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Wednesday, December 3
High School Referees

 Referee Schedule

Spread the word, all referees 

 Please arive by 8:00 AM there maybe some set up needed. Tournament should end by 1:45 PM

End of Year Tournament Saturday March,5 2016

Court A West Court B Middle Court C East East Gym 1 East Gym 2 West Gym 1 West Gym 2
Jeff Sawaska Jacob Wienke Derrick  Graff  Jessy Siems Jordan Smith Adam Maurer Brooke Sterkowitz
Jose Sanchez   Breanna Kerley Bobby Nowak Alex Glidewell Wyatt Chalos Dustin Lindley  Carley Siems
Bill McClelland  
Brice Burnham     Eithan Collins
Julianna Bartoszek
Boys 5-6 8:30-12:30  5 games  Boys K-1 8:30-12:45 5 games  Girls 4-6 8:30-12:30  5 games Girls K-1 Boys 2-3 8:30-12:30       4 games Boys 3  8:30-12:30       4 games  Boys 4th 8:30 -12:45 5 games Girls K-2 Girls 2-3 8:30-12:00 4 games


 Please arive by 8:00 there maybe some set up needed 

Thank you, Brian Pedersoli

Email Jrwildcats@comcast.net  


For power point presentation click  Official Mechanics

 For power point presentation click How to become an official

For additional information email Brian Pedersoli at JrWildcats@comcast.net

Referee Info


print rules 1-3 grade boys and girls

Print rules 4-6 grade boys and girls 

Handout: Referee Q & A

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