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Hampstead Middle School Boys Basketball and Baseball
Hampstead Middle School Boys Basketball and Baseball  
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Get Directions to Hampstead Middle School Boys Baseball and BasketballHampstead Local Weather
Hampstead Middle School Boys Baseball and Basketball
26 School Street
Hampstead, New Hampshire

Hawks Basketball 2013-2014 + Baseball 2013 Season

Hello and welcome to the Hampstead Middle School Hawks Baseball & Basketball website.

This site is for the Boy's Baseball team in the Spring and Basketball during the Winter months.

Tri-County Schedules, Results and Standings can be accessed by clicking on the Tri-County Headline

Check back often for updates and schedules and other important info.

News will be found in THE HAWKS NEST

Directions on the locations page.

This site will be updated with dated messages ....

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Thursday, January 16
Latest Notes: HAWKS WIN..advance....Standings & Playoff Schedule Directions to EPPING now posted below



Playoff schedule posted further down.

Directions to Epping Posted below.



Wednesday, January 29
2014 FINAL Regular Season) STANDINGS, Playoff Schedule.....TriCounty Conference February 3, 5, 6, 8

STANDINGS 1/29/2014@ 5:45 PM

STANDINGS                         W      L          POINTS  Remaing games

1 PELHAM                              13      0               26       Raymond

2 HAMPSTEAD                        9       5              18        *****(won coin toss for 2nd place)

3 WEST RUNNING BROOK    9     5                18        *****

4 CAWLEY                                8       6             16        ***** (defeated Weare 2x)

5 WEARE                                  8       6             14        *****

6 LITCHFIELD                           6       8             12        *****

7 SOUTH MEADOW                 1       12              2       Raymond

8 RAYMOND                             0       11              0       Pelham, So. Meadow


Prelims: Monday 2/3/14   
Divisions: 3 - top 6 teams make the playoffs (seed 1 and 2 get byes)           
                Home       Visitor               Location/Time   
Boys    #3  WRB      #6 Litchfield   @WRB     WRB Wins by 1 in OT

Boys    #4  Cawley   #5 Weare      @ Cawley   Weare Wins



Wednesday 2/5/14  

Division: 3 - top 6 teams make the playoffs (seed 1 and 2 get byes)           

Home                     Visitor                                     Location        Time
Boys    #1 Pelham vs  Weare    @    Pelham

Thursday 2/6/14

Boys    #2 Hampstead 49  vs #3  WRB 36  @   Hampstead 


Finals Saturday 2/8/14   

Division 3 Boys Final   #2 Hampstead vs ??    @ Epping HS - 11:45 a.m.

Arrive in Epping by 11:00AM ...please come dressed to the bus.


Driving directions to Epping High School
from Hampstead Middle School,  School St
Hampstead, NH 03841


1. Head southwest on School St toward NH-121 S/Main St


0.2 mi

2. Turn left onto NH-121 S/Main St

0.2 mi

3. Turn left onto Emerson Ave

2.0 mi

4. Turn left onto NH-111 E

4.8 mi

5. Turn left onto NH-111/NH-125 N
Continue to follow NH-125 N


9.8 mi

6. Turn left onto Water St (Rt 27)

0.3 mi

7. Turn right onto Main St

0.4 mi

8. Turn left onto Academy St
Destination will be on the right

361 ft
Epping High School
21 Academy St
Epping, NH 03042



Wednesday, November 6

Practice schedule week by week.

(If school is cancelled then there is no practice)


    6   THU Playoff  Hawks 49  WRB 36

  7    FRI  6:30AM

  8   SAT    FINALS@ Epping HS 

                 Hawks vs ??

         there by 11  Wear Uniform to Epping.

Bring both uniforms to turn in.....

directions posted elsewhere





***Tri-County has realigned its Divisions for 2013-2014. Go to the league website by clicking on the tri-county headline below to see schedule and realignment.

***Tri-County protocol calls for Girls to play first (3:30) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday....Boys will play first on Thursday and Friday.......Rescheduled games may differ so please check.....

***Coaches require that any student leaving with a parent must check out with the coach. Any student leaving with another parent/relative/friend MUST have a written note stating who is taking the student and that permission is granted to do so. Parent MUST sign and date the note appropriately.

Thursday, November 1
Tri-County Athletics' Website.....just click on this headline..2013-2014 season

This will direct you to scores etc from the league website.

Click on Divisions and Teams......choose the sport 

Then click on Scores and Standings.

Go to Division III and view or click on a team to see their scores/schedule for the season.


