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Due to recent rain-outs, the Instructional League Schedule has been extended one week!

Wednesday, November 5
UPDATED!!! 2014 Schedule for the Instructional League- One Week Added!

Please click on this link to view and download the season schedule.


All Instructional games are played on Saturday at Wagaraw #4 Field or Rea Avenue Field. Each game is broken into four 12-minute periods (48 Minutes) with a 2-minute break between periods.


There will be a 30 minute practice/instruction prior to every game.


Seven players plus a goalie per side should be on the field during the four 12-minute periods.  Coaches will substitute continually.


Parents, as you leave the field when the game ends, please make sure that all water bottles, trash etc…is cleaned up.        

Field Status - Open

Field Status for today's Games:
OneCallNow will provide field status updates during the week.


Veterans field is OPEN  

Diamond Bridge 1 is OPEN

Diamond Bridge 2 is OPEN 


Rea Avenue field is OPEN 

Wagaraw fields are OPEN 

NOTE TO ALL PLAYERS: If you receive a OneCallNow message or if your coach contacts you
 to indicate a HOME field and game status different from what is posted on this website - then those messages take priority.

OneCallNow and/or your coach will also advise you of changes in field status for practice.

- - - - -

NOTE TO DIVISIONAL PLAYERS: Your coach will ALWAYS advise you of any changes in game status for AWAY games.  If you do not hear from your coach, please be at the AWAY field at the requested time.

About Hawthorne Soccer......


Hawthorne Soccer Association promotes the game of soccer by providing opportunities to play on instructional and divisional teams, learn soccer skills, teamwork, sportsmanship, fair play and promote citizenship in the community. 


The program consists of two leagues.  The Divisional League is a traveling program for children 8 – 17 years old and the Instructional League is an in-town program for children 5-7 years of age. Teams in the Divisional League practice and play from August 1 to mid-November.  Divisional League Team rules and schedules are established by the Northwest Bergen Soccer Association - www.nwbsa.org . Instructional League Teams practice and play from September 1 to early November. 


The Instructional League also participates in an indoor program from January to April. An annual Indoor Soccer program for children 8 and under is held during the winter and early spring. All coaches participating in Hawthorne Soccer Association programs must be safety certified - accredited through the Borough of Hawthorne's Safety Certification Course.  


Parents are always welcome to volunteer in roles as coaches, assistant coaches, administration and special programs.  Simply contact us with your interests (contact-us@hawthornenjsoccer.org)

Sunday, August 1
2014 Schedules

Click on the Divisional League Game Schedules Tab on the left to access your team's schedule for the 2014 season.  If the schedule is not shown, it is because Northwest Bergen Soccer has not completed the assignments.

Click on the Instructional League Game Schedule Tab on the left to access your team's schedule for the 2014 season. 

Northwest Bergen Soccer Rules of Competition


What guides play at the Divisional Level?    Check out NWBSA's most recent update to the Divisional Rules and Regulations.

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