelson Vieira
                   (42 total points; by team ballot vote; 2nd place trophy recipient)

          2004 -- Men's D-Red, Visalia City League (fall): Lee Garcia
                   (34 total points; by team ballot vote; 1st place trophy recipient)

          2005 -- Thursday Night, Tulare City League (spring): Frank Fletcher
                   (37 total points; by team ballot vote; team received 1st place shirts)

          2005 -- Men's D-Red, Visalia City League (fall): Art Tabacco
                   (28 total points; by team ballot vote; no team award)

          2006 -- Wednesday "B", Tulare City League (spring): Paul Lawrence
                   (31 total points; by team ballot vote; team received 1st place shirts)

          2006 -- Men's D-Red, Visalia City League (summer): Mike Lujan
                   (113 offensive/defensive points; no team award)

          2007 -- Men's D-Red, Visalia City League (spring): Frank Fletcher
                   (105 offensive/defensive points; no team award)

          2007 -- Men's D-Blue, Visalia City League (summer): Steve Stafford
                   (34 total points; by team ballot vote; no team award)

          2008 -- Men's D-Blue, Visalia City League (spring): Steve Stafford
                   (24 total points; by team ballot vote; no team award)

          2008 -- Men's D-Blue, Visalia City League (summer): Frank Fletcher
                   (84 offensive/defensive points; no team award)

          2009 -- Thursday Men's, Tulare City League (spring): Steve Stafford
              (29 total points; by team ballot vote; team received 1st place shirts)

          2009 -- Thursday Men's, Tulare City League (summer): Wes Avery
               (117 offensive/defensive points; no team award)

It is my wish that this ongoing list of individual player achievement be maintained for the life of our softball organization, when, on that sad but inevitable future date, we all decide to hang up our worn cleats, store away our favorite bats, and pass along our venerable gloves to a much younger generation. May they enjoy the game, as well as the friendship bonds created, as much as our much older generation expresses these now.

Our Team's Tourney MVP Lineage: Heavy Metal Softball's "Sizzlin' Stick" Awards -- Plus A Little More...

Past And Present Tournament Most Valuable Players -- Real Boys Of Bang!

Heavy Metal Softball Tourney MVP Sizzlin' Stick miniature bat recipients:

          2002 -- Sox Summer Scorcher (July): Frank Fletcher (43 points)
          2003 -- Crimson Tide's Summer Invasion (July): Gene Hitt (83 points)
                   -- October Bash (October): Wes Avery (75 points; Championship!)
          2004 -- October Bash (October): Wes Avery (32 points)
          2005 -- CCASA Rec Series #1 (April): Frank Fletcher (28 points)
                   -- CCASA Rec Series #2 (May): Steve Stafford (57 points)
                   -- CCASA Rec Series #3 (June): Wes Avery (32 points)
                   -- CCASA Rec Series #4 (July): Frank Fletcher (39 points; 3rd place!)
                   -- CCASA Rec Series #5 (August): Wes Avery (24 points; Series 5th place!)   
          2006 -- ASA Umpires Softball Tourney (March): Steve Stafford (38 points)
                   -- Setters Easter Classic XI (April): Art Tabacco (44 points)
                   -- CCASA Rec Series #1 (April): Mike Lujan (25 points)
                   -- Bud Light Cinco de Mayo Tourney (May): Paul Lawrence (50 points; 2nd place!)
                   -- CCASA Rec Series #2 (May): Wes Avery (17 points)
                   -- CCASA Rec Series #3 (June): Wes Avery (20 points)
                   -- CCASA Rec Series #4 (July): Frank Fletcher (19 points)
                   -- CCASA Rec Series #5 (July): Gene Hitt (26 points)
                   -- Valley Softball Extreme Classic (August): Frank Fletcher (40 points)
                   -- Knuckle Up Fall Showdown (September): Wes Avery (38 points)
                   -- Twisted Softball Tourney (October): Wes Avery (33 points)
          2007 -- CCASA Rec Series #1 (March): Steve Stafford (13 points)
                   -- CCASA Rec Series #2 (April): Paul Lawrence (37 points)
                   -- Knuckle Up Extreme Challenge (May): Aaron Dawes (24 points)
                   -- Armed & Dangerous Summer Bash (July): Steve Stafford (31 points)
                   -- Budweiser Extravaganza (July): Frank Fletcher (39 points) 
                   -- NASF Fall Classic (September): Wes Avery (53 points)
                   -- October Bash (October): Mike Lujan (35 points)
          2008 -- Bash-4-Cash (April): Steve Stafford (14 points)
                   -- Bud Light Cinco de Mayo Tourney (May): Joaquin Perez (23 points)
                   -- Team Clutch Softball Tournament (May): Joaquin Perez (28 points)
                   -- Budweiser Extravaganza (June): Joaquin Perez (28 points)
                   -- Die Hard NSA Tournament (July): Frank Fletcher (23 points)
                   -- Jesus Banuelos Tribute Tournament (August): Frank Fletcher (29 points)
          2009 -- Slugfest Super 7 Series, Tourney #1 (April): Donny Aguiar (26 points)
                   -- Slugfest Super 7 Series, Tourney #2 (April): Lucio Cobos (33 points)
                   -- Bud Light Cinco de Mayo Tourney (May): Wes Avery (36 points)
                   -- Slugfest Super 7 Series, Tourney #3 (May): Steve Stafford (51 points)
                   -- Killer Bees Softball Tournament (July): Frank Fletcher (20 points)
                   -- Slugfest Super 7 Series, Tourney #5 (August): Brian Hollingshead (17 points)
                   -- Slugfest Super 7 Series, Tourney #7 (September): Steve Stafford (23 points)
          2010 -- Slugfest Super 7 Series, Tourney #2 (April): Wes Avery (14 points)

