Hartland Wrestling Club: Welcome

HWC, P.O. BOX 811, Hartland, MI 48353
Friday, December 29

Current members please check our TeamSnap app on a regular basis and turn on alerts to "stay in the know."  If your wrestler is interested in participating in one of our duals teams - 6th grade and under school team or 3rd grade and under club team - please speak with one of the coaches before or after practice.

Registration is closed...  if not provided during registration or otherwise, PLEASE bring COPY of your wrestler's CURRENT PHYSICAL to practice ASAP.  If new to our program, we need a copy of your wrestler's birth certificate too.  For those who provided an IOU, fee for in-district students is $110 and $135 if out-of-disctrict.  Cash or check made payable to Hartland Wrestling Club only please!  Registrations are no longer being accepted.

Practice Schedule
Novice practice Monday, November 6 in the Hartland High School wrestling room from 6 - 7 PM.  This practice will be for our Novice wrestlers.  A Novice wrestler would be a first year wrestler or any returning wrestler that will begin the season competing in Novice tournaments.
Note: If your first year wrestler is older (6th thru 8th grade), plan on attending the Open Practices.
Open practice starts on Tuesday, November 7 in the Hartland High School wrestling room from 6 - 7:30 PM.  The room will be pretty full as we move forward and the instruction will be more advanced so we ask that only Open wrestlers attend this practice.

The practice schedule will be as follows:
Novice practiceMonday & Wednesday from 6-7 PM
Open Practice – Tuesday & Thursday from 6-7:30 PM
Note:  If the high school cancels classes (snow day, etc.) practice will be cancelled.  There will also be no practice when there is a home wrestling event for the high school team.  Current dates are 06-Dec-17 & 17-Jan-18 (High School's Club Night).
Practice Pointers for New Parents
Your wrestler should have wrestling shoes on and bathroom trip done by 5:55 PM.  Practice begins promptly at 6pm. Please do you best to have your wrestler there on time.  Parents are encouraged to sit along the wall inside the wrestling room, but please be mindful when the coaches are speaking conversations must stop.  It’s a relatively room so conversations tend to drown out the coach’s instruction. Thank you for your cooperation.  Your wrestler should wear shorts, a T-shirt, and wrestling shoes.  Street shoes are not allowed on the mats as they can damage them as well as bring bacteria and fungus on the mat.  There will be a mop right before they step on the mat which is a bleach/water mixture that will kill germs, etc.  Coaches will remind wrestlers to step on it when returning from water and/or bathroom breaks, but we need you to remind them too!
Birth Certificates
If your wrestler is new to the club, a copy of their birth certificate is required. This is a Mid-Michigan Wrestling Association (MMWA) requirement. The association will not allow you to enter your wrestler into any tournaments until they have a copy on file.  If your son/daughter is a returning wrestler, another copy in not necessary for the MMWA keeps those on file.
A copy of a current year physical is required to participate .  A current year physical is one given on or after April 15 of the previous school year.  Form supplied by MHSAA (Michigan High School Athletic Association) is acceptable/preferred and due by the first day of practice.
Thank you for your patience & look for additional updates over the course of the season.