Hanover Little League: Welcome

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Welcome to the offical website of the Hanover Little League!

District 38, Section 1 of New York


Games scheduled to be played at the Legion on Saturday, May 24th, please do not park in the parking lot next to the Legion building as the hall is being used for another event. Please park on one side of the road or in right field of the big baseball field (90ft diamond near the Legion building)

Raffle Ticket Winners

$50 Winners: Renee Serio; Christopher Hoyt; Boothe Family; Joanne Lemonte; Anne Bendict

$100 Winners:  Jerry Ferguson; Jason Stalker; Norman Braun; Karen Nelson

$250 Winners: Marshall Family; Bonnie Pilski

$350 Winner: Jessie Butcher

$500 Winner: Beth Dudek

If you are a winner and were unable to attend the Opening Ceremonies to claim your prize, you can come to the Ward Ave concession stand on Tuesday, May 6th during the 6pm game. Please bring photoID. You can also call Liz VanCheri at 907-5552 to make other arragements. Thank you everyone who bought tickets and congratulations to all of the winners!  



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