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Hampstead Middle School Boys Basketball and Baseball
Hampstead Middle School Boys Basketball and Baseball  
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Get Directions to Hampstead Middle School Boys Baseball and BasketballHampstead Local Weather
Hampstead Middle School Boys Baseball and Basketball
26 School Street
Hampstead, New Hampshire

Hawks Basketball 2013-2014 + Baseball 2013 Season

Hello and welcome to the Hampstead Middle School Hawks Baseball & Basketball website.

This site is for the Boy's Baseball team in the Spring and Basketball during the Winter months.

Tri-County Schedules, Results and Standings can be accessed by clicking on the Tri-County Headline

Check back often for updates and schedules and other important info.

News will be found in THE HAWKS NEST

Directions on the locations page.

This site will be updated with dated messages ....

Cheers Theme

Monday, January 26
Notices--- Scrimmage Thursday 29th Home vs Nashua Catholic 3:00 ----Play Off Info from TriCounty

Scrimmage Thursday 29th at 3PM Home vs Nashua Catholic 


Note: Numerous games were cancelled on Monday the 26th....NO games are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday is still up in the air.....Several teams may not get all 14 games in.

Cancelled Monday: So. Meadow @ Pelham;  

Wed Game: Raymond @ So. Meadow 


Announcement from TriCounty relative to playoffs:

Here is how the playoffs will work this year..

All play-in games, if necessary, will be played on 1/30/15, at locations to be determined as necessary.

Quarter final games for ALL divisions will be played on Monday 2/2 @ the higher seed.

Semi Final games will be played on Wednesday 2/4 @ the home of the higher seed.  

Division 5, 6 & 7 Finals will take place on Friday 2/6. Division 5 will play at Weare MS. The Girls will play at

5:30 p.m. and the Boys at 7:00 p.m.

Division 6 will play at GH Hood MS. The Girls will play at 5 p.m. and the Boys at 6:30 p.m.

Division 7 will be played at Hampstead MS. The Girls will play at 5p.m. and the Boys at 6:30 p.m.

All other Finals will be played on Saturday 2/7

Division 3 & 4 will play at Epping High School in Epping. Div. 3 Girls @ 10:00a.m., Boys @ 11:45 a.m. Div. 4 Girls @ 1:30 p.m., Boys @ 3:15 p.m.

We ask competing teams to arrive at the Finals in uniform and ready to play.

Admission will be charged for all Preliminary, Semi Final and Final games. Please alert your parents!

Students/Children/Seniors $2.00         Adults $3:00                Family $8.00

Awaiting Playoff Pairings


Practice times may change as we are trying to fit in all teams so check on this site often.


Sunday, January 11

BOYS A COACH: Mr. Flaherty/ Mr. Verreault    BOYS B: Mr. Hathaway


26  Mon   BOYS A PRACTICE3-4:30 BOYS B 4:30-5:30

27  Tue    NO Practice/No School

28  Wed   PRACTICE A 3-4:30/ Boys B 5:30-6:30(if no practice)

29  Thu    Game/Scrimmage Home vs Nashua Catholic 3-4:30 / Boys B 4:30-5:30   

30  Fri      Tentative Boys A 6:30-8:00 AM


Playoff Schedule to follow

Practice/tryout schedule week by week.

(If school is cancelled then there is no practice)


***Tri-County has realigned its Divisions for 2014-2015. Go to the league website by clicking on the tri-county headline below to see schedule and realignment.

***Tri-County protocol calls for Girls to play first (3:30) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday....Boys will play first on Thursday and Friday.......Rescheduled games may differ so please check.....

***Coaches require that any student leaving with a parent must check out with the coach. Any student leaving with another parent/relative/friend MUST have a written note stating who is taking the student and that permission is granted to do so. Parent MUST sign and date the note appropriately.

Tri-County Athletics' Website.....just click on this headline..2014-2015 season

This will direct you to scores etc from the league website.

Click on Divisions and Teams......choose the sport 

Then click on Scores and Standings.

Go to Division III and view or click on a team to see their scores/schedule for the season.


Saturday, January 24
2014-2015 BOYS A SCHEDULE/RESULTS/STANDINGS....check often as changes occur quite frequently

2014-2015 Basketball Schedule/Standings

Note: Numerous games were cancelled on Monday the 26th....NO games are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday is still up in the air.....Many teams may not get all 14 games in.