And so, there you have it -- another list of Heavy Metal Softball history, another match I'm trying to light under my players' feet -- whatever works. In addition to a player receiving the miniature bat -- symbol of hitting prowess -- during the course of the softball year for being a tourney MVP, he can also look forward to hopefully seeing his name engraved on a full-sized, wooden Batting Champions: Metal Men bat, which will be awarded after the very last tournament played to the player with the highest individual batting average (minimum 50 at-bats or 5 tournaments -- whichever qualifies first) at year's end. The Sizzlin' Stick miniature bat can -- and should -- be displayed proudly in the tournament dugout after being awarded, after which, it must be returned to the manager, who will award it to the next deserving player at the beginning of the following tournament. However, the full-sized, engraved Batting Champions: Metal Men bat will be awarded just once a year, making it a true annual tradition. All these incentives, mind you, are given in the spirit of fun and recognition, so I hope no one minds too many flashbulbs going off in his vicinity and sincerely gets into the spirit himself, without too much competitive posturing being shown. That, to me, is what team is all about, and so it is, with fellowship in mind and lightness in heart, that I take pleasue in recogizing some of my teammates -- who, over the years, are people I've come to truly call friends....

Sunday, April 4
Heavy Metal Slow Out Of The Blocks In Slugfest Super 7 Series, Tourney #2

First Tournament Effort Of The Year A Rust-Shaker Of Sorts 

First, as always, I want to thank all of the players who represented Heavy Metal Softball this weekend for their effort, help, and cooperation in making our first tournament of the year a somewhat successful effort -- in the sense that we were fairly competitive against some roughly comparable teams.  Here are some final tournament statistics for those who actually visit our website and are truly interested in such things.  I would like to state here again that unlike previous seasons a couple of years ago -- when I published an extensive summary of each tournament regardless of the outcome -- I will only do so if we achieve playoff status or have a winning record, with just a bare-bones tournament rundown for those events of little distinction.  So, without further adieu, I present some facts from this particular contest:

Slugfest Super 7 Series, Tournament #2 Summary --

Tournament Record:  0-3 (we will change this...)
                                1st game:  Lost 5-7 vs. Hammerheads
                                2nd game:  Lost 0-15 vs. Team Punishment
                                3rd game:  Lost 8-17 vs. Softball Junkies 

Team Statistics (alphabetically):

Vern Amaro -- 3 for 6; .500 BA; 10 points.
Rich Avery -- 1 for 5; .200 BA; 3 points.
Wes Avery -- 3 for 8; .375 BA; 14 points.
Eric Ferguson -- 1 for 5; .200 BA; 6 points.
Lee Garcia -- 2 for 6; .333 BA; 2 points.
Brian Hollingshead -- 2 for 6; .333 BA; 9 points.
Johnny Lopez -- 1 for 4; .250 BA; 3 points.
Mike Lujan -- 2 for 7; .286 BA; 6 points.
Robert Matthews -- 4 for 9; .444 BA; 13 points.
Joaquin Perez -- 2 for 8; .250 BA; 4 points.
Steve Stafford -- 2 for 6; .333 BA; 11 points.
Nelson Vieira -- 1 for 7; .143 BA; 3 points.

