GZIFL: Leading Goal-scorers - Div B

Leading Goal-scorers (Top 10) - Div B - WEEK 22


Number Name Team
8 Badda Sultan Restaurant
7 JJ The Brew
Jonty Colliers
6 Coles Hooley's
Matias Pearl River United
5 Chi hou Yu The Brew
Juan Colliers
Leo Cafeteros
Belal Sultan Restaurant
4 Alvaro The Brew
Mateo Cafeteros
Nabil Hooley's
S. Erickson Hooley's



Number Name Team
37 Badda Sultan Restaurant
23 Jonty Colliers
21 JJ The Brew
19 Jono McCawley
16 Julian Hooley's
Douglas  McCawley
14 GohBig Siam FC
13 Chino McCawley
12 M.A.K. Sultan Restaurant
Belal Sultan Restaurant

Updated: May.25, 2015 by Rita