Cancelled Monday: So. Meadow @ Pelham;  

Wed Game: Raymond @ So. Meadow 

STANDINGS AS OF 1/26/2015 @ 9:01 PM 

PELHAM             13-0     26 PTS     1.000

HAMPSTEAD     11-3      22 PTS     0.786

SO. MEADOW   9-2       18 PTS     0.818

LITCHFIELD      7-7       14 PTS     0.500

WEARE              6-8      12 PTS     0.429

CAWLEY            3-11      6 PTS     0.214

RAYMOND         2-11        4 PTS     0.154 

WRB                   2-12      2 PTS     0.143




Monday, November 17, 2014 HAWKS 63  Chester Academy 34

(non-league 1-0)

 Scoring: Brady D 11, John M 9, Matt A 6, Max F 2, Matt G 4, Ryan A 20, Jeff M 3, Carter S 8


Monday, November 24, 2014 HAWKS 43  Pelham 54


The Hawks failed to show up for the fourth quarter as Pelham outdefensed and outscored the Hawks for the win.  Leading 39-36 the Hawks were outscored 18-4 in the final frame.

Scoring: Brady D 6, John M 8, Will A 5, Ryan A 14, Carter S 10


Monday, December 01, 2014 HAWKS 71  Litchfield 43


Well played game with a strong offensive and defensive game. Ten of the thirteen dressed players scored and everyone contributed on the defensive end of the floor.

Scoring: Brady D 19, John M 2, G 2, Matt A 4, Will A 4, Max F 2, Jackson W 4, Ryan A 28, Steve B 2, Carter S 6  


Thursday, December 04, 2014 HAWKS 47  Weare 22


This game featured all of the Hawks contingent getting into the game and playing well. 

Scoring: John M 4, Matt A 4, Will A 9, Max F 2, Jackson W 6, Matt G 5, Jackson C 4, Ryan A 11, Carter S 2


Monday, December 08, 2014 HAWKS 64  Cawley (Hooksett)36

League 3-1, Overall 4-1)

The Hawks opened up a 33-9 lead at the half and never looked back.

Scoring: Brady D 6, John M 1, Matt A 4, Will A 4, Jackson W 4, Matt G 9, Anthony R 2, Ryan A 22, Rudy P 6, Carter S 4


Wednesday, December 10, 2014 HAWKS 49 Raymond 35

(League 4-1, Overall 5-1)

Early defense and some nice passing got the Hawks off to a nice 15-8 first quarter lead. Solid rebounding and clutch steals opened the lead to 27-14 at the half. Raymond closed the ead to 8 in the third but the Hawks toughened up and led by as many as 19 in the fourth.

Scoring:  Brady D 10, Matt A 2, Will A 6, Matt G 3, Ryan A 21, Carter S 7


Tuesday, December 16, 2014 HAWKS 56  West Running Brook 40 

League 5-1, Overall 6-1

The team led by as many as 26 in the game and as few as 8 in the second half then pulled away a bit as the game ended. Everyone saw action in the game and we now look forward to our Western Road Trip to South Meadow in Peterborough. 

Scoring: Brady D 11, Will A 2, Jackson W 6, Matt G 4, Ryan A 29, Carter S 4



Thursday, December 18, 2014 HAWKS 59 at South Meadow 63

League 5-2, Overall 6-2

The Hawks fell behind early trailing 38-21 at the half. Good defense and select shhoting as well as some clutch foul shooting got them back in the game but couldn't overcome the early deficit. the team was 14 of 21 at the foul line. 

Scoring: Brady D 2; Gennaro M 2; Matt A 5; Will A 4; Jackson W 7; Jackson C 1; Ryan A 34; Carter S 1


Monday, December 22, 2014 HAWKS 40 vs. Pelham 43

League 5-3, Overall 6-3

The Hawks, led by some good defense and timely scoring, took an early lead after one period 11-5. Pelham rebounded with some great defense in the second period holding the Hampstead squad to just 3 points and took an 18-14 lead into the half. Both teams scored 12 points in the third as Pelham held onto the lead. The Hawks fell behind by 9 with 3 min left and went to work with several steals and a big three pointer to cut it to 3 with 12 seconds left and the ball. A last second trey hit the rim and bounced off for a tough loss. 

Scoring: John M 4; Will A 4; Jackson W 3; Ryan A 22; Carter S 8




Wednesday, January 7 Hawks  66 vs South Meadow 49

League 6-3, Overall 7-3

The Hawks revenged a pre-holiday loss to South Meadow with a solid 66-49 win. A stifling defense and a solid bench provided the means for the Hawks to catch the Pumas in the 2nd half. Led by some key trey's from John M and Ryan A the hawks too a four point lead 46-42 heading into the fourth period. From that point the team scored 18 to South Meadows 7. Key steals by Jackson W and the defense of Jackson C lead the way. The Hawks have been working on improving their depth and it proved invaluable as they were able to go ten different players for scoring while So Meadw had to rely on 5 players. 


