Hampstead Hawks Softball: Welcome

Wednesday, March 28
2012 Hampstead Softball Team

Welcome to the Hampstead Middle School Hawks Softball website.

Here you will find updates on practice and game schedules, directions to away games and results of games.  Check back often for updates!  This site will be updated by 2P daily. 

Handout: Directions

Friday, June 1
Spring Sports Banquet - June 5 at 6:30P

Hope to see everyone at the Sports Banquet on Tuesday, June 5th at 6:30P...please note the slideshow starts at 6:15PM.

Friday, June 1
Highlights from Game 9 & 10

A win this year didn't happen, but a lot of good things did!  The team gained more knowledge of the game, "knowing the play" at different positions and confidence at the plate.  Overall, our performance was better than last year!  Next year will be even better!  I'm confident wins will come and we will be spending less time on the basics.

Game 9 against Litchfield marked our last home game of the season.  Our offensive performance was grim, however defensively we looked good...holding Litchfield to 3 runs in the 1st inning, 3 in the 2nd, 1 in the 3rd, 1 in the 4th! Holding a team to 8 runs in 4 innings is great improvement for us!  Unfortunately, the 5th inning got away from us and we gave up 7 runs.  However, if we could have scored...this would've been a much different ball game!  We had great plays all around the infield....Cammie P, Hailey, Alyssa C. and Mackenzie did super!  Amanda received a much needed & deserved break from behind the plate and Emma filled in with a solid game on defense & offense.  It was refreshing to see such a solid defensive game!

Afterward, we had thanked our fans with pizza & cupcakes....thanks for all your support!

Game 10 was a long road trip to South Meadow where we got out of our hitting slump and racked up 5 runs and only 6 strikeouts.  The bats were swinging and connecting!  A tough 1st inning got us behind when we allowed 8 runs.  However, tough play & aggressive baserunning by Hailey, Cassie, Emma, Mackenzie, Mollie, Cammie W. & Cammie P. kept us in the game and forced South Meadow to need their last ups to end the game.  Cassie, Hailey & Alyssa C. all worked hard from the mound.  Alyssa C. keeps getting better at making plays from the mound...showing great confidence!  I'm also really pleased with the hitting from Christina...she ended the season strong and will be a threat next year!

Tuesday, May 22
Final Game of the Season on Wednesday, 5/23 - Away at South Meadow - See Directions

We hope to see some fans at our South Meadow game! Here are directions to the field -

South Meadow Middle School is located in Peterborough, NH and the Softball Team plays at Adams Park on Union Street in Peterborough. Take 101W into Peterborough - Turn right onto Granite Street, then in .3 miles turn left onto Main Street - continue another .4 miles (Main Street will turn into Union Street) - Park should be on your left. I'm not sure which field we use, but I believe there are 2 softball fields.

Tuesday, May 22
Today's Practice Cancelled

Unfortunately, I had to make a decision on practice by noon and at that time it was still raining. In addition, the field is unsafe.... too much standing water and the base paths are slippery. No signs of sunshine to help dry things out.

 Please remind your players that we have our final game tomorrow....Away at South Meadow in Peterborough, NH. It is a long ride, so we will be leaving at 1:50P and I anticipate we will be home between 7:00 - 7:30P. The drive is about 90 minutes.

 Thank you again for your support all season! We saw great progress in basic fielding skills, game awareness and baserunning! Great foundation for next season!

 I will do my best to keep the girls playing this summer! Stay tuned for more information!

Thursday, May 17
Hawks Softball -Shirts

HAWKS SOFTBALL T-SHIRTS – To promote team comradery, I’ve designed & ordered Team T-Shirts for the players.  I am hoping that the girls will wear these shirts with pride and a commitment to rebuilding the softball program at HMS.  Our motto this year is ONE TEAM, ONE GOAL….that goal is to work hard and become a competitive TEAM.  To help players afford a shirt, I am assisting in the cost; therefore shirts are only $10 per player.

The shirts are being printed by Embroidery Creations in Londonderry.  They have worked with us before and provide a high quality product.

