Hagerstown Fall Basketball Green: Welcome

Friday, September 7
Well, that was close....

                  So our second game wasn't a 30 point blowout. It came down to the wire. But more on that in a little bit. Going into this game, we knew it was going to be a whole different affair. This team was more athletic and by watching them for a few minutes on Wednesday, I knew we would be challenged. On the bright side, we had 6 players tonight. Josh Martin and Dwayne came out, and having all 5 players and a sub made a big difference. 

Start the game and Josh controls the tipoff. We go down and miss a layup. Well, that's not what I had hoped. We continued to struggle throughout the first half, between turnovers and missed shots. We did have Josh getting to the free throw line a lot, which was a good note, but not alot of good things in the first half. We get to halftime, and we are down by 10ish. Not awful, but not good either.

Start the second half, and we cut down on the turnovers. That's a good thing. We also started executing better, defensively and offensively. We started creating turnovers and were able to capitalize on them. We began to claw back into the game, point by point. One thing we did notice, was a very apparent change in the attitudes of the refs. Josh was getting the same looks, getting hacked the same, but not getting the calls. By the end of the game,  Josh probably should have had about 10 more free throw attempts than what he got. But none the less, we came back.  

We got within 2 with about 2 minutes left. Things started getting tense here. As soon as we got within 2, I look at the scorers table and ask how many team fouls we had, so I knew if we should start fouling, in case we need to get to 1-1's. He tells me 4 or 5. HE DOESN'T KNOW! Oh boy.. This is no good. We already had some issues already with us not getting points for scoring. They score, and now we are down 4. We go down, and Josh gets to the free throw line and makes the first. The second rims out, but between Spencer and Josh, they come up with the rebound. I cut to the basket and am on the receiving end of a great pass, and made the layup. Down 1. So, we start pressing the ball, playing very aggressive, and not being afraid to foul, since we have a few to give. We get 2 quick fouls, so the next is 1-1. After the 2nd foul, Lum says something to me, and I look at the scoreboard. We never got the 2 points for my layup. Not this again. I begin to have a discussion with the guy at the table, and force the refs to call a timeout so they can figure out the score. Finally the score is right and we are down 1. They make a good inbounds pass, which breaks our press, and results in an easy layup. Down 3. We go down, and try to score, but miss the shot. We came up with the rebound though. Call the timeout. Over on the sideline, we "draw up" a double screen play to get Lum a wide open 3 in the corner. We go out, set the double screen, and the guy playing Spencer leaves him and runs over to get a hand in Lum's face. So the play breaks down, and he kicks it inside, we kick it right back out to him and he nails the 3! Tie ball game, with 8 seconds left. Sweet! Going to overtime! But before the clock ran out, one of their players comes down and throws up a circus shot as the buzzer sounds. A little underhand scoop from about 15 feet out. It doesn't have a chance right? Well, it dropped in, and the game is over. Wow..... That stinks. Good game though. And heck of a shot to end the game. 

All things considered, it was good game for us. We didn't play well the first half. Josh should have had about 10 more free throw attempts, and we missed a bunch of wide open layups. And that's the best team in the league. Or is it? Perhaps we are the best team in the league? But we'll have to prove that. Well,  we'll seem them in the playoffs.

Thursday, September 6
Even with 4 players, we still beat them......by 30......

                        Going into our first game last night, I must say I was a little nervous. Tony had been telling me how competitive this league was, and when I got to the court, I saw that in the two teams playing. Add this to the fact that we only had four players, with 2 on vacation and 1 sick, and I thought we might get smashed. But we were there to play, so why not make a go at it.

                       The first thing I noticed about the other team, was that they had some athletic looking players, but it didn't seem like they had anyone that would give us match-up problems. (Other than the fact that we had an extra guy to guard somewhere). We started the game, Lum won the tip-off, and Spencer went down and scored. Good start. Hustle back and repeat for 10 minutes. We played hard defense, and Matt, Lum and I would hustle around and get rebounds and would Spencer score. It seemed like a good plan, and occasionally someone other than Spencer would sprinkle some points in there. By halftime, we were up by 22, and Andy let the other team know about the 30 point mercy rule (if a team is up by 30 with less than 2 minutes left, the game is over). Sweet, we have a goal.

                         The problem was, I was tired. It was only halftime, but hey, I'm still fat and we had run for about 20 minutes already.  We still had 2 time outs left, and so, we began the second half pretty flat. We went out and got a score right away and then didn't score for a while. Probably about 5 minutes. The legs were starting to cramp up from our 5 minute rest at halftime. The good news was, they were pretty flat too. We were able to hold them off pretty well, and some time shortly after halftime, they decided to go with a zone. Not a box and 1, or a diamond and 1, on Spencer, like I expected but just a 2-3 zone. This was their downfall. They switched to the zone and we began to score again, lanes opening up where there had been none before, and cutters abound. At 4 minutes and 30 seconds, they called a time out, which was nice of them, because we only had 1 left. We were up by 30 and only needed to hold onto that lead. Out of the timeout, we scored again. increasing that lead to 32, and then with 2 minutes and 15 seconds left, they scored 2 points, to bring us back down to a flat 30. Slowly bring the ball up the court, and voila! Our first win. With only 4 players. Didn't expect that. Oh yea, and we won by 30........