Hastings Basketball: Spiral Classic Tournament

Boys Spiral Tournament



Hello coaches/directors/parents!

We are very excited to host the Hastings Spiral Classic Tournament. Links to the brackets for the tournament are below. Just a few reminders for your players:

  • Please, no running or dribbling balls in the hallways
  • We ask that your players to stay off courts during time outs and halftime of games
  • Please keep children from underneath the bleachers. This is a MAJOR safety issue
  • Games can start as early as 20 minutes ahead of schedule.  Please have your team ready in advance
  • Be sure to enjoy our full concession areas at the High School and Middle School

Have Fun!

Brian K Davis
Hastings Boys Spiral Tournament Director

 Brackets the 2016 Hastings Spiral Classic

(click on Division for Schedule and Results)

          One Day Format

Saturday, January 2nd (grades 4, 6 & 8)      Sunday, January 3rd (grades 5, 7 & 9)

Grades: 4 through 9 with A, B and C level play.

Tournament Elements:

• One day format – 3 Games Guaranteed

• 8 courts between High School and Middle School

• Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Consolation (4 trophy levels for standard 8 team brackets)

• Great Concessions at both High School and Middle School

Boys Registration Form

Girls Registration Form
Printable Rules
Spiral Tournament Rules

Hastings Spiral Classic Rules & Regulations            

  Minnesota High School rules shall apply except as noted below:

1. Minimum 5 minute warm up prior to each game, 3-minute half-time.

2. Lineups must be submitted 5 minutes prior to game time

3. All grades will play 14-minute stop halves. Clock will run the last 7 minutes of the 2nd half with a 15-point lead in 4th & 5th grades, and 20 points in 6th – 8th. Clock will stop again when lead falls below 10 points.

4. 4th & 5th grade defensive rules:

- No pressing for 4th grade.

- 5th grade, person to person pressing allowed during the last 2 minutes of each half.

- 4th & 5th grade, person to person help out defense only within the defensive 3-point arc. Teams that violate this rule after being warned, will be assessed a technical foul.

- 6th-8th grade, all defenses allowed.

5. No pressing with 15-point lead in 5th grades, 20 points in 6th – 8th.

6. 4th grade games, Player may go over the free throw line after releasing the ball.

7. Three timeouts per game. 1 additional per overtime. All are one-minute time outs.

8. 1st overtime is 3 minutes stop time. 2nd is first to score

9. Technical fouls: automatic 2 points and the ball out of bounds. Ejection of a player or coach from a game will result in tournament disqualification

10. No protests will be considered. All decisions by officials and scorekeepers are final.

11. Players can only play on one team unless granted prior approval from the tournament director.

12. Home team shall supply the official book keeper who sits at the scoring table. Home team is the top team on the bracket or listed first in the pool game.

13. Bring reversible jerseys or both sets. We will not have pullovers available.

14. Rule Change: Please note that the MSHSL has changed the rule on free throws.

Tie Breakers are:

1st tie breaker - head to head,

2nd tie breaker – lowest total points allowed against all teams.

3rd tie breaker – coin toss

Forfeits are scored 15-0.


Girls Spiral Tournament
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One Day Format

November 14th (4th Grade, Grades 5-8 A & C Divisions)         November 15th (All B Division)

Grades: 4 through 8 with A, B and C level play.

Tournament Elements:

• One Day Format - 3 Games Guaranteed

• 8 full-sized courts  between Hastings High School and Middle School

• Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Consolation "4 Trophy Levels" (for 8 team brackets)

• Great Concessions

• Fun activities available

Girls Spiral Registration