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The 2015 Season is scheduled to start on April 29th - Once it is confirmed we will ensure that the schedule is posted on our website. 

Lets have some fun !!! 

Team Leaders will be updated on the HEAT News tab.

We will continue to play on Wednesday nights for the entire season.

The schedule is posted on both our site and the leagues.

See you on the diamond!! 






Injury Report


May 24, 2014

#1 Scott Pyle - Knee Sprain

The official diagnosis is still uncertain, but HEAT’s shortstop Scott Pyle is hoping it is not as bad as it seems. He wwants to return this season from the knee injury.

"I hope it is good news," Pyle said. "I hope that it is not season ending and only a few weeks."

Pyle suffered the injury to his knee during a private conditioning session last week.

Scott will meet with the Doctor and hoping the examination will give them good news. But Pyle said on Monday that the injury to the knee feels better and is hoping it is less significant than originally thought, and he can meet with the head athletic trainer to develop a plan for rehabilitation.

Still, both HEAT and Pyle will proceed with some caution.
He won't attempt a comeback until he's medically ready.

"The fans will be calling for him and wanting him back soon and even though I'm feeling good, there's no reason to be pressing things," he said. "I've talked to other players I know, and they say this can be a one of those bad things if you don't let it heal all the way."