Hard Knocks Softball: Welcome

2012 Hard Knocks Softball

Hard Knocks softball  begins it's first season of existance. We are an "E" level men's softball team out of Kansas City, Missouri. Our team is made up of a variety of local players from both the Missouri and kansas side of Kansas City. As the coach of this band of brothers I would like to say thank you to my returning players of last year; Clint, Aaron, Scott, Kevin, Chris, and Damon. Thanks for sticking by me through all the turmiol we went through last season. I would also like to thank Gondi, lackey, brian, and brad for coming on board full time and bringing some veteran leadership to help develope us into one of the top E teams in the state of missouri this year. My appreciation also goes out to John Arrandale and Clay Baker for deciding to join us this year, we are glad to have you and we hope that you will enjoy playing ball with us. I am looking forward to a very exciting year and looking to have great expectations of winning state and placing in the top 3 at the Southern Worls Series down in Tulsa, Oklahoma in september. So fellas with that note "lets get ready to play some serious ball"