Hawthorne Soccer Association: Coach's Corner: Game day reminders.....

Game day reminders.....

From our Referee Coordinator 

  • Bring Passes, H2O, and First Aid Kit, Game Ball (for home games) to all games.
  • Teams, along with their own town spectators, are to be on the same side of the field, opposite the away team and their spectators.  Usually the home team chooses their side of the field first.
  • Home teams must change shirt color if there is a color conflict with away team uniform.  Keepers jersey color must be different from both the home & away team jersey colors.
  • Coach will assign one person to signal with the line flag whenever the ball crosses the side line on their side of the field.  Person chosen should ideally be an adult and must know that a ball that has not completely crossed over the side line is still in play.  Flag will be handed out to coach by referee prior to the start of game and is to be returned to the referee at the end of game.
  • All players are to play a MINIMUM OF ONE HALF OF EACH GAME so please plan your substitutions accordingly.
  • Substitution opportunities are available at each throw-in, regardless of which team has possession of the ball, goal kicks, and after a goal is scored.  No substitutions are allowed at the time of corner kicks, penalty kicks and free kicks.  COACH MUST ASK PERMISSION OF REFEREE FOR EVERY SUBSTITUTION - NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Coaches are not to talk to the referee except during the pre-game inspection, to request a substitution, if a player is injured on the field, or to inform the referee that they are filing a referee before the referee leaves the field.  Any disagreement with the referee is to be handled via a written complaint on the Coaches' Referee/Game Evaluation Form found on the NWBSA.org website and forwarded to Games Conduct.
  • Good Sportsmanship is expected at all times, including the handshake at the end of the game.  Coaches, please watch over your players to make sure that handshakes are not overly aggressive and no undesirable words are exchanged among players and coaches.  This also extends to the "Celebration Tunnels" that many of the younger division girls teams like to do.

You can review the Northwest Bergen Soccer Rules of Competition document anytime by uploading the document below.

If you have any questions or issues that come up during games, don't hesitate to contact me @ referee-coordinator@hawthornenjsoccer.org.  Here's to a successful, safe and enjoyable season!


Handout: 2013 Northwest Bergen Soccer Rules of Competition
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