Sunday, November 10
2013-2014 Boy's Basketball Schedule, Scoring Summary etc

Boy's "A" Team Schedule


THU   14     Hawks 26  CHESTER 41 (league 0-0; overall 0-1)

MON  18     Hawks 49     WEST RUNNING BROOK 44 (league 1-0; overall 1-1)

            Scoring: John M 4, Ryan A 20; Ty L 3; Carter S 4; Matt F 19 ....contributing on D were Josh L, Will A, Zach B, Max F and Zack Hudgins 

THU   21     Hawks 48    RAYMOND  28 (LEAGUE 2-0; OVERALL 2-1)

            Scoring: John M 2, Ryan A 18, Josh L 2, Zach B 3, Carter S 8, Matt F 14, Spencer Q 1



            FRI:  Hawks 40  Nashua Catholic 34 (League 2-0; Overall 3-1)

                           Scoring: Max F 2; John M 4; Ryan A 14; Zach B 3; Carter S 2; Matt F 15 

            SAT: HAWKS 28  Bedford 43 (League 2-0; Overall 3-2)

                           Scoring: Max F 1; John M 4; Ryan A 9; Zach B 6; Matt G 1; Matt F 7 

                     HAWKS  39  Amherst 22 (League 2-0; Overall 4-2)

                           Scoring: John M(7) 9; Ryan A 12; Zach H 4; Josh L 3; Zach B 1; Matt G 2;

                                         Josh Mc  2; Matt F 6

                     Championship Game: Bedford 42  Hampstead 24 (league 2-0; overall 4-3)

                            Scoring: John M (7) 2; Ryan A 11; Zach B 2; Ty L 3; Matt F 4


MON  25     Hawks 50 CAWLEY 36 (League 3-0; Overall 5-3)

                        Scoring: John M 9; Ryan A 25; Zach B 1; Will A 2; Matt F 13


MON    2     Hawks 43  WEARE 38 (League 4-0; Overall 6-3)

                        Scoring: John M 5; Ryan A 16; Zach B 10; Ty L 2; Matt F 10

THU     5     Hawks 41 LITCHFIELD 37 (League 5-0; Overall 7-3)

                         Scoring: John M 4; Ryan A 21; Gennaro M 2; Zach B 7; Will A 2; Ty L; Matt F 5

MON    9     Hawks 25  PELHAM 40 (League 5-1; Overall 7-4)

                         Scoring: Ryan A 9; Zach B 7; Jackson C 2; Ty L 2; Matt F 4; Spencer Q 1

THU   12     Hawks 35 SOUTH MEADOW 26 (League 6-1; Overall 8-4)

                         Scoring: Ryan A 17; Josh L 2; Zach B 5; Carter S 2; Matt F 9


                   Reschedule date: TUE JAN 14TH @WRB

THU   19    Hawks 49  Raymond 36(League 7-1;Overall 9-4)

                          Scoring: Max F 2; John M 9; Ryan A 7; Zach B 15; Jackson C 2; Ty Letoile 1; Josh M 2; Carter S 4; Matt F 6; Spencer Q 1



MON    6    HAWKS 41  CAWLEY  31 (League 8-1; Overall 10-4)

                         Scoring: John M. 5; Ryan A 16; Zach B 2; Matt F 10; Spencer Q 8

THU     9    HAWKS 43   WEARE 45(League 8-2; Overall 10-5)

                         Scoring: John M 4; Ryan A 24; Zach B 4; Ty L 2; Matt F 5; Spencer Q 4

MON  13    HAWKS 35   LITCHFIELD 54 (League 8-3; Overall 10-6)

                         Scoring: John M 14; Ryan A 10; Zach B 7; Ty L 1; Josh M 2; Carter S 2

TUE   14    HAWKS 46  WEST RUNNING BROOK 57 (League 8-4; Overall 10-7)

                         Scoring: John M 11; Ryan A 20; Zach H 2; Zach B 9; Ty L 2; Spencer Q 2

THU   16    HAWKS 32  PELHAM 54(League 8-5; Overall 10-8)

                         Scoring: John M 8; Ryan A 11; Josh L 2;Zach B 4; Will A 6; Ty L 1; 

MON  20    MLK/Civil Rights Day.....No School

THU   23    HAWKS 50  SOUTH MEADOW 43 (League 9-5; Overall 11-8)

                          Scoring: John M 8; Ryan A 27; Matt G 2; Ty L 4; Josh M 2; Matt F 5; Spencer 2

WED  29    HAWKS 38 DERRYFIELD 45 (League 9-5; Overall 11-9)

                         Scoring: John M 3; Ryan A 25; Gennaro M 3; Ty L 4; Matt F 4




                   #2 HAWKS 49     #3 WEST RUNNING BROOK 36(League 10-5; Overall 12-9)

                         Scoring: John M 5; Ryan A 19; Zach B 3; Carter S 8!; Matt F 14!


