Nick Hahn's Hardball Success: Lessons and Prices

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Private & Small Group Lessons

Hardball Success is offering both private and small group lessons. All lessons are for one hour, however we will make exceptions.

 Lesson Rates:
        1 player - $40 
        2 players - $35 each
        3 players - $30 each
        4 players - $25 each 

*Parents ask about sibling rates*

Customized Videos

We are proud to introduce customized instructional HD videos!

Hardball Success prides itself on using the most modern teaching techniques.  Each video will breakdown players' hitting, throwing, and defensive mechanics.  This includes personalized voice-over instruction, detailed video editing and helpful visual aids and diagrams.  Videos are a great tool to help players grasp concepts and understand techniques.

Coaches Packages 

Hardball Success also does work with entire teams, so contact us if you are a coach looking to give your team a competitive edge in any aspect of the game.  We also help with practice-plans, coaching tips and modern drills to help you get the most out each practice and game.

Packaged Deals

Extra Innings - $160

  • Purchace 4 lessons up front and receive a 5th lesson free

Double Play - $180

  • Includes 5 lessons and a custom HD video

Speed and Agility - $50 each session or $200 for 5 sessions

  • Hour and half long lesson
  • 60 min. baseball/ softball instruction
  • 30 min. speed and agility training
  • Training is tailored to each players