Hanover Heat: Welcome

Thank you to everyone who attended the try-outs for the spring program. Over 100 boys and girls attended! The travel teams were selected by a consensus of six objective evaluators. This is our first year including boys in the program. We realize that there are pitfalls to evaluating one's ability based on a 60 to 90 minute snapshot, however, the evaluators each had >20 years of experience and used objective measures to the best of their ability. As the club grows, we will continue to refine this process.


The girls' teams have been posted.

The boys' teams will be posted later tonight. 



***EVERYONE participating in the Hanover Heat spring program MUST register with AAU (EXTENDED MEMBERSHIP - $16) and submit your AAU card at try-outs.  You may register at http://www.aausports.org/         


2018 Hanover Heat Club Membership # is:  WWA968  


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