                    #2 HAWKS  35   vs  #1 Pelham 55 (League 10-6; Overall 12-10)

Thanks everyone for an amazing season. The team returned two members and most said we were a bit on the weak side.....we proved that wrong and somehow came together to have a good team oriented season. Thanks again.

Wednesday, November 13
Hawk's Hoop Team begins 2013-2014 Season.....roster etc.

Hampstead Hawk basketball fans will be happy to learn that the season has begun.

HMS BOYS "A" Final Roster 2013-2014

  4   MAX F.
  5   JOHN M.
10   RYAN A.
11   ZACK H
13   JOSH L.
15   ZACH B.
20   MATT G.
23   WILL A.
25   TY L.
33   JOSH M.
35   CARTER S.
40   MATT F.


24   Trevor T.

22   Noah W.



Grade 8








Grade 7










Trevor T.

Noah W.


Saturday, January 26
2012-2013 HMS Hawks Basketball Schedule/Summaries/Standings....."A" Team


(as of 1/26/13 @ 7:28 AM)

 Class M Division              W     L       T         PCT               PTS

Hampstead                    12      0       0          1.000              24 

Litchfield                        8      4        0         0.667              14

So. Meadow                    7      5        0         0.583              14

Pelham                           7      5        0         0.583              14

Weare                             6      6        0         0.500              12

Cawley                            2    10        0         0.250               4

Raymond                         0     11        0         0.000                0   

Please check the TriCounty website for any further additions. Site connection is below summaries.

Games left:

Hampstead:  season complete

Litchfield: complete

Pelham: complete

Weare: complete

So. Meadow: complete


14   WED       Hawks 40 vs Chester 15 (non-league) 

16   FRI         Turkey Classic Tournament

                      6:30 HMS Hawks  27 vs Nashua Catholic    45

17   SAT        Turkey Classic Continues

                      Hawks 57 vs Pelham 24

                      Hawks 20 vs Nashua 42

26   MON       Hawks 42 @ Weare 20  (league 1-0; overall 3-2)

The Hawks rebounded from a sluggish first quarter in which they trailed 8-5 with a super defensive effort in the second quarter allowing 0 points and scoring 17 to lead 22-8. They then held Weare to only 12 points in the second half to clinch their first Tri-County League game.

Scoring: Ryan A. 4; David C. 8; Connor D. 2; Matt R. 2; Zach B. 2; Ryan P. 4; Justin P. 1; Ryan A. 17; Jake F. 2 

29   THU        Hawks 47  @ So. Meadow  33  (league 2-0; Overall 4-2)

The Hawks hung tough through the first two quarters and trailed at the half 23-21. They ramped up the "D" in the third and fourth quarters, leading after 3 periods 30-28  and won going away 47-33. The Hawks defense only allowed 10 second half points and scored 17 in the fourth period alone to seal the victory. Ryan A's 15 fourth quarter points, and 23 in the game, were the key to the Hawks success.

Scoring:  Ryan A. 2; David C. 8; Conor D. 3; Matthew R. 5; Devin C. 4; Ryan P. 2; Ryan A. 21; Jake F. 2


 3    MON       Hawks 58  Cawley Middle School  29 (League 3-0; Overall 5-2)

The Hampstead Hawks took on the Cawley Hawks at HMS and took an early lead of 12-11 late in the first half and then never looked back.  Led by some great defense and some solid outside shooting Hampstead's boys took care of business outscoring the Cawley Clan at one point 40-9 to take a 52-20 lead. Nick B. and Ben T. hit some key three pointers to propel the team to a solid victory.

Scoring: to follow

 6    THU        Hawks 49 vs Litchfield 45 (League 4-0; Overall 6-2)

The Hawks took on a very competitive Litchfield Lancer team that had just beaten Pelham and they overcame a poor start to eke out a slim victory. Litchfield led by 2 after the first period 14-12 while the Hawks led by 2 at the half 26-24 and by 2 after the third 36-34. The Lancers have been averaging 64 points a game and the Hawks did well to hold them 20 points below their average. Litchfield was down 7 and scored on a 3 pointer to take a one point lead late in the fourth quarter. A strong rebounding game and some clutch shooting down the stretch did the trick for the Hawks.

