H20 Tri County: Coach's Corner

Coach: Badger Faison(faison@bbtel.com)

2006 - 2007 Brought Great Success - Look Out This Season 2007 - 2008

We set four swimmers to KHSAA State Swimming Championships in 2007, Amber Cooper (CHHS), Casey Giles, (JHHS), Ashley Lewis (CHHS), and Eric Wendstrand (JHHS) .  Lets double that number this year!!   I can't wait to get started....

Swim Fast - Dawgs - PanthersBruins, and Trojans!!

Coach Badger Faison

Attached are the Region 3 times that were the final result of the 2005 - 2006 High School Swim Season.  This gives you good information on our competition coming up this season. 
Enjoy.  More meet results will be posted here as the season progresses.

Handout: 2005-2006 Region 3 Times

Thursday, January 25
07 Best of the West Results
Handout: Best of West Results

Wednesday, December 20
06 WCI Results
Handout: 06 WCI Results

Monday, December 4
06 Fall Preview Meet Results
Handout: 06 Fall Preview Meet Results