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Monday, April 20

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Sunday, March 1

What's NEW

Karate class during Summer Rec - 4 classes for $10.00.  Please click on handouts then 2015 Karate Information

Monday Pizza - Had a long weekend and do not want to pack lunch for your child staying for Lunch time care? No, problem we will provide two pieces of cheese and a water for $4.00.  

The Summer Program will be open every day regardless if some children attend the field trips. You have the choice this year to go on the field trips or stay at HCS or the Gym every day. If your child does not attend field trip you still need to pick them up from 12:00NOON to 1:00PM. There is the possibility that child care during the lunch hour will be available at an additional fee. Contact the Rec. Director for Lunch Time care list. Please note the Lunch Time hour from 12:00NOON to 1:00PM is not sponsored/supervised by the Hampstead Recreation commission.

You can pay pre-pay 3 field trips in advance. Deadline for this pre-payment field trips is TBA. There will be no refunds if your child does not attend the field trip.All the other field trips you have to sign up as they come available.  Last year all field trips filled up quickly so we are trying a new procedure so children can at least hopegully be able to attend there favorites. 

Wednesday, January 14
T-Shirt Design Contest


                                 T-SHIRT DESIGN CONTEST

There will be no T-shirt design contest this year BUT it will resume next year. 


Wednesday, March 4
Program Information



Payment for Program - All payment must be received before your child attends the program.  You may pay in full, weekly or daily. If you want to pay weekly or daily you must pay the day your child attends. 

Field Trip Procedure Sign-ups – Your child must be signed up for the field trip before the deadline time. Please see the field trip dates information below. Registration is on a first come first serve basis. No one can be put on the list until they have paid in full. We will not accept late forms. We will close the sign-ups as soon as they are full which may be before the deadline date. Last year we had many field trips that filled up quickly.

Field Trip Payment - All payments for field trips must be paid in cash. If you sign up for a field trip and do not attend you will not be reimbursed except if the field trip is rescheduled by the HRC and you contact the Recreation Director the day of the cancellled field trip.  T-Shirts - Please make sure your child is wearing the 2015 Hampstead Rec. T-shirt it is mandatory for all field trips.

On Field Trips – If your child is not returning with the HRD you must provide a written note. Your child must stay with the Recreation group unless he/she is over 12 years old and you give the HRD permission for your child to go off with a friend. This can happen on two field trips – Water Country & Canobie Lake.

Cancellation of Field Trip – If a field trip gets cancelled due to inclement weather you may check the website to receive the information by 7:30am. If you can not attend the field trip on the rain date please contact the Recreation Director for a full refund on the day it is canceled.

Other –Kindergarten children are only allowed to go on two field trips –Cederland AMAZEment and Party Playland. You can meet the group at Canobie Lake, Funtown and/or Water Country and enjoy the day for the same group rate but chaperone your own child.

Attendance Morning – Please drop your child off between 9:00am and 9:15am. We do not accept early drop offs. Pick up is between 11:45am and 12:00noon. Your child can attend either the morning session, afternoon session or both. This year all children must be dropped  off before 9:15am unless you have made arrangements with to the Recreation Director.

Afternoon – The afternoon hours are as follows: 1:00pm to 3:30pm. Please check the doors at the Central School or Memorial Gym to see where we are located in the afternoon. The possible areas are the Town Beach, Central School, Memorial Gym, or Depot Road Playground.

Pick-Up / Drop Off - Please make sure you walk your child into the Central or Memorial Gym to sign them in and out. No children will be able to leave without the parent/guardian/alternate pick-up person coming into the buildings to pick them up..

Late Pick-ups – After 5 minutes a $1.00 per minute fee will be assessed for late pick-up of a child, payable on the spot. Your child cannot return to the program until the fee has been paid.

Transporting - Your child will not be able to leave with anyone else unless you write a note saying your child will be leaving with that person. Exception if the person is on the list as an alternate transport person.