Scoring: David C. 1; Matthew R. 6; Ryan P. 4; Nick B. 12; Ryan A. 26

10   MON       Hawks 67 vs Raymond 23 (league, 5-0; overall 7-2)

You know it has been a good team day when your leading scorer is your manager and the team scores a season high 67 points. Manager Matt B. scored 13 and led a solid attack against the opponents from Raymond. The Hawks now move on to Pelham on Thursday for a key Tri-County Class M matchup.

Scoring: Ben T. 8; Ryan A. 2; David C. 4; Connor D. 3; Matthew R. 9; Zach B. 2; Devin C. 2; Ryan P. 2; Justin P. 2; Nick B. 6; Ryan A. 6; Jake F. 8; Matt B. 13

13   THU        Hawks 52 @ Pelham 36 (League 6-0; Overall 8-2)

The Hawks went into a usually very tough place to win, Pelham Middle School, and came away with a solid victory 52-36 and a solid lead in TriCounty Class M. Pelham suffered only their second league loss and now stand at 4-2. A tight see-saw battle in the first half saw the Hawks play some solid defense and take a 27-19 lead into halftime. After 3 period they led 40-31 and sealed the game outscoring the Tigers 12-5 in the fourth period. Some solid defense at the guard positions from Devin C., David C., and Ryan A. and solid inside rebounding from Matt R., Ryan A., and Nick B. were keys to the victory.

Scoring: Ryan A. 2; David C. 8; Connor D. 1; Matthew R. 8; Ryan P. 4; Nick B. 12 (including 2 big treys in the second half); Ryan Albrecht 16(scoring 4 in each period)

20   THU        Hawls 57 vs Weare 50 (League 7-0; Overall 9-2)  

The Hawks trailed for much of this game: 11-9 after one, 25-21 at the half before regaining the lead 37-35 late in the third and then outscoring the Weare Wildcats 20-15 in the final frame for the victory. The Hawks played a slopy game early and recovered halfway through the third and the fourth to seal the victory. Dfensively Matt R. and Ryan A. played well off the boards while Ryan A.(gr 6) played a solid game off the bench for the offense. The Hawks are  now off until January 7 when they take on the South Meadow squad at HMS.

Scoring: Ryan 6A. 15; David C. 2; Connor D. 4; Matt R. 8; Nick B. 7; Ryan A8 19

Have a great Holiday Season everyone!  


 7    MON       Hawks 46 vs So. Meadow 37 (League 8-0; Overall 11-2)

The Hawks lead from start to finish, but this was no easy win. South Meadow's Pumas were nipping at the Hawks all through the game. It was a slim 5 point lead with less than 6 minutes to go in the game. Some hot three point shooting in the third quarter led to a somewhat comfortable 12 point lead late. Ryan A.(6) got a start and had three treys and 11 solid points. The Hawks next travel to Hooksett this Thursday to take on their Hawks. 

Scoring: Ryan A6 11; David C. 3; Connor D. 6; Matt R. 6; Devin C. 2; Nick B. 5; Ryan A8 13

10   THU        Hawks 61 @ Cawley 25 (League 9-0; Overall 12-2)

The Hampstead Hawks opened this one up with a so-so first quarter leading 12-9. Ryan A8 led the way with 6 points this quarter. By halftime the Hampstead crew had opened up a 24-13 lead and never looked back. David C. had a very hot third quarter with some fine power drives and scored 10 solid points. After the third it was 45-21. Brian W. hit a trey late to bring the Hampstead bench to their feet as the Hawks finished the game with a solid 61 to 25 win. Every player saw action and contributed. The Hawks will now face second place 5-2 Litchfield away at 4:45 on Monday the 14th.

Scoring: Ben T. 5; Ryan A6. 6; David C. 10; Connor D. 5; Matt R. 2; Ryan P. 2; Justin P. 2; Nick B. 8; Brian W. 3; Ryan 8A. 18;


14   MON       Hawks 67 @ Litchfield 56  (League 10-0; Overall 13-2)

This battle had big implications for Litchfield as they fought for positions in the playoffs. Looking at the league standing there are three teams tied for second with 5-4 record and one with a 4-5 record in 5th place. This win for the Hawks clinched a regular season 1st place finish in Tri-County Class M. 

The Hawks opened a solid lead at halftime 35-26, only to see it evaporate with a 24 point 3rd quarter by the Lancers. Litchfield was hitting 3's and hustling, the Hawks had to fight back to retain their lead at 52-50. In the 4th quarter the Hawks defense yielded only 6 points and held off to win 67-56. This was a game that saw some fine rebounding by Nick B. and Matt R (14 pts). Ryan A8 (21 pts) and Ryan A6 (19 pts) both had solid games. Connor D.  proved to be an ample substitute for David C. at guard with some nice steals. 