If interested, please bring $ in as soon as possible.  I anticipate that our shirts will be available by the end of the season.  If not, I will provide on the day I collect uniforms.

Thursday, May 17
Highlights from Game 6, 7 & 8

Busy week of Softball!

Game 6 at Timberlane marked our second match up against this team.  They are beatable if we crack the bats and cut down on our fielding errors.  During our 1st game we only scored 1 run...but we showed that we've improved and earned 6 runs with patience at the plate and aggressive base running.  We are still plagued by too many strikeouts which makes it difficult to achieve that first win.  We had a rough 1st inning defensively allowing Timberlane to rack up 11 runs.  Once we settled in, we had some great hustle in the outfield with great plays by Ashley at 2nd and Mackenzie in right field.

Game 7 at Raymond was our second time playing this power house of a softball team.  Despite the challenge, we really enjoy playing this team.  Their coach is great and the players are supportive & have great sportsmanship.  They will be rebuilding next year...so I can't wait to play them.  In Game 1 against Raymond...we were shut out and allowed 26 runs.  Not this time!  We earned 2 runs with only 6 strikeouts...our challenge this time....we left too many runners stranded on base with playable hits.  But at least, we were hitting!  Hailey, Mackenzie, Jenna, Emma, Mollie, Cassie & Christina all had hits.  On defense, Ashley had another strong game at second resulting in 4 outs.  Mollie had a nice game at SS.  Hailey did a great job pitching while Cassie showed strong skills at 3rd base for her second game at this new position.

Game 8 against Cawley... I will admit, it didn't go as I had hoped.  Our previous 3 games revealed progress & renewed confidence...so I was pumped up to give Cawley a challenge.  Unfortunately, the team as a whole was not on the same page.  We managed to get shut out by Cawley in 4 1/2 quick innings.  Despite our challenge of too many strikeouts & errors....Emma, Ashley & Christina did a nice job getting solid hits! Great plays from Emma & Ashley at 2nd....glad Cammie remains strong at 1st!  Cassie moved from 3rd to Center Field and did a great job! Nice pitching and defensive plays, as always, by Alyssa C.

Thursday, May 17
Home Game today, Thusday, May 17

Calling all fans!  Come support your Hawks today as they play against Cawley at Home....3:45 PM start.

It is a beautiful day for softball!

Thursday, May 17
Schedule Updates


*    Friday, 5/18 – Practice, 3-5PM


*    Monday, 5/21 – Home Game against Litchfield, 3:30 PM – Last Home Game

*We will have a Fan Appreciation after the Game with Pizza, Cake – Please plan ahead & join us in celebrating our season!*  If the field is free after practice, we will set up the pitching machine for some Fan batting practice!  Pizza delivered at 5:15P.

*    Tuesday, 5/22 – Practice, 3-4:30 PM…Please note we will be ending practice early (4:30P).


*    Wednesday, 5/23 – Away Game at South Meadow, bus leaves at 1:45 PM – Last Regular Season Game

Tuesday, May 15
Parent Appreciation Day Rescheduled for Monday, May 21 after Game

Please come suppport the Hawks for their last home game on Monday, May 21 against Litchfield and then join us in thanking you & celebrating our season with pizza & cake after the game!

Tuesday, May 15
Wednesday Practice Cancelled - Rescheduled for Friday!

Please note, due to rainy weather - practice has been rescheduled to Friday at Depot from 3 -5 PM.  We will be working on our hitting & base runnining!

Sunday, May 13
Schedule for Week of May 14


Monday, 5/14 – Away Game at Timberlane

Tuesday, 5/15 – Away Game at Raymond - 3:30 PM *We will be stopping at McDonalds after the game – players will receive $5 from Athletic Club for dinner*

Wednesday, 5/16 – Practice

*We will have a Fan Appreciation after Practice with Pizza, Cake – Please plan ahead & join us in celebrating our season!*  If the field is free after practice, we will set up the pitching machine for some Fan batting practice! 

