HCRP ADULT SOCCER LEAGUES: Important Information

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League Rules, Information & Policies

♦ HCRP Adult Soccer League Rules

♦ HCRP Standard League Rules

♦ Women's 6v6 League Rules

♦ Team Roster Form

♦ Managers Handbook

♦ Lightning Policy

♦ Pre-Game Inclement Weather Policy

Co-Rec Referee Payment System

♦ Men's Referee Payment System

♦ Women's Referee Payment System

♦ On-Line Suspension List

All players must be at least 18 years old by the start ot league play

Co-Rec Team Registration Fee = $275 (10 game schedule)

Men's Team Registration Fee = $275 (10 game schedule)

Women's Team Registration Fee = $275 (10 game schedule) 

League fees include: League Administration, facility / light use / maintenance and referee assignment