Scoring:Ryan A6 19; Connor D. 4; Matt R. 14; Devin C. 2; Justin P. 2; Nick B. 6; Ryan A8 21

17   THU       Hawks 64 @ Raymond 46  (League 11-0; Overall 14-2)

The Hawks were never headed in this one winning 64-46. Everyone on the team who was available played. Several players were missing due to illness. Derk G. got his first points of the season coming off the scorers table to score 2 late in the game. Brian W. hit a nice trey and Zach B. made a strong move scored and was fouled to complete a threee of his own. Ryan P. was huge with 8 blocked shots and 10 rebounds. Trops off the bench hit several treys early in the game to put the Hawks up. Ryan A8 and Matt R were their usual solid selves rebounding and scoring. the hawks now look forward to their final regular season game versus Pelham next Thursday the 24th at home 3:30.

Scoring: Ben T. 7; David C. 7; Matt R. 18; Zach B. 4; Brian W. 5; Ryan A8 19; DEREK G. 2 

24   THU         HAWKS 46 vs Pelham 30 (League 12-0; Overall 15-2)

The Hawks finished their regular seasonwith a perfect 12-0 record by defeating Pelham 46-30. The Hawks sealed this one with some great defense and strong rebounding.In a low scoring game the Hawks overcame an early 7-2 deficit to lead after the first period 9-7. The second period saw Hampstead shut down the Pelham offense limiting it to 4 points and opened up their lead at the half 17-11. After three periods it was 32 to 21 and the game was over as Ryan 8A, Nick B and Matt R. took control of the boards in the fourth.

Scoring: Ryan A6. 6, David C. 8, Connor D. 4; Matt R. 11; Devin C. 2; Ryan P. 2; Ryan A8. 13;

31   THU         Hawks 60  vs Derryfield 68 (non-conference game)




Thursday, February 6
Nine Year HMS Hawks History: FOURPEAT TriCounty Hoop Champions...'06, '07, '08, '09 Runner-up '10, '11, '12

Hawks Eight Season History

Going back eight seasons show some amazingly interesting statistics. The team won 47 consecutive Tri-County league games and has an overall Tri-County record of 100-12 in the last eight seasons, and an amazing 129-19 overall in those seasons.


Last Seven Seasons, Tri-County Records:

100-12 (89.2% winning percentage)


13-1 (2005-2006*)

14-0 (2006-2007*)

14-0 (2007-2008*)

14-0 (2008-2009*)

11-3 (2009-2010^)

11-3 (2010-2011^)


 11-4 (2011-2012) (Tri-County Class M reg season champion)


 12-1 (2012-13) (TriCounty Class M Regular Season Champions 12-0)(100-11, 90.1%) lost in semi-finals 12-1


  10-5 (2013-2014) Stats not included yet. (110-17, 86.6)

4 Championships*, 3 Runner-ups^




Overall Records:


129-20 (86.6% winning percentage)

23-1 (2005-2006*) 23-1

18-2 (2006-2007*) 41-3

26-1 (2007-2008*) 67-4

20-1 (2008-2009*) 87-5

13-5 (2009-2010^) 100-10

15-5 (2010-2011^) 115-15


14-5 (2011-2012) 129-20


15-2 (2012-2013)  144-20 87.8% final stats not yet included




Amazing run.......



3 Runner-Up Playoff Trophies   2010, 2011, 2012

Congratulations to all team members. Thanks Parents, Teachers and Students for your continued support......Ray Flaherty, Coach





Monday, March 26

I would like to thank all our parents for their continuing support and being there for the kids throughout this season.

It was quite gratifying to see so many past supporters, grandparents, ex-players, teachers and administrators at our Championship game. I know the kids noticed and were impressed with the large turnout. I actually think the time delay added to the crowd size.

The amount of respect shown by both teams and their supporters was also a pleasure to behold. I know our kids respect their opponents and their teammates for their hard efforts. So good to see they notice. 

The number of parents and players from Litchfield who took the time to come over to me and congratulate us on our victory spoke volumes. Thanks again to everyone.....and to think we played that game in one hour and 35 minutes!


Coach Flaherty maybe I can finish the rehab job I started on my daughter's home...and get to St. Louis and visit my son, his wife and the three grandkids.....LOL

Hampstead Middle School Boys Basketball and Baseball
Hampstead Middle School Boys Basketball and Baseball
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