Thursday, 5/17 – Home Game against Cawley

Friday, 5/18 – NO PRACTICE

Please Note - We have a make up game for Wednesday, May 23rd!  I anticipate practice on the 21st & 22nd.

Friday, May 11
Learn the Game - Watch College Softball on TV

It is that time of year....  the NCAA Softball World Series!

Take some time over the next few weeks and catch a game or 2 on ESPN to learn more about the game we love to play!  Right now the college teams are battling to see who makes it to the World Series which begin on may 31st.  This is one of my favorite times of the year!  These teams are awesome to watch!  It is a great opportunity to learn more about the game & the position you play or want to play!

My favorite teams are the Arizona Sun Devils, Florida Gators & Tennesse Lady Vols

Make it a family event & have fun!

Here's a link to the schedule:


Thursday, May 10
Home Game today against Litchfield

Come watch us build on the confidence & momentum from a great Game 5 against Weare!  Today, we play Litchfield...it may be a bit soggy & muddy...but after yesterday's sliding practice....the girls are prepared to get dirty!

Bring your rain gear!

Tuesday, May 8
Today's Game Cancelled - Rescheduled to May 23

Please note game is cancelled today.

Girls - please be prepared for sliding practice tomorrow...we are going to take advantage of the wet weather!

Monday, May 7
Away Game at South Meadow, Tuesday - Directions

We hope to see some fans at our South Meadow game!  Here are directions to the field -

South Meadow Middle School is located in Peterborough, NH and the Softball Team plays at Adams Park on Union Street in Peterborough.  Take 101W into Peterborough - Turn right onto Granite Street, then in .3 miles turn left onto Main Street - continue another .4 miles (Main Street will turn into Union Street) - Park should be on your left.  I'm not sure which field we use, but I believe there are 2 softball fields.

Monday, May 7
Schedule for the Week of May 7


Monday, 5/7 – Practice

Tuesday, 5/8 – Away Game at South Meadow – 3:30 PM (Due to rain, game changed to May 23)

Wednesday, 5/9 – Practice - Be prepared for sliding practice...wet weather is perfect for sliding!

Thursday, 5/10 – Home Game against Litchfield – 3:30P

Friday, 5/11 – Practice (We have a game on Monday!) - TBD

Friday, May 4
Highlights from Game 5

Finally, we played to our potential!  What a great game against Weare!  Everyone got on base and for 2 innings we held the lead!  We collected 10 runs off of 8 hits and only 3 strikeouts.  Previously, we had been averaging 12 strikeouts a game.  Great improvement on offense!  We ran the bases aggressively and mentally stayed in the game on offense & defense.  Despite some hits in the last 2 innings, we were unable to collect enough runs to win....however our effort mentally & physically earned us a win in my book! 

Hailey did an excellent job on the mound and followed up with some awesome plays at shortstop.  Cassie came in and helped contain the Weare offense.  Both our infield & outfield proved themselves and showed our fans that we've been working very hard! Very nice hustle by Cammie P at 1st base! This was a great confidence boost for us as we face South Meadow & Litchfield next week.

Friday, May 4
Highlights from Games 3 & 4

Both Pelham & Timberlane proved to be challenges for us on offensive.  Too many standing strikeouts made it difficult for us to test our opponents abilities on defense.  However, I do see great improvement with our fielding, understanding of game situations, communicating & backing up throws.  Our pitching remains solid with very few walks, which means we need to support our pitchers by making the outs on hits.

Pelham is the league leader and we actually did a very nice job getting outs, except for the second inning when they collected 10 runs...otherwise we were looking at holding them to 6 runs!  Our 2 runs were scored by Amber & Alyssa C., who had a fantastic game in the field...making 6 defensive plays for outs.  Nice Job!  Mackenzie & Alyssa L. also collected a pair of singles.  Cassie did a real nice job filling in at shortstop and Emma showed her skills off at 2nd base.