Team Batting Average:  .312 (24 for 77; we averaged 4.3 runs/game for the whole tournament.  We need to definitely improve our team batting average, as this current one won't win games, much less tournaments....)

Tournament MVP:  Wes Avery (14 points -- Sizzlin' Stick award!)

Manager's Award:  I would like to take this time now to recognize two other players who shined just as brightly this weekend with their contributions to the team:  Robert Matthews and Vern Amaro. Their stats above speak for themselves, but their consistency throughout the tournament is what I noticed most and appreciated greatly -- here's a "hats-off" to both of you!  

2010 Season Statistics (alphabetically; all players):

Vern Amaro -- 3 for 6; .500 BA; 10 points (1 tournament)
Rich Avery -- 1 for 5; .200 BA; 3 points (1 tournament)
Wes Avery -- 3 for 8; .375 BA; 14 points (1 tournament) 
Eric Ferguson -- 1 for 5; .200 BA; 6 points (1 tournament)
Lee Garcia -- 2 for 6; .333 BA; 2 points (1 tournament)
Brian Hollingshead -- 2 for 6; .333 BA; 9 points (1 tournament)
Johnny Lopez -- 1 for 4; .250 BA; 3 points (1 tournament)
Mike Lujan -- 2 for 7; .286 BA; 6 points (1 tournament)
Robert Matthews -- 4 for 9; .444 BA; 13 points (1 tournament)
Joaquin Perez -- 2 for 8; .250 BA; 4 points (1 tournament)
Steve Stafford -- 2 for 6; .333 BA; 11 points (1 tournament)
Nelson Vieira -- 1 for 7; .143 BA; 3 points (1 tournament) 

Year-End Award Progress:  Vern Amaro initially leads the race for the Batting Champions: Metal Men perpetual award bat, based on his single tournament batting average of .500 -- but Robert Matthews is close behind during this 2010 tournament tour with a tournament batting average of .444 (Wes Avery is third with a single tournament batting average of .375). Please remember -- just in case everyone forgets -- a player must have played in a minimum of 5 tournaments to earn this recognition, which is something to think about when I ask everyone next time if they want to play some more ball in an upcoming tournament....

And, once again, that's all, folks!!!

New Season, New Faces, New Teams!

The Fresh Scent of Change...

Every season bears witness to new faces, new teams, and sometimes a new commitment. Too bad this doesn't apply to a new body! Somehow, though, a fresh start can be very rejuvenating, bringing an almost adolescent energy to most everyone's legs. This is part of the excitement in softball, an annual rite of spring. Men seem to understand this feeling more than women, probably because they so identify with it in making a common bond with other men. Women seem to communicate with words to form their connections with each other; a man chooses to speak physically, his body an instrument for creating silent action signals, signals that other men interpret pointedly with phrases like "good play," "nice move," "you're the man" -- or otherwise spew a series of boys-being-boys wisecracks in his direction after a missed play opportunity, much to the playmaker's derision, making him want to crawl under a rock or shrivel up like an under-watered daisy. If someone had a poor season last year, at least in his own mind, he can now come out of the gate at this time of year with renewed vigor, as he tests his body, mind, and spirit against new competition, new acquaintances -- new personal resolve. This is the essence of sport, the potent elixir that remedies a man's ills with quick results. He has only to get out on the field to forget his troubles for a while, to put job, relationships, and worrisome daily expectations on the back-burner for a short time. Men such as this know that Life is sport, and sport is Life; the two are virtually inseparable. Next time there is a chance, try watching a player who comes to the game and gets out of his vehicle just after finishing a long day at work; it's almost as if he changes instantly into the wide-eyed kid he once was. For a time, maybe just in the hour or so it takes to play a ballgame, he really is that young boy, old leather glove dangling from his hand, bat-bag on his shoulder, and Life is wonderful once again.

Enjoy the new season, everyone. Make it the best your lives have ever experienced. Remember that boy you once were and play with a young heart and spirit. I really can't think of anything better, except maybe looking forward to the next game...or next season!

(This article has appeared annually for several years now from our Heavy Metal Softball team archives. It is reprinted here to always serve as a reminder of what it is really all about -- lest we forget in the heat of competition that we are all essentially the same and that sport can be a great vehicle to bring out the best of who we are as human beings.)


Friday, January 1
Congratulations to Lucio Cobos -- Heavy Metal's 2009 Tournament Batting Champion!!!