Town Beach Location – The beach is located on Ellis Road. From the Central School and Memorial Gym head north on Main Street (121), take a right onto Kent Farm Rd, then a right onto Ellis Rd, the beach is at the end of the road.

Permits – You must have a Beach Permit to park at the Town Beach. The Beach Permit can be purchased at the Town Hall for $5.00 for Hampstead residents.

At the Beach - If we are at the Town beach in the afternoon we will posted it on the Central School and Memorial Gym door by 12 noon each day. If it is a “beach day”, drop your child off and pick him/her up at the beach for the afternoon session. You will need to pick up your child if the weather turns inclement.

Lunch Time Care - Lunch time care is not a program that is the responsibility of the Hampstead Recreation Commission. You must pay the counselor directly and work out all issues with that Counselors before or after Rec. Personal transportation for your child before, during lunch time and after the program is not the responsibility of the Hampstead Recreation Commission. The cost per day: $7.00 one child, 12.50 two child, 17.50 three children of the same family.  If you would like a list of couselors that are available to watch your child please e-mail me at hampsteadrec@aol.com.

Calendar Special Days - Penny Carnival - The Penny Carnival will be on TUESDAY July 21th
from 9:00am-12:00noon at the Central
School and will be attended by the all children. We will have food, games, prizes and inflatable bouncy rides. Your child is encouraged to bring some money to participate in the fun day. Most games and food are between .05 and .15 cents.

Water Carnival – The Water Carnival will be at the Town Beach on July 2 from 9:00am-12nooon. If the day is cancelled due to inclement weather please call 329-4100 x112 by 7:30am. If the day is cancelled please report to the Central School or Memorial Gym.

Other Programs –  Tennis and Swimming Lessons, Running Club and Hershey Track are other programs we offer.

Please note we will not have afternoon  Rec. on July 2 and No Rec on July 3. 

Saturday, March 7
Cost & Dates of the Program



The summer program is open to Hampstead children entering kindergarten through eighth grade. The program begins June 22nd and ends July 31st. The hours are 9:00AM to 12NOON, and 1:00PM to 3:30PM Monday through Friday. There is the possibility that child care during the lunch hour will be available at an additional fee. Contact the Rec. Director for details. Please be prompt picking up children before lunch and at the end of the day since counselors have after work commitments.


The fee schedule for the 2015 Summer Recreation Program:

$115 for 1 child - t-shirt included

$210.00 for 2 children - t-shirts included

$295.00 for 3 or more from the same family & $11.00 per t-shirt 


If you want to pay WEEKLY as your child attends, the fee is:

$25.00 for one child

$40.00 for two children

$55.00 for three or more


The DAILY fee is $15.00 per child.



The t-shirt are swim shirts for $11.00 per shirt.

All t-shirt orders must be received by June 3rd.  2 must be received by June 2nd



Field Trips require an additional fee.



$50.00 LATE FEE PER FAMILY FOR REGISTRATIONS AFTER JUNE 3,  2015. All fees are non-refundable.

Pick up late fees are as follows: After 5 minutes - A $1 per minute fee will be assessed for late pickup of a child, payable on the spot. This fee must be paid before your child returns to the program.

This program is for Hampstead Residents and students at attend the Hampstead School District only. Please note the Hampstead Recreation Commission can request proof of residences at any time. There will be no refunds for non Hampstead residents.