Timberlane should have been a more even competition if we had put the ball in play!  I look forward to meeting them again this season, because I truly believe that if we get some hits and run the bases well....we can win against this team.  Cassie & Alyssa C. remained consistent from the mound and made some great catches & plays to 1st.  Mentally, we lost a step in this game....but a rematch will be a very different result.

 Our outfield continues to get more confident as the season progresses!  Cammie P & Amanda keep the infield solid at 1st and behind the plate.

Now, we need to start swinging the bats!

Tuesday, May 1
Today's Game has been rescheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday, 5/2)

Due to the constant rain today, our game against Timberlane has been rescheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday, 5/2) at Home 3:30 PM start time!

 The team has been working hard at better throws, fielding and knowing the play!  Come watch us work hard to capture that 1st win this season!

Sunday, April 29
Schedule for the Week of 4/30

Both games are home this week....so come cheer us on to our 1st WIN!!!

Monday, 4/30 – Practice, 3-5 PM

Tuesday, 5/1 – Home Game against Timberlane – 3:30 PM (Picture Day! Players dismissed at 2:10...meet coach in the gym for pictures, then bus will take players to Depot - Don't forget your picture forms!)

Wednesday, 5/2 – Practice, 3-5PM

Thursday, 5/3 – Home Game against Weare – 3:30 PM

Friday, 5/4 – NO PRACTICE

Tuesday, April 17
Reminder - Home Game Today against Pelham

It is a beautiful day for SOFTBALL!

Come out and cheer on the Hawks as we play against Pelham at Home.

Game starts at 3:30P!

Monday, April 16
Schedule for the Week of 4/16

Monday, 4/16 – Practice - 3-5P

Tuesday, 4/17 – Home Game against Pelham – 3:30 PM

Wednesday, 4/18 – Practice - 3-5P

Thursday, 4/19 – Practice - 3-5P

Friday, 4/20 – NO PRACTICE – Have a great vacation!

Friday, April 13
Practice today FRIDAY from 3 - 5P at Depot Field

Beautiful day for practice!  Going to be reviewing proper position play & hit off the pitching machine!

Friday, April 13
Highlights from Game 1 & 2

Thank you to all our fans for your support at our home opener against Raymond & our 1st road trip to Londonderry.  Both games were tough...especially with our inability to hit the ball.  I am especially pleased with the improved effort against Londonderry....we made a few heads up plays and ran aggressively on the bases, scoring 4 runs! 

Honorable mentions need to go to our pitchers & catchers who remained strong in both games!!  Londonderry relied on steals to earn most of their runs.  We don't often see that type of play & will fit in some time to learn how to handle it.

We are also seeing great plays & hustle from returning players & captains....Cammie & Hailey.  Our younger players are working hard and keeping a positive attitude.  The season has just begun, so I expect great improvement along the way!  In order to be competitive we definitely need to improve our batting average and tighten up our defense. Girls are still learning positions, so getting everything to click will take some time.

Over the next 2 practices, we will prepare for a tough battle against a strong Pelham team.  Our goal is to play 7 innings by olding Pelham to under 10 runs and to improve our batting average!  A win would be awesome and that is always a goal!  Today, we will review proper postion play & responsibilities and get some swings in off the pitching machine.  Next Monday, we will spend 2 hours working on situations.

Glad to see the sun shining!

Thursday, April 12
Game 2 at Londonderry - Please Note Game Location

Hope to see/hear a lot of smiling, cheering fans today as we play against Londonderry.  Please note the game will be played at LAFA Fields across from Londonderry High School behind fire station on Sargent Road, Londonderry, NH.

Monday, April 9
Schedule for the Week of 4/9

Monday, 4/9 – Practice - 3-5 PM

Tuesday, 4/10 – Home Opener against Raymond – 3:30 PM

Wednesday, 4/11 – Early Release at School – NO PRACTICE

Thursday, 4/12 – Away Game at Londonderry – 3:30P

*Game played at LAFA Fields across from Londonderry High School behind fire station on Sargent Road, Londonderry, NH.

