Havelock Little League: Welcome

On March 28 @ 4 there will be a scorekeeping class at the Rec Center. Please remember that during all games, there will need to be a parent from each team to help out. One parent will be doing pitch count, while the other keeps score. If you do not know how to keep score, please make sure to attend this class.

Submit your Photos to tmdennis310@gmail.com  or click on the "Contact Us" page to have your photos added to our gallery.

  If you are new to Havelock Little League or if you have any questions
feel free to contact us directly: 
Mike Arndt - (252)-665-3542 - mikearndt4201@yahoo.com
Paul Williams - (252)-259-8792 - sftail88@aol.com
Please check back often as we update our website. 
Coaches and Volunteers Needed !!!
Volunteer application must be submitted and approved prior to getting on the field.
download an application at:


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