Click on Handouts for the Recreation Brochure and Registration Form

Friday, March 14
Running Club

       Are you a 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader?   Do you like to RUN, JUMP, and THROW?Would you like to be involved in the Hershey Track Meet?    The Hampstead Recreation Department will offer a 5 week  program starting May 7th to allow girls and boys to practice certain track and field events and prepare them for the Hershey Track tryouts in June. You DO NOT have to participate in Hershey  Track to be in the RUNNUNG CLUB and you DO NOT have to  be in the RUNNING CLUB to participate in Hershey Track.    The cost is $20.00 which includes the cost of the program and a t-shirt that can be used for the Hershey Track event.  The Running Club will meet at the Town Hall field.  The children will be escorted to the field afterschool.     Training will be provided for these events:  Softball Throw, Long Jump

  Running Events:   50M -  9-10 yr olds, 100M, 200M, 400M, 800M -  11-12 yr olds & Relays

This program will start May 7th and run through June 4th.  We will meet every Wednesday from 3:15pm to 4:45pm. On the last day June 4th we will run a small Track Meet for all participants on a Real Track TBA starting at 4:00pm.   Please return the registration form and money to HCS or HMS or the Hampstead Town Hall by May 5th.

 This program will be run by Carolyn Davis and sponsored by the Hampstead Recreation Department. Any questions contact Angie Ingraham at hampsteadrec  

Click on Handout the Running Club Registration.  

Sunday, March 8
Field Trip Information


Field Trips require an additional fee and are for children Readiness thru Grade 8 - No Kindergarten children will be permitted on the field trips unless other wise noted.  A few of the places we will be going are:

Canobie Lake

Funtown Splashtown

Water Country

Parl PLace Lanes - Bowling



Mel's Fun Park

and MORE...


You may just attend field trips.   When attending field trips we require all children to wear a 2015 Recreation T-Shirt so they may be identified easily in a crowd.  We will not accept late sign-ups.  No exceptions!  If you sign up for a field trip and do not attend you will not be reimbursed except if the field trip is rescheduled by the Hampstead Recreation Commission.    You can meet us at Water Country, Canobie Lake or Funtown Splashtown and enjoy the day for the same rate.  Just sign up for the field trip with the Recreation Director.

The Program will be open everyday regardless if some children attend the field trips.  You have the choice this year to go on the field trip or stay at HCS/HMS or the Gym every day. 

Sunday, March 16
Hershey Track & Field

                       HERSHEY TRACK & FIELD

Hershey Track date is Saturday, June 21.    State Meet is Friday, June 27th. 

The Hershey Track & Field program is open to boys and girls ages: 9-14. Each child must be within this age range as of December 31, 2014. The Hampstead Rec. will sponsor a team for the competition Saturday, June 21 with the location Dover High School. In preparation for this event, children may join our RUNNING CLUB, operated under the supervision of Hampstead Counselors. This club will meet one or two evenings a week at a site TBA. The State Meet will be June 27 at 4:00pm - Pelham High School.

Click on Handout then Hershey Track for forms and more information.


Sunday, March 8
Town Beach


The Town Beach will open May 23, 2015. 

Lifeguards will be on duty weekends (Saturday & Sunday) from 11:00am-5:00pm unitl June 19th. 

Starting June 19th Lifeguards will be at the beach everyday until August 27 from 11:00am to 5:00pm. 

Town Beach Directions:  The beach is located on Ellis Road.  From the Central School or Memorial Gym head north on Main Street (121), take a right onto Kent Farm Road, then a right onto Ellis Road, the beach is at the end of the road.

Beach Permits: You must have a Beach Permit to park at the Town Beach.   You may get a Beach Pemit at the Town Hall.  Please note no one can launch a boat during lifeguard hours.  

Sunday, March 8
Junior Counselor or C.I.T


We are accepting applications from children 14 years of age and older as volunteers in our program. Junior counselors / C.I.T. will work with the children at the Central School under the supervision of the Recreation Director, and the Senior Counselors. The Hampstead Recreation Commission will choose up to three Jr. Counselors per year.  They will volunteer as much as they can during the summer.

Please submit a letter of explanation on why you want to be a Junior Counselor by May 15, 2015.  Send it to: Town Hall  Rec Dept. 11 Main Street Hampstead, NH 03841

Sunday, March 8
Swim Lessons


The Hampstead Recreation Summer swimming lessons will be held at the Town Beach.  The lessons are for children from Hampstead; if space is available after sign-ups we will accept children from out of town. We will have a new swim instructor this year.