Friday, 4/13 – TBD

Sunday, April 8
Scrimmage Highlights

Thank you to all of the fans that came out last Wednesday and cheered us on against Nashua Catholic!

I was extremely pleased with our fielding, baserunning & patience at the plate, however we left too many runners stranded.  My goal for the scrimmage was to provide an opportunity for all 18 players to participate...get the jitters out & build confidence.  All of our players worked hard and played as a team!  Our starting infield looked very strong and our outfield did a nice job of knocking down the ball & making smart throws.   Our pitchers & catchers looked good! 

Awesome to see some real heads up plays and a few double plays!  Nice job girls!!

We all recognize we need to communicate better & swing more at the plate!  We are excited to have a fun, competitive season!  The scrimmage was a great start!

On Friday, we had an excellent hitting practice off the tees & pitching machine.  Our team can hit...we just need to swing & not wait for the "perfect pitch". 


Thursday, April 5
Practice on Friday, April 6 - Location Change

Please note that practice on Friday, April 6 will be at the Hampstead Middle School from 3-5 PM

Monday, April 2
Team Captains

Congratulations to our 2012 Team Captains voted by their fellow players & coach:

Cammie P



These girls are already showing that they have what it takes to be team leaders & to keep the team focused on our goals!

Sunday, April 1
Schedule for Week of April 2

Monday, 4/2 - Practice (3-5p)

Tuesday, 4/3 - Practice (3-5p)

Wednesday, 4/4 - Non-Conference Scrimmage at Home against Nashua Catholic (3:30 - 5:30P)

*Come cheer on the Hawks as we put together everything we've been working on in practice and kick off our season with a scrimmage on our Home Field!*

Thursday, 4/5 - NO PRACTICE

Friday, 4/6 - Practice (3-5p)

Wednesday, March 28
Congratulations on Making the Team

The 2012 Softball Season is underway and I have no doubts that we will improve on last season's performance.  Our 10 returning players look very strong, confident and eager to capture that 1st win and many more!  Our 8 new players are mostly 5th & 6th graders that are skilled and excited for the opportunity to grow on this team.

A strong work ethic & commitment to TEAM is what I ask of each girl every year.  Last year we worked hard to build a new TEAM, this year we will not only grow in our skills, but in our desire to compete!  The wins will come if we stay focused on ONE TEAM, ONE GOAL ....COMPETE!

This year is going to be exciting & lots of fun! 

Wednesday, March 28
Practice Schedule for Week of 3/26

Please note all practices are typically 3-5 at Depot Field, unless changed to HMS due to weather conditions.  Changes will be announced at school & posted on this site!

Monday, 3/26 - Practice

Tuesday, 3/27 - Practice

Wednesday, 3/28 - Practice

Thursday, 3/29 - Practice

Friday, 3/30 - NO PRACTICE

Wednesday, March 28
2012 Softball Schedule



4 Wed Home vs Nashua Catholic 3:30 Non-Conference Scrimmage

10 Tue Home vs Raymond 3:30

12 Thu Away vs Londonderry 3:30

17 Tue Home vs Pelham 3:30


1 Tue Home vs Timberlane 3:30

3 Thu Home vs Weare 3:30

8 Tue Away vs So. Meadow 3:30

10 Thu Home vs Litchfield 3:30

14 Mon Away vs Timberlane 3:30

15 Tue Away vs Raymond 3:30

17 Thu Home vs Cawley 3:30


25 Fri Quarterfinals

29 Tue Semifinals

31 Thu Finals

Wednesday, March 28
Reminder to Parents!

A written note is required for your daughter to ride home from practice or a game with a non-parent/guardian.  You may give me a note for the season with several persons having your permission to pick up your child if this makes things easier for you.

Wednesday, March 28
Tri-County Athletics website

Click on the link for Tri-County Athletics to view scores & stats for the league.

Wednesday, March 28

Uniforms please make sure you follow this laundering instruction, so we can keep the uniforms for many years to come.   


1. Wash in COLD water, gentle cycle or handwash
2. Do not DRY garments in the dryer
3. Hang to dry.