HEAT Volleyball: Badger Region - FAQ's

Thursday, October 1
Badger Region

Being new to club volleyball can be confusing so we are sharing several pieces of information from the Badger Region website that should help answer your questions.

In an organizational format, HEAT Volleyball reports to Badger Region Volleyball and Badger Region reports to the United States Volleyball Association (USVA)/US Olympic Committee.  Badger Region is represents all volleyball clubs in Wisconsin.

What is Badger Region Volleyball Association (BRVA) and why do I have to pay a fee and be a member?

Badger Region Volleyball Association is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to providing a high-quality volleyball experience to their members. The BRVA region is one of the 40 regions of USA Volleyball, which is recognized by the United States Olympic Committee as the National Governing Body of volleyball in the United States.

Essentially, Badger Region Volleyball Association is the Wisconsin chapter of USA Volleyball and the premier volleyball authority in the state. Whether you are a junior player or an adult, an official or a fan, a parent or a coach, we believe our organization can provide you with a high-quality experience in the volleyball world.

Badger Region Volleyball Association provides a wide variety of services to their membership as they strive to achieve their mission and implement their vision. BRVA constantly strives to improve their region and services through dialogue and feedback with our membership.

- BRVA provides a framework of rules and regulations in which players, coaches, teams, club directors and officials function.

- BRVA provides policies and guidelines to safeguard their players, coaches, teams, club directors, officials and parents.

- BRVA provides educational opportunities for players, coaches, club directors and officials.

- BRVA provides competition opportunities for players, coaches and teams.

- BRVA provides grassroots programming and engagement to develop a new understanding and love of the sport.

- BRVA provides a platform for interaction with volleyball enthusiasts on both the regional and national levels around the country to share ideas and network.

- BRVA provides a safe and healthy environment for young players to develop through rules, regulations and resources. Read more about SafeSport at this link.

- BRVA carries insurance for the club which is able to be used if a player is injured at a Badger Region sanctioned event.  Your membership fee covers the cost of this insurance along with all other benefits listed above. 

How do I learn about all volleyball clubs, they are not listed in the phone book?

You can visit Badger Region's website for a huge amount of information.  Included on their General Information Page is a full listing of Wisconsin clubs for girls and boys.

How do I decide what club to tryout for?

BRVA has done a great job providing resources for families to help answer these difficult questions.  Please vist the BRVA website's Family Resource page and review their Family Guide to Club Volleyball.  This provides advice and alot of information to help you determine what club will fit you best. 

How do I know what team my child should tryout for? 

This is always a great question and it can be complex.  Where a child plays is based on the month and year they were born, not their grade in school.  Each year BRVA publishes a Age Definition chart for you to use to determine the correct level for your child. They also have additional information on their website regarding Age Definition and Player Waivers.  Please visit this link to read more - Age Definition & Player Waivers.

Why is HEAT having their tryouts in October and again in November?

We have to follow stricked guidelines provided by the WIAA and BRVA regarding tryouts.  Please visit the Tryout and Commitment Policy page to read more about this.  This page also discusses that your child has strict deadlines to make a decision to join a club if he/she is offered a position.

Membership in BRVA is required for you to tryout and play for HEAT Volleyball and Badger Region. 

Visit the About Registration page to learn more about this memberships.  You can also visit the BRVA Membership Option page to understand how to choose what membership you are required to have.

I have decided I need to join BRVA so that my daughter is able to attend club volleyball tryouts. How do I complete this registration? 

This registration system is owned and supported by BRVA, not HEAT Volleyball.  Please visit the Register for Badger Region USVA if this is your first time. Remember to write down your user name and password because you will need to use it again. 

You can visit that same link if you are a renewing member.  It will walk you through everything and provides contact information if you are having problems with the registration software.  You can also visit the Registration Instruction page for details that you will need.