Congratulations, Lucio Cobos, for officially winning the 2009 season race for the Batting Champions: Metal Men perpetual award bat, based on your final tournament batting average of .549 over 5 tournaments!  Your name will be the third to be engraved upon this annual award -- great job, buddy!  Other eligible players were, in the order of their final batting averages:  Steve Stafford, .547; Donny Aguiar, .538; Lee Garcia, .462; Vern Amaro, .456; Wes Avery, .444; Mike Lujan, .434; Brian Hollingshead, .404; and Rich Avery, .260 -- good job, guys!

Let's see who sets the tone next year in vying for the 2010 season crown...!

Friday, August 21
Congratulations to Wes Avery -- Heavy Metal's Newest League MVP!!!

Our Team's Highest Award Couldn't Have Gone To A More Deserving Guy!!!

After the Tulare Summer 2009 league campaign, Wes Avery finally made it to the upper echelon of Heavy Metal elite by capturing his first league MVP award. In the near future, he will be presented with the coveted Heavy Metal Softball league MVP Circle of Honor plaque by team manager, Vern Amaro. MVP! MVP! MVP! -- you deserve it, my friend!


Friday, August 21
Summer 2009 End-of-Season Categorical Leaders -- Thursday Night Men's

Some Bragging Rights From Our Summer 2009 Tulare City League Campaign!!!

At the end of each league season, some recognition is always given to those individuals who contributed to the team in some way. The following categories -- most real, some intended for a few laughs -- are mostly from the offensive part of softball; some are just plain offensive! (Have a little sense of humor, guys! Don't get defensive. Get it -- defensive! Oh, never mind....)  So, for what it's worth, here we go:

Tulare City League, Thursday Night, summer 2009
4-6 record:
  No team award; MVP selected solely by offensive/defensive points 

Offensive Categories --

Most Plate Appearances:  Mike Lujan (42)

Most At-Bats:  Mike Lujan (41)

Most Runs:  Wes Avery (22)

Most Singles:  Mike Lujan (19)

Most Doubles:  Wes Avery (6)

Most Triples:  Joaquin Perez, Steve Stafford (tie, 3)

Most Home Runs:  Joaquin Perez (3)

Most RBIs:  Joaquin Perez (22)

Most Walks:  Vern Amaro, Gene Hitt (tie, 4)

Most Sacrifices:  Brian Hollingshead, Joaquin Perez (tie, 2)

Highest On-Base Percentage:  Wes Avery (.641)

Highest Slugging Percentage:  Joaquin Perez (1.031)

Highest Batting Average:  Wes Avery (.641)

Most Hits:  Wes Avery (25)

Most Single-Game Points:  Joaquin Perez, Steve Stafford (tie, 25)

Most Offensive Points:  Wes Avery (117)

Defensive Categories -- (Sorry, but no defensive stats were kept this league)

All of which leads to, if the above stats were used primarily in making our choice...

Most Valuable Player (Tulare City League, Thursday Night Men's, summer 2009):  Wes Avery (117 offensive/defensive points)

And for our special categories...

Most Non-Appearances (regular members):  Paul Lawrence (10) (Once again, Where In The World Is...Paul Lawrence! is a new Thursday evening sports segment showing primarily at Prosperity Sports Park!  Just kidding, of course, buddy!  Lencho Martinez was a close second (8), while Brian Hollingshead and Steve Stafford both took a distant third (3).  Some others also were considered, even though their physical bodies actually made it to the games!)

Perfect Attendance (regular members):  Vern Amaro, Rich Avery, Wes Avery, Lee Garcia, and Mike Lujan (All 10 games; gold stars to everyone!)

Most Memorable Performance:  In our ninth game of the league season, we played a team that goes by the name Blue Barracudas -- unfortunately for our opponent, it was our own Joaquin Perez who was the big fish that night!  On this night, Joaquin went 3 for 4, with 2 singles, 1 home run (grand slam), 6 RBIs, plus scoring 2 runs himself.  His individual offensive output was 25 points, bringing his league total up to 98 points, pretty much assuring him of joining the 100 Point Plus Club for the second time in his Heavy Metal stint.  Like I've been saying all season, buddy, you now own the fifth spot in the lineup!      

Greatest Increase in Batting Average from Last League (spring 2009; minimum 5 games):  Wes Avery (+.200, from .441 to .641) (Frank Fletcher came in second with a +.036 increase)

Biggest "Plunge" in Batting Average from Last League (spring 2009; minimum 5 games) Lee Garcia (-.307, from .621 to .314) (Vern Amaro came in second with a smaller -.141 decrease; Steve Stafford was third with a -.107 decrease.)

