Houston Area PONY Baseball Directors Association: Welcome

The Association is a non-profit, action-oriented group of volunteers working together to provide the essential leadership with the mission of:
  • promoting the growth and success of all the programs of PONY Baseball, Inc. (PBI) in the Upper Gulf Coast area of Texas
  • fostering and serving as a liaison between PBI administration, athletes, coaches and parents
  • serving as a forum to identify issues critical to the continued tradition and success of the PBI baseball program
  • providing and disseminating information relating to PBI, its programs, and the local leagues

Monday, June 19

PONY-13 Director's Tournament
 Runner Up: League City Winner: NASA

Thursday, June 8
PONY 2017 Summer Tournament Teams

Sunday, May 28
PONY Houston Presidents meeting

The Houston Area PONY Baseball Director's Association


Cordially invites all Shetland, Pinto, Mustang, Bronco, Pony, Colt, Palomino, and PONY affiliated Baseball and Softball League Presidents to:

  • Event: Pre-Summer Tournament Season Meeting
  • Date: Saturday, May 27th 
  • Time: 12:00 PM
  • Place: IEBW - Pasadena
  • Address: 4345 Allen-Genoa Rd, Tx 77504

A very well attended meeting where information was passed along to all present.  Have a great and competitive Summer! 

Thursday, June 8
2017South Zone - Coast Region Tournaments

Friday, December 9
South Zone Leagues Contact Information & Tournament Dates

Thursday, January 27
HAPBDA Mailing Address

Box 123

4808 Fairmont Parkway

Pasadena TX, 77505