John M 10; Genarro M 2; Matt A 1; Will A 1; Jackson W 5; Matt G 2; Jackson C 2; Ryan A 32; Jeff M 2; Carter S 8.


Thursday, January 08, 2015 HAWKS 42 vs. Litchfield 28

League 7-3   Overall 8-3

Scoring: Brady D 3; John M 9; Matt A 2; Will A 7; Ryan A 19; Carter S 2


Monday, January 12, 2015  HAWKS 52  at Weare 45 

League 8-3, Overall 9-3

Scoring: Brady D 8; Will A 12; Jackson W 2; Ryan A 20; Carter S 10

The Hawks got off to a slow start and then picked up the pace and led 16-12 after the first period and opened it up to 30-22 at the half as Carter hit a buzzer beater. The team added to their lead with a 44-33 lead after the third period. It was then that the Weare Wildcats made their move and cut the Hawks lead to 48-45 with a little over a minute left in the game. A couple of free throws and a basket later the Hawks eaked out a tough 52-45 win.


Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 3:30 pm Hawks 52 vs. Cawley 37

League 9-3; Overall 10-3

Scoring: Brady D 9; Gennaro M 2; Matt A 3; Will A 6; Max F 1; Matt G 2; Jackson C 10; Ryan A 11; Jeff M 2; Carter S 8


Wednesday, January 21, 2015  Hawks 34 vs. West Running Brook 19

League 10-3; Overall 11-3

Scoring: Brady D 4; John M 4; Will A 2; Jackson C 6; Ryan A 12; Carter S 6

The Hawks took a 14-8 lead after the first quarter and never looked back. The team had a great second half defense, led by Jackson C, holding WRB to only 2 baskets and 2 free throws.


Thursday, January 22, 2015 Hawks 68 vs Raymond 60

League 11-3; Overall 12-3

Scoring: Brady D 12; John M 3; Matt A 6; Will A 2; Jackson W 4; Matt G 2; Jackson C 5;  Ryan A 22;Rudy P 3; Carter S 6

Raymond took a 17-16 lead after the first quarter and it looked like the Hawks were going to have a really tough game. In the second quarter it seemed like a new squad took the floor for Hampstead as they erupted for 22 points while Raymond was held to 7. halftime score HMS 38  RMS 24. From that point on the Hawks subbed freely and allowed a stubborn and game Raymond team to slowly crawl back and just as the final buzzer sounded they hit a 3 to narrow the score to under 8.

The Hawks now await their TriCounty Tournament pairings. We will keep you posted.



Friday, November 21
Bus Departure Times 2014-2015 A & B TEAMS














Chester  A



St Joe (Manchester) B



Pelham  A



Litchfield  A



Raymond  B



Cawley  A



West Running Brook  A



Nashua Catholic  B



South Meadow  A



Timberlane  B



Weare  A



Sanborn  B



Raymond  A


















Thursday, February 6
Nine Year HMS Hawks History: FOURPEAT TriCounty Hoop Champions...'06, '07, '08, '09 Runner-up '10, '11, '12, & '14

Hawks Nine Season History

Going back nine seasons show some amazingly interesting statistics. The team won 47 consecutive Tri-County league games and has an overall Tri-County record of 111-18 in the last eight seasons, and an amazing 155-26 overall in those seasons.


Last Nine Seasons, Tri-County Records:

111-18 (89.2% winning percentage)


13-1 (2005-2006*)

14-0 (2006-2007*)

14-0 (2007-2008*)

14-0 (2008-2009*)

11-3 (2009-2010^)

11-3 (2010-2011^)


 11-4 (2011-2012) (Tri-County Class M reg season champion)


 12-1 (2012-13) (TriCounty Class M Regular Season Champions 12-0)(100-11, 90.1%)


  11-6 (2013-2014^) (111-18, 86.6)

4 Championships*, 4 Runner-ups^




Overall Records:


129-20 (86.6% winning percentage)

23-1 (2005-2006*) 23-1

18-2 (2006-2007*) 41-3

26-1 (2007-2008*) 67-4

20-1 (2008-2009*) 87-5

13-5 (2009-2010^) 100-10

15-5 (2010-2011^) 115-15


14-5 (2011-2012) 129-20


15-2 (2012-2013)  144-20  87.8% 


11-6 (2013-2014) 155-26  85.6%


Amazing run.......



3 Runner-Up Playoff Trophies   2010, 2011, 2012, 2014

Congratulations to all team members. Thanks Parents, Teachers and Students for your continued support......Ray Flaherty, Coach





Hampstead Middle School Boys Basketball and Baseball
Hampstead Middle School Boys Basketball and Baseball
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