Lessons will be for two weeks  July 6th thru 10th  and 13th  thru 17th. 

Lessons will be held at the Town Beach on Ellis Road.  A parking sticker is needed to park at the beach and can be purchased at the Town Hall.   The following classes will be offered:  

1. TOT CLASSES or PARENT TOT-  ages 3 to 5 (3x a week) Mon., Tue., & Thu. - 10:30-11:00 

2. BEGINNER CLASS  - Mon., Tue., Thu., & Fri. - 9:00-9:45   

3. INTERMEDIATE CLASS -  Mon., Tue., Thu., & Fri. - 9:45-10:30   

All make-up classes will be rescheduled for Wednesdays or the beginning of the following week.To check if the class has been canceled due to inclement weather please visit: www.eteamz.com/hampsteadrec The fee for swimming lessons is $50 per child / $70 for out-of-town participants.  Space is limited and registration is on a first come-first serve basis. 

For further information, call Angie Ingraham 329-4100 x 112 or e-mail at  hampsteadrec@comcast.net

Click on Handouts for the form

Sunday, March 8
Tennis Lessons


 The Hampstead Recreation Department is offering tennis lessons at the town tennis courts on West Road for children. Classes will be covering basic beginner drills and techniques, game etiquette, and how to keep score.             





The fee for the lessons — $50 per person for Hampstead residents / $70 nonresident (space is limited, and is on a first come-first serve basis with residents honored first.).  If there is inclement weather we will due the best to make up all lessons by extending the lessons into the next week (s). If some lessons are not made up you will not receive a refund.  ALL CANCELATION OF CLASSES WILL BE POSTED ON THE WEBSITE www.eteamz.com/hampsteadrec It is desirable for you to be able to attend all of the session classes. Each participant needs to bring atennis racquet. For more information: Angie Ingraham - hampsteadrec@aol.com  or  329-4100 x112. 

Click on Handouts for the form

Friday, March 14
Field & Facilities Use Policy & Permit

Please click "Handouts" for the NEW field & facilities use policy and permit. 


Monday, March 17
Behavior Code


 The Hampstead Summer Recreation Program promotes healthy fun and good sportsmanship.  Certain rules and regulations are necessary to ensure that the summer program is running in a safe, healthy and fun manner for all participants including our staff.  Parents/guardians are responsible for reading the Behavior Code Policy and reinforcing it with your children.  A signed registration form will be required in order for your child to participate in the program.  We reserve the right to dismiss your child from the program at our discretion if certain instances occur. If there is a problem, the child will be separated from the rest of the program and the parent/guardian or the emergency person will be contacted to pick up the child immediately. 

Hitting, biting, kicking, stealing, destruction of property, inappropriate language, verbal abuse, bullying, illegal substances, breaking program rules, and inappropriate touching of anyone, including staff members, is not allowed and is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Electronic devices (game boys, ipods, cell phones, etc.) are not permitted. Cell phones that are stolen or broken are not the responsibility of the Hampstead Recreation.  Cell phones are to be used for communication with parents or others about Recreation concerens.  Trading cards, wheelies and other toys are not permitted at the program. 

Parents are NOT allowed to approach individual counselors with personal concerns or complaints.  You must follow the proper procedure for addressing any issue.  This procedure is as follows:

Direct your concern to the Recreation Director.  If it is an emergency address ONLY the Senior Counselors at the end of the day. During program hours the Senior Counselors are busy supervising and running the program for a large group of children and will not be able to give your concern the attention it may need.

Serious consequences and/or continuous inappropriate behavior determined by the Hampstead Recreation Director and/or Hampstead Recreation Commission will result in the following actions:

1. First Offense - Parent notified and the child will be sent home.

2. Second Offense - Written warning to the parent and the Recreation Commission. The child will be sent home.

3. Third Offense - Dismissal from the Summer Program with no financial refund.