Hartnell Little League: Welcome

2013 DickS AD

Hi Hartnell Families,

If your child was unable to attend picture day and you would still like an individual baseball picture, Cooks will have a make up picture day on Saturday, May 3 at 8 am at Doglione Field.

Also once you receive your pictures ( hopefully by mid April), if you would like your child to retake pictures you can do so on  Saturday, May 3 at 8 am at Doglione Field.  Please bring the pictures you are not satisfied with you that day.  

Thank You

Hartnell LL
Hi HLL Families,

What a great weekend filled with games and the Opening Ceremony!
The HLL Board has been working for 6 months to prepare for the season.  Seeing Doglione Field full of those smiling baseball faces, in their shiny clean uniforms (and awesome hats this year!) at Opening Ceremony, it reminds us Board members that it is well worth all our time and energy to give all these kids an awesome place to play baseball! 
As we move into the 2014 baseball season, we need all our HLL families to remember that the ball fields are all of our responsibilities ( not just managers and board members).  
So just a few reminders to ALL the Hartnell Families when we are at the fields:
It is the responsibility of all our Hartnell Families to keep Doglione and Claremont fields/parks clean.  So if you see trash, pick it up!  Keep the dugouts clean, under the stands clean, and fence lines clean.  Please keep our ball fields and surrounding areas clean. If you see trash pick it up!
Please remind your children to not make a mess in the bathrooms.  Trash needs to go in the garbage cans.
Also, when you are at Doglione Field please do not allow your children to climb up or over the Palma baseball fence.  They have installed a gate for us to retrieve our baseballs.  Concessions has the key to the gate.  
Thank you for your cooperation and contributions to making this a great 2014 baseball season for everyone!
Hartnell Little League
Hartnell LL  will provide bats, helmets, and baseballs to each team.  
Each player will receive a uniform jersey or t-shirt and hat. 
Parents need to provide baseball pants, belt and socks.  
( The team manager /Head coach will notify their team of the colors)
Also parent needs to provide baseball shoes, and baseball glove. 



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Challenger Division
(for boys and girls ages 4-18 with physical and mental challenges)
Please see Tab to the left "Challenger Division"
Please contact


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