Harvest Soccer Club: Welcome

Play Local. Play Harvest.

Tryouts for the 2014-2015 indoor and outdoor seasons

Harvest S.C. tryouts were held June 12 and 13. If you missed tryouts and have an interest in Harvest Soccer Club, please send information with name, date of birth and prior soccer experience, and we may have a small group or individual tryout by invitation. Contact us at: harvestsoccerclub@gmail.com


Harvest S.C. is a competitive soccer club based in Plymouth, Mass. We believe that players can achieve the skill level they desire if they believe it, work hard and don't give up. 

Our experienced coaching staff is committed to providing guidance that will emphasize the development of the technical, tactical, physical and mental skills necessary to improve their game at each age level. 

Harvest provides high-level training at an affordable price. More than just a soccer club; come find out. Contact us at: harvestsoccerclub@gmail.com.

The Harvest Family