Best Player Quote:  "So, who's not going to be here tonight?."  (attributed to several players -- just making 10 players every game proved to be a big headache for everyone this league....)  

Best Acting Performance by a Player/Manager:  Drum roll, please...Vern Amaro!!! (13th time in a row!  A thirteen-peat!  Incredible!  Can this person run the career table!  This is for impersonating, once again, the second baseman -- and spokesperson -- of a pretty darn-good softball team!  By the way, were there any other eligible candidates on the team?)

100 Points Plus Club:  Vern Amaro (1994 T.C.L. 130 pts./1999 T.C.L. 109 pts./2001 T.C.L. 103 pts./2002 T.C.L. 140 pts./2003 T.C.L. 106 pts./2004 T.C.L. 110 pts./2005 T.C.L. 103 pts.); Rich Avery (2000 T.C.L. 129 pts./2004 V.C.L. 102 pts.); Wes Avery (2005 T.C.L. 129 pts./2009 T.C.L. 117 pts.); Matt Beltran (1999 T.C.L. 104 pts.); Gordon Caudle (2000 T.C.L. 120 pts.); Kurt Chambers (2004 T.C.L. 100 pts.); Frank Fletcher (1994 T.C.L. 115 pts./1999 T.C.L. 169 pts.*/2000 T.C.L. 134 pts./2002 T.C.L. 146 pts./2003 T.C.L. 113 pts./2004 T.C.L. 111 pts./2004 V.C.L. 112 pts./2005 T.C.L. 134 pts./2005 V.C.L. 109 pts./2006 V.C.L. 111 pts./2007 V.C.L. 105 pts./2008 V.C.L. 102 pts.); Gene Hitt (1994 T.C.L. 108 pts./2000 T.C.L. 138 pts./2002 T.C.L. 121 pts./2005 T.C.L. 100 pts./2005 V.C.L. 106 pts.); Mike Lujan (2005 V.C.L. 101 pts./2006 V.C.L. 113 pts.); Joaquin Perez (2009 T.C.L. 112 pts./2009 T.C.L. 103 pts.); Rene Regalado (1999 T.C.L. 109 pts./2000 T.C.L. 120 pts.); John Souza (1994 T.C.L. 122 pts.); Steve Stafford (2006 V.C.L. 106 pts./2007 V.C.L. 100 pts./2008 V.C.L. 103 pts.); Art Tabacco (2005 V.C.L. 116 pts.); Nelson Vieira (2002 T.C.L. 114 pts./2004 T.C.L. 112 pts./2006 T.C.L. 114 pts.) 

*[record for highest league total] 

Heavy Metal Softball rocks!  And I'm not joking here.  You've been a great bunch of guys to play side-by-side with, men! All kidding aside, I was really proud of our efforts, most especially the consistent team attitude displayed. I tip my cap off to all of you, as I know some of you come to play despite conflicting personal schedules, various aches and pains, balancing family and friends, and putting up with my managerial decisions. And so, in the meantime...keep rockin', guys -- and stay healthy for our next campaign!

Some of Heavy Metal Softball's Current and Past Members -- 2005 Edition

Just Me And The Boys!

From time to time, faces come and go on a softball team -- some just never leave! But if a team has what some call a good player chemistry, the same faces end up year after year on the team's official team picture. It is my wish that this year's current members continue to play side-by-side with me well into my twilight years -- being one of the oldest active players on our roster, that's not leaving too many years left, if you know what I mean! But kidding about my age aside, I would rather play with these guys until that time finally comes to say, "I love it, but it's time to leave it." In closing, I just want to say one more thing: You guys are great! I now present to you Heavy Metal Softball's 2005 Edition:

(Front row, kneeling, left to right): Frank Fletcher, Gene Hitt, Lee Garcia, Vern Amaro, Adam Goltz, Art Tabacco (Back row, standing, left to right): Donny Aguiar, Rich Avery, Manuel Romeiro, Kurt Chambers, Nelson Vieira   (2010 members missing in action): Wes Avery, Mike Lujan, Steve Stafford, Joaquin Perez, Brian Hollingshead, Lucio Cobos, and Johnny Lopez  

Photo taken by team statistician/photographer, Jerry Amaro

A Team of Men -- These Qualities Reflect What Good Men Are:

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Heavy Metal Softball
Heavy Metal Softball
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